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  1. Aion March Preview

    If it's normal how can we even expect events like Tiamaranta's eye to work properly. The map hasn't been in the game for years and it's huge for an event instance. If there are problems with that is it gonna take 5 weeks as well. Safest option is to have Daeva Dash first at the last week of March and have Tiamarants eye at the end of April. We put money into this game, we have a right to ask why the devs are incompetent. How can it be realistic when no event in the past took longer than 2 weeks in the past, yet all of a sudden 5 weeks is acceptable? My expectations for the game are both realistic and reasonable based on experience of the actual game, and there has been no update or event that justifies this sort of delay. I don't want broken events just like everyone else, but I am not gonna have the wool pulled over my eyes to believe this problem needs to take longer than 5 weeks to fix.
  2. Aion March Preview

    Real game developers don't need 5 weeks to fix an event. Other games I have played would crush this issue in a matter of days. Sorry but I agree with what some people are saying that delaying to April is way too long. The issue isn't about 'wanting a broken instance' the issue is 'it should not be taken so long to fix it and subsequently it being delayed'. Korea had this event long before EU I am surprised they are only noticing it now. Honestly stop defending NCsoft Korea because 5 weeks is unacceptable and just shows how incompetent and lazy they are.
  3. I agree with all of this especially about out Governor just blatantly hacking. Actually don't understand how he can live with himself when both factions hate him.
  4. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    I'm an Elyos and yes there were disconnects, but Asmos all suddenly disappeared while we only lost some. I was in hide the whole time watching it with my crappy 320ms ping, but Elyos clearly were favoured and by the time there was a sizable force from the Asmos we already took the flags and were onto the Naga boss. I feel a bit guilty putting traps near the Asmo entrance for Misrash Sanctuary.
  5. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    So you admit to straight up lying. What are we gonna do with 4.5 or 4.7 gear, who is gonna use them when we have archdaeva to choose from. You're right about a larger list, a larger list of junk that is and it doesn't matter if it's in multiple tiers or useful high tier bundles. Whats the point if we''re just gonna get a single salad 70% of the time. I got nothing good last time when I chipped in like 40 nutrients and you actually have the audacity to expect me to do the same. Someone mentioned other regions get unbinding stone, and skill book reassignments. Why you can't we get that? If it weren't for the upcoming Frozen Magic event I would have quit already due to this companies incompetence and inability to apologise. Just say you are sorry instead of trying to evade the situation and justify it. You are in the wrong and we are in the right.