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  1. After the last P2W update EU is angry as hell

    Gameforge did the correct thing with the luna they just needed to add a replacement for what they took away that is not as strong but still yields good rewards. Example: - All end game instances drop either omega fragment or tempering fragment 100% drop rate off final boss for all party members. - You need 5 fragments to obtain 1 shining fragment - You need 3 shining fragments to obtain 1 [Event] Tempering or Omega. Something like this would be a suitable replacement as it would make people want to get instances done on cooldown or they would miss out thus making it better for people who do not have statics which is a big deal in NA from what i saw when i came back at 5.6 release. I do not know if EU has the same issue as NA but its pretty crazy the lack of lfg groups that actually get filled. This was SL elyos anyways not sure about all other servers for us.
  2. Issues that should really be addressed in this game

    Its funny people keep going back to Kata/Dana only for the simple reason that was the biggest era of bugs that this game has had since release. Temping = CC hackers sold majority of them. Instance scrolls = CC hacks sold majority of them. Duping = Vietnamese who transferred from KR to SL know what i am talking about. Instance reset bug = Ncsoft nyerk up but refused to acknowledge it. 4 Major points to what made 4.x era great and if you used any of this your as bad as the hackers/ account buyers. People can act blind and pretend this is not the reason the majority of f2p players left the game but you are delusional. f2p players are the core of a f2p game. When the Whales out number the f2p your game will rapidly go down hill.

    The behavior has spread to the entire gaming community after you get addicted to your first cheat in solo player games. Its bred in to us since the age of 6 you cant prevent something that has happened already.
  4. Best way to accumulate greater supps solo?

    Make lots and lots of accounts and do the weekly luna i am not sure if it is a 100% 175 greater sups for an S grade but it seemed that way to me. May not help you in the short run but if you have 200 characters level 10 it will get you lots of Tempering as well for free bracelet enchants so in the long term you will make billions of kinah doing it.
  5. I was asked to go play on EU server

    The game decided other wise for me LOL https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/238417705374449664/351031069870653440/unknown.png Back to BDO i guess
  6. I was asked to go play on EU server

    Its what comes up when you play the game before its finished downloaded happens on NA as well i just thought it was kinda funny. I play on NA so maybe its telling me to just stay here haha.
  7. Why Aion doesn't have an internal DPS meter yet ?

    Random game right off the top of my head. Black Desert does not have it. I am sure there are plenty others that have no DPS meter either.
  8. Extend the current 100% till next weekend !

    I voted yes because any XP event for the community is good. Personally i would rather see a quest XP increase 2x or even 3x rather then just a plain xp increase that way solo players who are not getting taken on those instances have a way to level up. Also this would make the hourly quests worth doing so it would split people up over the map and maybe get some open world action for those looking for it.
  9. now im worried about the state of the game

    How many times can you let a company take a dump on you and keep sitting underneath them? This is the question you need to ask your self and if you consider being shat on is an alright thing then keep staying with the game eventually people come to a realization that its the company/Developer that is ruining the game you love that is forcing people to quit.
  10. Boss void zone abilities not visible

    What is a decent game engine?
  11. Arena of Discipline Entries

    EU also ban people for using wall hacks in Uppers/linkgate and so on if you like what EU does so much why not just join the EU community? 15 euro is a small price to pay per month for a better community and better publishers no?
  12. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Korea were probably the ones who said they should pay for character transfer before merger LEL.
  13. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    This would be an awesome addition to the game good suggestion but no i do not think it currently can.
  14. AFK = what kills Aion

    Thats a bit unrealistic... It was 789754389443 Kappa. Yea its pretty rough went to my first siege the other day.
  15. New Server Name Suggestions

    Did anyone win that +10 plume event a while back where they got to name something in the game? Now would be a good chance to come out and name a server after your self .
  16. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Maybe give out in mail form 3 1 month boons to cover the loss of the mansion some people are going to have?
  17. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    Ohh there is no edit function so sorry about double post. I also noticed when trying to enchant my IS gear from 10-15 it seemed next to impossible with the old stones +supps so maybe you need to use only omega which means their really is only new gear anything other then that is a waste of omega and sups.
  18. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    How do you obtain ptera medals are they only from lower forts?
  19. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    To be honest i hope 5.X is that last days of the abyss. It wont be, I know, But i really think it is time for it to be locked up by the head honcho of the dragon world then it to come back in like 7.x OR 10.X whenever we fight him and or her.
  20. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    I voted no because nyerk SHUGOS. On a serious note peoples perception of the patch was greatly influenced from a magnitude of bugs that people took advantage of to obtain gear faster. 1) The CC hackers made tempering greatly available for players as well as the felicitous socketing stones bringing in over 1000 of each a day for what 2+ months? 2) When EB was still fairly fresh was that bug where people could do any instance infinite amount of times so people just spammed instances as much as they could so they ended up getting gear at an unrealistic pace. 3) The CC hackers were back selling 1000s of EB scrolls super cheap 5-10m ea people would keep this a secret buy them out at X time so people never saw they were selling so they could control the market and sell them for 40m each. 4) The CC hackers were back yet again when the composite manastones came out on the cash shop when you could pick the one you wanted same thing as above people did not allow people to see that they were selling so they could control the market. This means everyone was equally geared and that greatly influenced peoples ability to be able to PvP competitively(Which is a good thing but that is not aion you mite as well of been playing on a private server). Now with 5.X unless you are a heavy spender or you cheat to obtain an advantage or obtain money you will consider this current patch to be shit not worth it and more then likely end up quitting. Even tho it seems to be balancing out slowly it will never be the same as it was back then due to the CC hackers. As well as the instance bug.
  21. No please!

    That giant baby was stupidly funny. Like i hate them but i still laugh at them.
  22. /r/Aion Discord Server

    I am always down for some discord action
  23. Server Merge

    I was an elyos.
  24. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    I can see how you would think this but when i tell you that you are wrong maybe you should try to think why someone would say that. Is it to defend the hackers? nyerk NO HACKERS RUIN EVERY GAME THAT HAS EVER CAME OUT. I am going to type something that happened to me in Ark: Survival Evolved. 2 years ago when the game was first released they promised the community a we will ban all hackers from our game. Me and my tribe just happened to be on the same server as the largest Chinese hacking tribe in Survival games PLA. After fighting with them for months we finally got in contact with one of arks top honcho's Kayd Hendricks. He deleted there bases they had built under the map and he constantly kept DCing the players that were using Aimbot on him while he was inside our base which in Ark you can not shoot through walls with out a hack program. Even after all this he is like i am sorry we can not ban them even tho all this was going on there was nothing SERVER SIDE. He said he cant ban on experience alone abnormal things need to be shown to us server side so we can ban them. Later on they installed battle eye and 90% of their 300 man alliance were all banned that night. What i am trying to tell you is that Developers do not have the right to ban anyone if there is nothing abnormal showing server side. Which sucks because even tho you me and everyone else knows X is cheating or Y uses glide hacks nothing comes up server side with the time stamp you give them so they can not just ban unless they can get client side checks. The only way to do that is using an invasive anti cheat program that scans all your personal files and as far as i understand its expensive to hire one of these types of anti cheat programs. I do not claim to know how much an Anti cheat costs tho so maybe they could afford it but its a economic venture that not all companies have the luxury being able to take. I wanted to keep the post short in hopes you would understand where i am coming from with this.
  25. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    It has nothing to do with the BCM its very hard for a company to ban on the word of another player that is why some games run anti-cheat but anti-cheat has a price tag and that is not a venture this company wants to take as their games probably do not produce enough money to warrant them getting one.