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  1. Unfair for KT-Community

    Ranking compensation already happened tho...
  2. Unfair for KT-Community

    After the consolidation is complete, additional boosts will be added to all servers. More details to come. < In cyans post Looks to me like veteran players will be receiving some thing after the merge happens. They did not have to give any additional boosts(which could mean anything) yet they are.
  3. Unfair for KT-Community

    So your answer is instead of letting some people get something let everyone lose something? The issues Aion has today is due to players losing nearly everything...
  4. Unfair for KT-Community

    How about we reset all housing sound good?
  5. Unfair for KT-Community

    Good on you for voicing your opinion.
  6. Why is there a time to Q for PVP instances

    Personally i have a different view then most if not all other Aion players past and present <---- dramatic i know. By this i mean the only reason i can see NC having timed PvP instances is to improve open world. The issue is NA players seem to not want PvP for PvP's sake, They want to PvP for rewards and that is it. Most do not consider the daily PvP quests and the joy of dynamic encounter PvP worth leaving town for.
  7. rng rate on Crafted Gear

    If your lucky your lucky if your not your not. Personally i am 0/15 on ultimate's while a mate is 7/8 ultimate's.
  8. Roll back

    There is an NA private server that has 10 times more players?
  9. Roll back

    I have never known aly to be the one to send someone to a private server. I have always known them as the one being all anti-private server.
  10. Roll back

    Where in my post did i say it is alright to do such things? It does not matter if it is right or wrong. If it was possible for everyone to just walk out of a store with anything they wanted you think anyone would pay? People would grow up being taught that you can just take it out of the store when ever you want. The only reason this does not happen is due to the efforts made by the company to enforce or help uphold the law and protect their investments at the same time. Again what are NCsoft/West doing to protect their product?
  11. Roll back

    Its even weirder that you try to use this as an argument for your case. There are huge flaws that favor the other side of the argument. Example: The moment you leave that store with out paying the security that the company is paying for will have you reported to the police or they will detain you as you walk out the store with out paying for said product. This is effort put in by the store owner to combat their products they paid for being stolen. On the other hand lets hear one thing NCsoft/west are doing to stop their product from being stolen to keep its community here on the official servers?
  12. I 100% believe my words you can meme me all you like but i know there are many unhappy players that are paying weekly. Many of them were those who said they would never use selective re-tune but are now using selective re-tune.
  13. Do you honestly believe this? Like wholeheartedly believe the words you typed? Aion is a game for those who currently want to play it. There is nothing appealing for a new consumer to come and participate in. How many players said they would not use the selective re-tuning and how many are using it now that they have all their gear? How many players are going to lie about using it and say they just rolled BiS stats with kinah? Simple fact is paying players pay whether they are happy or unhappy so long as they can progress towards BiS.
  14. Mobile gaming is the future Accept it, Embrace it, Move on.
  15. This buff on pve instances feel bad for ungeared ppl

    Our magic users got suckered hard damage wise. Turns out they do 52% less damage than they did last patch to Beritra. I like it personally because it does make it more challenging. I can only assume the buff was to entice players to enchant there gear up i guess.
  16. This buff on pve instances feel bad for ungeared ppl

    Tbh its a bit of a non factor issue that it is harder just use the new and improved legendary potions gear does not matter if you got them.
  17. Is there any solid way to get a hacker banned?

    @Aly-DNI think you read things to logically sometimes. I think since you have always been an active forum user you really would know lots of what goes on and if your active in communities outside . It really is an undeniable truth that cheaters were actively defending themselves and getting their friends to defend them as well. I feel this is the mocking they are talking about. If you called out a legitimate player for cheating the vast majority of these threads were less then a page long and usually only the accused responded back because no one else bothered to get involved due to it being yet another hacker thread. However if you called out a cheater you would see upwards of 5+ players trying to invalidate the opinion of someone who called out that cheater. Maybe i let my mind wander when i read what people are saying but i genuinely feel that is what @Gundam-KT is talking about.
  18. Is there any solid way to get a hacker banned?

    The sad truth is most players do not know what is and what is not possible. The amount of people who complain hacks when they are wearing all yellow PvE gear is unbelievably high. An even worse truth is the amount of players that believe a screen shot is enough evidence to get a player banned. Players are just as stupid as the support and when 2 stupid groups work together you end up with 0 results.
  19. Transformation Stats

    Equality please...if one is being changed back they all should get changed back.
  20. Senekta Info?!

    The same way they managed the 12/24 man instances look up all the info they can and pass it first/second try. I hope it is not time based as i have convinced my friends not to look up any info on it to make it more exciting. The issue is if our first run is loss due to only being able to fight the boss once i fear the no information strategy will soon turn in to if we gonna luna this instance i wanna know it inside and out so we do not waste money.
  21. Server balance after transfers

    Sever balance on release = Garbage Server balance before transfers = Garbage Server balance after transfers = Still garbage. Server balance in 1 years time = Still going to be garbage. Players dictate faction balance simply by being the worlds content. If your faction is primarily PvE based players your going to have a very hard time competing in the PvP orientated content. If your faction is primarily solo based PvPers your faction going to have a hard time in faction based content. Below is a great example of what players do to make things feel less balanced. Its like SL-E back in the day, They had 75+ clerics on at all times(especially during siege) and less then 30 of them would want to heal let alone resurrect players. This left the vast majority of alliance groups with no clerics. The imbalance of this alone made many SL-E feel like they were being outnumbered at particular times during siege when the simple fact was SL-A had better support players/team work. This at the end of the day is no bodies fault its just how the game evolved and the players on each faction evolved with it.
  22. EK Server Situation

    Absorbed in to another server would be better. That way no need to deal with having to rebuy estates and stuff.
  23. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Those players already quit years ago. At this point the only ones who are not transferring to their winning factions side are either looking for PvP or can not afford it.
  24. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Sounds like perfect balance to me. Make people pay money to transfer to the server where their faction is winning, Then they will be happy and spend more.
  25. Siege EK Lakrum

    Real question is with only 25 people turning up to siege how many white names you got. It would be sad if everyone is in groups of 1-3.