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  1. @Kibbelz you're a legend for everything you do for this very vast community with often unprecedented demands - I appreciate it all; I really do. I firmly believe the matter of the black cloud Friday sale should be mitigated as suggested above by fellow players wherein if the apostle transformation boxes are not selectable, the limit of the purchase should be increased to allow for players to catch up to other's in collection bonuses (this enables cash flow for the business & satisfied player-base, win-win for the organization) Could you please see to it that this matter i
  2. Remember, No need 4 condoms. Sperm asleep at night so release them at night OwO
  3. Yo home boy kibbelz wass poppin? GANG GANG WE PULL UP SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT. I'm ozzie by the way; your friendly neighbourhood vegan gangster who loves teaching pythagoras theorem owo
  4. Y'all RNG sucks, I actually enchanted a stigma to +15 using 22 stigma enchantment stones from Zudra boxes. Up your game & be lit af and the gang and i will pull up SKRRRT SKEEET SKEEET!!!!!!!
  5. Hello I am Ozzie & This is my first post on forum since playing aion in 2013. Hello world.
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