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  1. We have to wait weeks with theses trashs events to know if something really good its coming, u guys used to preview us the hole month, now? Nothing!
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Make sure you guys fix the Competition Ranking for Arenas please, this is really important to the game!
  3. Really Disapointed, i play this game everyday and hoped for something worthy, its a shame, today i leave this game, enough to be punched in the face by some people that dont even think about what the players and the game really needs!
  4. New System – Daevanion Skills

    @Hime You guys didnt explain well on Livestream about the Prestige (Gold Pack), i mean, price, and rewards in a total!
  5. @Hime Yesterday, Gameforge had the bad idea of applyng on CASH SHOP ( Kaisinel Transformation Potion), today more than 90 players have already gave up on the game, i beg to you guys to not put that on game, it is suposed to bring joy and a fair nice play.