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  1. thanks for letting us know. hopefully we'll get a fix soon.
  2. i don't use any. same here. i tried repair, i can access bcm and gst just fine at any time, and i don't use ping reducers. sent ticket to ncsoft, received a reply which lead me to thinking they aren't even aware it's happening. then they told me to write on forums because "dev team reads it". that's about all help i could get.
  3. i don't use any, and this haven't been happening before 7.9 arrived.
  4. i'm getting this error over and over again. the game has become nearly unplayable because of it.
  5. Since the last update two weeks ago i started getting this error. The game freezes for about 20 seconds, then the error pops up. Sometimes i get stuck in an endless loop of this error poping one after another, in which case i have to kill aion process in task manager. I lost pf hm and idd hm loot and entries several times because of it. I'm a healer, i wiped my group in hard mode instanses because of it. Everything was perfectly fine before may 12, and i assume it has something to do with this https://twitter.com/AionOps/status/1392539717435117571
  6. same here. actually got dced from battle server about two hours before maintenance and can't enter either server since then.
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