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  1. New Chanter

    Chanter was revamped just before 6.x. The slows are still around and you can still stun using perfect parry. However to knockdown people chanters now have to socket alot of Crit Strikes as the new armors very rarely provide this stat. Chanter heals are as bad as ever unless you get the Daevanion skill upgrades for Recovery Spell (1 single target which removes slows, 1 group based recovery spell). The new run/attack/casting speed scrolls have been replaced with transformation scrolls. You do not get attack speed/cast speed gloves (except maybe on Ultimate armor) All old armors/weapons/accessories are essentially worthless (most will sell for 1 kinah if at all). If you are questing until you reach level 80 and use these armor, you will struggle to kill stuff. Extendibles from old 5.x and before are mostly useless. I believe even if you use it against someone, he will likely block/parry/resist your strike. There are rare new extendible weapons but i believe they are rare. You can use all these useless armor/weapons as skins though
  2. They can buy many things which NA does not have. You can do Lunas and try to get legendary PVP stones too. Not to mention, the old Pande weekly quest to get the free chocolate, they give the person legendary transformation potions
  3. Illumiel brawl

    One more thing i forgot: You need the warpoints to upgrade your transformation skills from level 1 to level 2 and level 3. Cannot jump from level 1 to level 3 Each increase in level makes your skills more powerful and more skills appear for you to use. So i believe by killing people/stuff, you get more warpoints for you to quickly increase level so that you can kill the opposing faction faster
  4. Illumiel brawl

    This is based on going into Illumiel randomly 3 times. I am sure there are people with good strategy but this is what i found when i went in as a quick entry: 1. You gain points killing Kunax 2. You gain points killing the opposing faction guards 3. Your objective is to down the opposing faction's statue (which can 2 shot you if you get too close) Killing Kunax is a dps race against the other faction. Killing faction guards is good as less of them means your statue is protected The opposing faction will bring a tank to kill your statue but it seems to have alot of hp and it can also kill you in 2 hits One way to kill statue is to wait for the shield buff to appear then you stand on it to get it and which makes you somewhat immune to the statue's damage. I have tried some of the transformations: sorc: good dmg but fragile cleric: ok dmg but needs to be up close to heal your group chanter: quite good balance as the shield heals as well I have not tried the gunner or the physical classes.
  5. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Is this the patch where clerics get -1000 HB when they use Sacrificial Power and Protection Ward of chanters become DP? If the stats of mobs above 76 is going to be altered, this means no more easy kibrium farming of name mobs? We got to group up just to kill Cellturata and Lannork and the rest from now on? Chanters and clerics will take forever to kill normal mobs again?
  6. Suggestion for templar and AT

    Unfortunately people like me still cannot play AT due to ping above 200 ms. So I cannot continue with this class.
  7. Transformation Stats

    Many things that are in EU Aion isn't here. Found out yesterday night as well that what we used to get as a weekly at Pandemonium - the Free chocolate from BCM? which is now removed still exists in EU. For reward they give a few chests of ancient transformation potions Not to mention Lunas allowing you to craft legendary PVP stones....
  8. Arena 1v1 Aethertech

    very nice. I assume someone with around 219 ms ping cannot play AT to an efficient level correct? Also, how do you keep shifting your views so quickly? When i use my mouse with my right hand this way, i end up looking all over the place? Do you just use your left hand for all your skill keybinds?
  9. I could be wrong but I think the EU transforms are at the original duration. I popped a polar bear potion when on my EU account and it seemed to last quite long
  10. I'm so lonely

    If you are trying to kill Tiamat in your old gear, then yeah, you are going to die alot. I did that on my NA chanter. Died 6 times at least. You need the new free armors in order to stand toe to toe against her. I did that on my EU chanter and never died once and wondering what was the fuss all about.
  11. how to play as a new cleric

    I also built my cleric from scratch. Basically: 1. Do Mirash Sancutary but dropped sitgmas are really random 2. Do Crucible Spire this one is quite consistent. You don't have to do the entire 25 levels. No way you can do it. Just do up till Floor 6 or so. That should get you around 60 crucible coins which is enough to get a stigma pouch. 3. Buy some of the stigmas on the broker. Some do not cost alot. You just save what you can through your adventuring. Sell anything for kinah which does not relate to cleric eg, sell off guiding stones, kibrium, anything that is sellable or brokerable. You can always get more later if you really want to. Do your Lunas (daily, weekly) so that you are in the position to take advantage of the Kinah Bundle when it appears in your list.
  12. SM or SW in pvp

    Since levelling is easier in 6.x, you can level both. One of them may be an alt which you can use him as a kinah mule or materials mule. Or, if you are the loner sort of person, then SM is for you. If you are a social person, then SW will be more for you since that class does alot more supporting the group than SM. Or, If you are a control freak in real life or like to micro manage things then the SM is more suited to you. Or, If your ping is high but you have an aggressive streak in you, then the SM is more suited to you coz i myself find that even with a ping that is never below 200 ms, i can still kill people with my SM but not with other classes. Or, If your ping is high but you still want to help people, then the SW is more for you (but of course you still want to look good smacking people around!) Or, If you are feeling frustrated coz you are pvping but doing only 200 dmg, then SM will likely be more suited to you. Even if you can't do damage, you still can slow, silence, fear and remove buffs on people. Do this often enough and the other faction will come after you
  13. Choose a class in 6.2

    For cleric, it depends on the situation. Duo: you might be hybrid or you might be support depending on who you group with. if you duo in CoE, then you would be agressive Solo: you would be dps so it would be aggressive Group/Alliance: you would be in support One thing for sure. For each situation, you would be changing your stigmas which means you will spend quite a bit of kinah
  14. SM or SW in pvp

    It depends on your ping situation and whether you have a good transformation contract. I have both at level 80 with the SM being slightly more geared using ancient Vindicators. SM: depends on how much frustration you can tolerate. If I am not mistaken, pet spec is totally useless and the bodyguard does not block as much as before. I have died a few times fighting people with the bodyguard on and still skills/magic goes through. Using Spirit Empowerment is very irritating as you need to keep refreshing it every 1 minute. I don't know how other SMs tolerate the constant upkeep of this skill as there are so many other items to look out for: Spirit Empowerment 1 minute, food & drink 9 minutes, your stone skin 4 minutes, your transform 5 - 6 minutes - you would always keep looking out for all these buffs while trying to PvE and PvP If the transform is no good, well... your big hitting skills like Infernal Pain, Cyclone will feel very very slow. For some weird reason, I seem to end up facing the opposite faction on my SM and they always want to try their luck with me. Don't ask me why. I had ATs trying to dps me while i was just minding my own business, Glads trying to come after me even though I already feared him 3 times, clerics coming after me, chanter coming after me (and after fearing him he runs away). At least there IS something you can do against these people even with ping that is never less than 200 ms SW: Easier to run around using your magic skills. I feel the skills are not as powerful as an SM unless you are using the charging skills. However one cannot really use charging skills during a pvp fight unless you happen to get the person slept. You definitely don't need to think much about potions. Healing skills are still very slow with long animations. What i don't like about the class are the charging skills which can only be used as an opener in PvE and the skills where you need to stop and cast then move. Makes me feel like i'm lurching during the fight. I think in 6.5? 7.0? they are going to bump up the charge skills' damage but to me that's rather a useless upgrade since you can't really use it in PvP Transform contracts specially for SW is almost non existent. There are atk speed transforms (and notice; none of them reach the level of casting speed transforms unless they are legendary ones) but they are always combined with casting speed and many of these types of transforms are a combo of physical and magical unlike for classes with casting speed. For them, they can get pure magical stats from the transforms. I use the black cat transform due to the 18% atk speed but i don't get any advantage apart from that as its meant for physical classes.
  15. Choose a class in 6.2

    Bards help the group by giving mana. Their penguin forms have longer cds than Sorc's sleep so they use it sparingly when pulls turn really bad. Also their Song of destruction and ThroneSong are the ones which help the group. While they have heals, their heals have long animations so not as effective. Otherwise they don't debilitate much. Their strength still lies in dps Chanters do help through mantras. Their knockdowns, slow atk/cast speed helps a bit against normal mobs but useless against boss mobs. Their group shield also help somewhat when there are bad pulls. Chanters also help heal and their fast cast skill is useful for magic users. Otherwise, chanters are more to buff up the group rather than debilitate. Its the SM which does most of the debilitating in this game. They stun, they silence, they fear, they remove buffs, they slow. Of course, alot of it won't work on boss mobs.