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  1. This is what Aion has become, if you don't play 10-14 hours, create a bunch of toons, do luna's/dungeons every reset over and over again like it's your job, then you don't have the right to some high-end gears because you're not "working hard". Games are suppose to be rewarding, I don't mind grinding but playing a horde of alts just to be competitive is ridiculous. And you're talking like it should be the standard. Play all of your alts, do the same tedious boring tasks EVERYDAY over and over again and it's all gucci. And hobbies aren't supposed to be something you enjoy and fun? Do you really think what you're suggesting is "fun" in any way, shape, or form?
  2. Which leveling era you perfer most

    3.0 and not even close. Best patch for me is 3.0 too. Loved the zones (sarpan and tiamaranta) and the group instances were fun (Raksang, Rentus, TS). You didn't need to be geared to the teeth to run this instances either, just be okay-ish on the class you're playing. You want some AP and excitement while leveling? go to Tia's Eye and do quests or kill mobs for the loot, while being wary of your surroundings or you might get gank. Overall I miss 3.0, but it is what it is, we can't go back into the past.
  3. Ban for a NAME?

    I think your name was funny. I'm 12 btw haHAA
  4. Aion History

    Try Aion's wiki bro. It has lots of contents and it's pretty updated.
  5. Best proxy for East coast Australia

    Have you tried reducethelag? 1 month free trial and $10 for 3months of service.