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  1. Siege TIME / Days

    If DN really does not have that many players then i am glad i made a DN character. I suggest everyone else do the same because if they do end up merging you gonna get free stuff(remember EK rewards ). 4k free luna when?
  2. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    @Cyan If there is one piece of feedback that everyone would appreciate. That is a response from NCsoft Aion developers(not NCwest) to the NA region about the feedback we are currently giving them. Right now i am sure plenty of people are not giving feedback simply because they genuinely believe that NCsoft do not care about our region and that giving feedback that will probably be ignored is not something many want to venture in to.
  3. Windstream equipment quests: event or permanent?

    Is it a choice box or random box?
  4. 28.820 m.crit = 92% chance

    That's nutty. Cool feature tho.
  5. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    TL:DR: Overall 7.2 still lacks features we use to have but did a few QoL changes that will make many happy. This is going to come off start very harsh and ease in to decent changes then go in to a bit of whining. NCwest/soft gave us the carrot on a stick implementation of functions we use to have. You make people happy by giving us the ability to put kinah back in the w/h and for some this is all 6.0 was missing. Then you do not give us the ability to put enchant stones or say minium and other products like that in the w/h. To me giving us back only half the features we had since the game released back is not a good feeling it is irritating. While i do not think you could ever put minium in the w/h adding that in as a feature would of been a 7.2 unique update that we never previously had back during 5.X. Altho i could be wrong and you may of been able to put minium in your w/h back then as well. Right now players who played during 5.X still had 10s of 1000s of minium A rank(i know 3 players with over 40k A-rank minium). New players/returning players got shafted by the implementation of content and by patch conversions that happened years ago. This being said 7.2 has plenty of decent QoL changes as well. Like the luna game change. I spent some of my luna on it and i would say i would spend more luna on it if i bought the luna or got it free. Then you got the cheaper genesis crystal option, While this not only helps the fragment bottleneck it also does wonders for the kinah situation as well. Adding in the fact that the daily faction kill is now 50 genesis crystals ea you can make sustainable kinah via playing the game now which i feel previously you could not. If i am not mistaken one of the new quests also gave a free dark talon item? That is a nice mechanic. Then you got flawless socketing stones even at $10 ea i would value them as a reasonably priced cash shop item since it is an item you pay for and you get 100% value out of it. However it is the functions that we use to have that we still do not currently have that make me not spend on Aion. I feel that these functions that i miss about Aion of old will never be re-introduced so my feedback as a non spending player is less valuable to NCsoft/west than someone who is willing spend on the game if they never plan to re-introduce the rest of the old functions we use to have.
  6. About PVE enchantment stones

    Can confirm you were not being pessimistic i was being optimistic LOL.
  7. About PVE enchantment stones

    It also says that enchantment stones are storable in w/h. You will be able to do that genesis quest 5 times per character. So 5x12 assuming you made more characters. 10. Some materials, designs, crafted equipment, consumables, enchantment stones and contracts can now be stored in the warehouse. I guess if you were farming the instances solo to get the purple stones then this is a direct nerf to you people.
  8. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    LOL @Aly-DNThey were listening to you confirmed.
  9. you've butchered your own game...

    You can probably skip down to the last paragraph. This is why i say NCsoft just did not know how to adapt with the times. They fail to see what consumers want and need in this day and age where everything is available to obtain somewhere on the interwebs. I am going to say it...despite reluctantly not wanting to due to broken record but PA(BDO creators) simply understand what consumers want. When BDO started going down hill they did not shut off they had regional meet ups they met up with content creators and featured partners for ways to improve BDO. They spent millions but got back 100s of millions all due to just listening to what the player base wanted. Not only this featured partners got to meet and greed with the actual OC story developer regional managers and so on and got to have hours of discussions with them 1 on 1. Yes not in a group setting come meet us they got legitimate hours worth of time with the developers of the game. NCsoft on the other hand when 5.X went turned the game to shit they kept milking and milking then half assed the ohh we are sorry what was it you wanted. The conclusion they came to was we wanted more cash shop bottle necks and less new content to enjoy the game. Do you remember seeing/hearing about the EU meet and greet? How long did that last? A day? Half a day?. NCsoft could not get out of there fast enough. I think it has nothing to do with Aion being the lowest money maker. B&S gets barely any attention, A few extra posts per week is not devoting time to said product. Wildstar despite not being an NCwest product but was featured on the website had 0 shits given about it. GW2 has hit the same lack of communication issues you can tell by how frustrated and often the community are bring it up recently and with their 2020 roadmap i think it was made people even more upset with the direction. All these issues are stemming from the mother company which is NCsoft.
  10. Aly's Adventures and the Classic Server/flat Earth believers

    10/10 got me laughin. To bad i noticed it like months after it was created LOL
  11. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    The only way to catch up .
  12. Enchantment Rates

    Lets see if you can beat my 31 fails. I am going to assume that Cash shop functions are the reason for this. Being rewarded with a better chance for failing keeps people paying for more S-rank minium.
  13. you've butchered your own game...

    Yes but my point was a response to what you said. I never said that 6.0 has less afkers i said that the only reason 5.X had as many players as it did was due to the rewarding events. Maybe i should of added more context to what i said. 5.X allowed players to get geared enough to the point they played game more frequently due to feeling the sense of progression. 6.0 by design is set up for afking(for a long long time) if you are not paying. That is why the play style is legitimately just afk/avoid if you can not/will not pay. To be fair we can not judge them for failing at their job because for all we know they are doing exactly what NCsoft tells them to do so they could be very successful at their job just NCsoft is bad at catering to the western market. No matter the patch if you are raging about it being unfair and you are not having fun you simply need to take a break or move on to a company that cares. You had people raging in the game when ing/gelk come out because they broke the game balance. You had people raging during 3.0 because they went f2p in our region. You had people raging in 4.0 release due to the game going to casual. You had plenty of people rage during 5.X due to them adding the grind back for levels and gear blowing up. You had people rage during 6.0 due to the new transformations or the changes we recieved. You had people raging about painter before 7.0 even came out. Games are something we all have the ability to walk away from if they cause you unwanted negative emotions. If you can not walk away from the game causing you distress then i recommend you talk to a close family member or loved one and ask them to help you seek out some help for your situation, Because sooner or later the game will shut down in our region and many of those who can not give up Aion will be stuck in a seemingly endless pit of sorrow.
  14. you've butchered your own game...

    The only reason 5.0 had more players was due to events. Events that if you had 11 character could make you 10s of billions a week as well as on top of that events that got you decently geared in 2 weeks. I remember that one haramal instance where it got me my entire set of spinel medal gear+AP i needed in less than 2 weeks because not only did you get gear/progression items from it you got kinah+reset scrolls every 3rd run you could give to your main character. With-out events there is no doubt in my mind that the merge that happened in 5.X would of been a merger of all servers. Events kept people logging in for years beyond what they should of been logging in for.
  15. The Man Who Saved Aion

    E-peen taken to a new level of "quality" humor.
  16. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Not enough content i 100% agree with but shard style wars is a player issue not a game/developer issue. The only difference between these Outposts and shard wars is that you could fly. For the majority of players at shard wars getting hit by the mobs = 100% death every time. People simply do not want to PvP thus there is no shard style wars anymore in the game. Back during shard wars you always had those temp/clerics that would pull the guards so you could go in. Now everyone plays only for themselves for the most part so no one pulls the guards away anymore.
  17. you've butchered your own game...

    Less than 10% take up the 1500-2100 ranking slots and the difference between a 1700 player and a 2.1k player is only the players APM. Everyone below 1500 lack the APM needed to break through the 1500 bracket despite the knowledge they have on the game. Despite this AoE2 legitimately has the nicest competitive/ranked community i have ever met in a game. You can only blame your own skill if you can not climb unlike MMORPG's. Fair competition will never be a thing in MMORPG's because of the issues that are out of fair's vocabulary. Gear/numbers/Class balance/Level advantages and so on. These are all factors in MMORPG's that make PvP unfair and that is the reason it is so fun to begin with. More over it is the reason why MMORPG players can make more memories than say MOBA players or BR/FPS players can make hence the more nostalgic feels MMORPG players are impacted by. MMORPG players consider the game they are playing at the time to be fair competitively so long as they are enjoying the time with-in the world. It only becomes unfair competitively when they are getting bored. MMORPG players are notorious for sticking with a game for 3+ years longer than they should due to these memories they made from the gear/number/class balance they had in or against their favor. There is simply to many things to balance in an MMORPG to make them competitive and when you attempt to make them competitive they become a bloody homogenized mess that legitimately ruins every other aspect of the game for both PvP and PvE players. Games where gear often = power people get this blanket of sorts that inflates ego that deflates super hard when vsing someone with equal gear and a better skill level than themselves. This is not just my opinion it is simply the genre's design philosophy. It is why developers keep making the same mistakes over and over and over because the genre is make a living breathing world where lots of players can interact. This means Time/gear/numbers/class balance/level advantages are issues that will always be present in an MMORPG worlds. There is no fixing all of these issues with out making a game is in actual fact apart of a different genre.
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    What DN is at EK level of player base now?
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    When you say more active do you mean there is simply more Elyos to fight or do you mean both factions are more active?
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    Imagine after 10 years thinking NCwest is going to change their ways... This is how they are with legitimately every game they own. They have been this vague since the release of Aion in our region. To think otherwise is a you problem not an NCwest problem. Blade and soul meme because they treat every game community under their control the same.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    Thank you yet again for another hard working week NCwest. We appreciate all you do to keep Aion in such a great payable state.
  22. Do you guys remember when...

    I mean to say the age of MMO's is going the way of dodo birds i feel is not true. WoW classic had the biggest release in 2019. BDO still has 100,000s of players on NA(people have no idea how active NA is)Also with them announcing dungeons later on in 2020 BDO may boom this year. FF14 is going strong with out a doubt square enix still come out with road maps. The only games that are doing garbage are the games that have developers/publishers that simply do not give a shit about their community. Sad for us who like these games and just want to see them improved communication wise not abandoned but this overall good for the genre as a whole.
  23. Do you guys remember when...

    Yea PCs will always be better but that is kind of the reason why Aion is in such a sad state. Even mobile games are 100% out performing Aion in terms of being an MMORPG. They stopped getting as much money because they ruined Aion themselves and took 0 responsibility for it and tried to shaft the players. If you look at every other game out their including random 20 year old games like Age of empires 2 to name 1 and a recent release of archage unleashed to name another the developers took responsibility and worked on fixing broken mechanics with-in the game. Ncsoft's idea of fixing the game was to take feedback from the players and figure out how can they make people spend more on their game and have those spending players defend/justify playing Aion. To their credit they did it great. Spending players were defending for a while till they ran out of things to spend on for the most part.
  24. Daevanion Skill Enchantment Success Rates (Korea)

    these rates are decent... was the NCsoft trainee fired after giving such generous rates?
  25. january 3rd

    I mean Did not even need to scroll down for this information. If you want information from the dev's look at the dev tracker first. That was less than 1 month ago. What more information do you need? That covers legitimately everything you need to know aside from what you are actually receiving. Is there some running joke going on that i am missing here or what?