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  1. Choose a class in 6.2

    Bards help the group by giving mana. Their penguin forms have longer cds than Sorc's sleep so they use it sparingly when pulls turn really bad. Also their Song of destruction and ThroneSong are the ones which help the group. While they have heals, their heals have long animations so not as effective. Otherwise they don't debilitate much. Their strength still lies in dps Chanters do help through mantras. Their knockdowns, slow atk/cast speed helps a bit against normal mobs but useless against boss mobs. Their group shield also help somewhat when there are bad pulls. Chanters also help heal and their fast cast skill is useful for magic users. Otherwise, chanters are more to buff up the group rather than debilitate. Its the SM which does most of the debilitating in this game. They stun, they silence, they fear, they remove buffs, they slow. Of course, alot of it won't work on boss mobs.
  2. Choose a class in 6.2

    Changes depends on how far back you stopped playing. 1. Chanter - still a hybrid class. Their dmg have been increased and they can survive better now. However due to the new system in 6.x there is very little natural Crit Strike so you need to beef up alot on this stat otherwise it is difficult to critical hit anything. Their new daevanion skill for Recovery Spell is quite good and can cleanse physical effects. Chanters are slightly more linear now unlike previous where you had more flexibility in stigma choices and mantras. Among the physical classes, its still the most forgiving among the melee for high ping players 2. Bards - don't see anything different about them. They are still very powerful. Maybe now their support side is being beefed up more. Changes incoming in 7.0 though. 3. AT - one of the few classes which did not change much in the new patch. Still powerful. Wonderful to play if you have good ping but incredibly slow if you don't have the correct transformation potions/contracts 4. Spiritmaster - their pets skills are quite powerful. Can 3 shot a mob that is below level 80. But the pet does not last more than a few hits against a named elite mob like Crittica or Lanork. I believe the pet now also has pvp stats so you might be able to use it against players. one of their daevanion skill is quite devastating as it aerial locks a group of players 5. Gunner - nerfed. you need to be very fast in changing pistols and cannons back and forth. Their cannon skills now have a casting time. They still look good in leather though. I think no more seeing through advanced hide?
  3. AIon 7.0

    is that hooded lady with the mismatched eyes Siel/Israphel combined? If so it would explain the fast forward in time and space. Also the Scarring and Lakrum was supposed to have lasted centuries
  4. Cleansing Recovery Spell

    I assume that is the Daevanion Skill for Chanters? The book can either be found in the Golden Sands Market but you need 200 bullions for it or there are shugoes in instances like FM, BOS, COE who MIGHT appear and you can try to get it from them. Note however, all Daevanion skills from these shugoes drop randomly (that means 11 classes x3 different types of Daevanion skills) and only 1 book will drop for the whole party/alliance.
  5. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Dear Cyan, Should also look into these areas as well: 1. Quickbar selection of skills resets back to level 1 when you reach Level 6 2. I always remembered when doing quest for Ascension, the cutscene for Asmodian shows Ataxiar not another name called something Nassars or something 3. Cut Scene for Beritra fight - yes Lady Aimah and then some other guy seem to have changed names
  6. Most Wanted/Needed class. 5.8/6.0

    Clerics are still kings of healing. In 6.x clerics cannot die but i think they have difficulties killing in pvp. Always needed in any instance. As of right now, you can have an almost full party of clerics and you will still do fairly good dmg so competition for instances is not as fierce. No idea what will happen in 6.x though Templars right now are monsters. In 6.x they might not be as many of their skill dmg have been reduced. Nowadays maybe not as needed as before except in really difficult dungeons ATs can be considered as off- tanks so you might consider this class. Very useful in instances where you have alot of rubbish mobs eg, Fallen Poeta SW can be support and in 6.x their skill sets seem to be more support than dmg. They are attractive in instances since they can heal, cc, dmg and give mana. Only issue is that there is usually a huge number of players who are SW. Chanters seem to shine in 6.x as the class has been somewhat re-worked. They still have lower dps though but much tougher than before. I find that chanters also have alot of competition in getting into instances since a group doesnt usually invite more than 1 chanter. This is due to their lower dps and mantras don't stack. They do make the group stronger and tougher but you only need 1 chanter to do that.
  7. Been playing on Aion EU for past few weeks (even before 6.x). This is what i found: 1. Old free +10 armor pieces - not so good when questing 6.x - you'll notice it when you are doing rather low dmg. Better to swap out to the new free ancient armors. I kept it in my warehouse as its a nice skin. 2. The questlines are more streamlined so its quite enjoyable. Haramel is now between levels 1 - 10 and you do it once. No more mindless repeats unless you really like it. Taloc is at least not painfully boring now.. its quite straightforward. Bakarma is now a solo instance. You can use Berdins while questing 3. Most scrolls are either exchanged or if its marked with a cross, when you throw it you'll get some kinah or transform pots. The scrolls from Atreian passports are not deleted. You just use it until it runs out. Old pots are still useable but i find that they are not as effective since HP has changed so it heals not so much (but at least its still healing some of your hp) 4. Old manastones like white stones were still in the bags. So you will need to sell them off 5. The transform pots while the shapes are irritating (think polar bear for so many levels), are still better than the present scrolls. Many of them increase multiple stats eg, 1 transform pot can have + atk speed & + casting speed & + run speed & + crit spell or + crit strike & + MR etc etc Plus, it lasts 9 minutes 6. Lunas no longer give skins. What I see so far are rewards like enchant stones, chest of kinah, some sort of mount ( a car?).. all sorts of new stuff 7. Daily Luna no change as far as I see. One change seems to be that even if Big Fatty breaks down 1st barrier, you still get S rank. Weekly luna has some changes. Now those Mechanerk ball-like robots (not the blue or yellow ones but the ones in groups) will keep spawning until the boss dies. 8. The new free armors at various quest points, use the skins from Aion. Hence, you will see Kahrun's armor set, you'll see the old mithril coin quest armor set etc, i think around level 40+ the white, dropped armor has Malefic armor skin 9. Currently kinah at my 40+ levels is harder to come by... almost like 1.5. Most mobs do drop stuff like transform pots, food, drink or pieces of armor, new enchant stones, stones to open the armor slots etc but they sell for very little. 10.Its nice to do all the Campaign and dark blue quests as they will give all the free armors + accessories + weapons+wings and bracelets 11.Minionites drop from mobs. They are differentiated between various grades 12.Tutorial quests will give transform pots 13.Level 9 and level 55 seem to be major levels. You cannot proceed unless you do (Asension quest for level 9) or complete the final Campaign quest in Gelkmaros for 55 (i think that's the Kill Tiamat instance)
  8. Truth about 6.0

    The candies replace the scrolls. Different transformations give different stats and I think they last slightly longer than the 4m scrolls. Not only penguins, but also sheep, fennec, balaur, vampire, sheba, kaisinel etc etc. I think there is something on cash shop which allows u to make the form invisible. I would think being an AT would be better coz you'll always be covered by a big robot
  9. 6.0 info

    It seems a March patch of 6.0 has improved things greatly in Aion 6.0 according to Lyah on Youtube. You can farm the equipment pieces or the materials in the instances now. Also the camps now give about 500+ of the new medals per week. So that means the equipment gap between players is narrowed.
  10. is it a bug ? No Abyss..!!

    Don't forget that if you are in FTS, you are NOT going to see any quests related to the Abyss
  11. New Server Name Suggestions

    Ragnarok & Omega SteelRake & SteelRose Nyerk & Akakak