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  1. Its impossible to get coins in that event without p2w, i have Prestige and no extra entrance for it, no point on having a VIP, whem we have the chance to get something, its a bait! PLEASE, do as u guys did at Flower Event, up the coins to 20 at normal bags and 100 in the large.
  2. @ Cyan have two important questions: 1- Can we have Legendary Transformation Contract on Gold Sand Trader? 2- The people that have Prestige Pass are really, REALLY sad about weekly rewards, cant we have something better? OBS: In EU, they receive 1x Ancient Transformation Contract every 7 days, and also can receive a bunch of Gold Ingots.
  3. @Cyan This means u guys are fixing the Arena Rank/GP Rank also right?
  4. @Cyan Make sure u guys dont forget about GP Rank and Competitive Arena Rank, they're not updating.
  5. Competition Rank/GP Rank Still bugged Marks for Daeva Box didnt Reset Enchant Rates still at high failure
  6. Competition Ranking and GP Rank are bugged? They're not couting the players and their points, what should we do? Season should have been started 29/03
  7. We have to wait weeks with theses trashs events to know if something really good its coming, u guys used to preview us the hole month, now? Nothing!
  8. Make sure you guys fix the Competition Ranking for Arenas please, this is really important to the game!
  9. Really Disapointed, i play this game everyday and hoped for something worthy, its a shame, today i leave this game, enough to be punched in the face by some people that dont even think about what the players and the game really needs!
  10. @Hime You guys didnt explain well on Livestream about the Prestige (Gold Pack), i mean, price, and rewards in a total!
  11. @Hime Yesterday, Gameforge had the bad idea of applyng on CASH SHOP ( Kaisinel Transformation Potion), today more than 90 players have already gave up on the game, i beg to you guys to not put that on game, it is suposed to bring joy and a fair nice play.
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