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  1. Well my son just tried to get back on game after ncsoft had to shut it down again and game loaded to 100% and stayed there with a aion not responding. Seriously put out a launcher that works and user friendly. Can launch 2 windows simulantiously have to wait till first one done. Slow to launch at times-- maybe needs a coffee to wake up.
  2. yes I have had similar problems as well on my laptop I cant get the launcher to even download. Ncsoft want me to go and dl Hijackthis which has a warning on their website about it. Has anyone else told to do this? Not impressed that they needed to make a launcher not easily to download. My laptop not that old. Would have been better spent time fixing and making a proper playable game than putting us thru trying to dl a launcher of many issues. My friend spent 4 hrs very frustrated trying to get launcher to work after dl it. It would quit launching game many times or got error codes---rly
  3. either bring back the furniture paints or replace the existing plants with new colors. This is old need something new--tired of the same old paint and fyi the blue paint looks more like a purple and rly doesnt match up with the blues in furniture.
  4. Bring back the furniture paint plants. Not sure why they needed to be removed in the first place. Bad move. Also some new housing furniture, plants would be nice. Luna's housing stuff is stale need some new items.
  5. Would be nice to see some christmas household items such as christmas tree, wreath and fireplace. We had them temporay years ago. It would be nice to see them again.
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