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  1. HHoM is a myth was back in release and it is still now. Only the luckers get HHoM, I have told so many people how i failed 26 times only to have my guild give me 5 attempts out of no where that they sprung on me out of the kindness of their heart and they all failed. Simply put expect to fail 20+ times or do not bother with it sell the bloods and make bank for 2.0
  2. I have been watching a few streams but all i see is AFK dredge groups no one seems to be actually fighting, I would love to watch some dredge specific PvP video's so if you upload post them here please <3.
  3. Every reason he was talking about was spot on from a new player perspective, You are to busy looking at your end game experience going X or Y is boring but if no one wants to even make it to end game because of all the BS that is in the game prior to it then why even talk about end game as being the problem? SImple you do not, There is no point talking about the garbage end game event driven crap that is Aion you talk about the fact that they are not getting people past level 20 because the game has a bad MMO early game experience. All this before you get to the meat and potato's of the g
  4. Honestly, The only person i can believe was wrongfully banned was E-girl. While they probably did AP trade as well(maybe it was just to get their godstone) i always saw them in the abyss ganking OR farming the 200 repeat quests. No other player was as active as they were in the abyss from my view. While i am sure people are like LOL you are trying to protect your friend i legitimately do not even know E-girl(or played with them from other games). They are an asmo i am an elyos and while it was annoying AF getting killed by them over and over in the abyss where ever i went i can say that t
  5. If you are legit you will get unbanned, If not enjoy your ban. No need to worry.
  6. The bots in KR were subbed. Every thing is perfect for bots because PLAYERS pay for currency in games. MMORPGS by design are perfect for bots. It has nothing to do with subscriptions. FF14/WoW are plagued with bots as well.
  7. I would find new friends, Seems like your friend is a liar liar pants on fire kinda human.
  8. Did some streamer say copium recently or something because that seems like quiet the buzz word in the past 2-3 days.
  9. You will be back, You an Aion junkie ❤️.
  10. I would imagine if they have $5000 to waste on a 12 year old re-release then they would not care one bit since they have the funds to do so.
  11. This made me laugh more than it should of LOL
  12. I think you are forgetting the problem with siege is actually asmo's not having the balls to cap all forts. They have the power they could force elyos to contest if they want medals. However with the number of players NA had you do not need to contest every fort since the 3 inner uppers is enough for the population to obtain a steady stream of medals. Elyos have no incentive to show up for asmo forts because why would you go when you know the PvE instances will be accessible by the losing faction. Beyond this asmo's rarely show up to contest the elyos forts because they are happy with the
  13. Once slayers take complete control of the elyos faction we should probably see elyos actually doing something on SL. This will take some time tho.
  14. I do not want to start drama because they did ban some people but the 4 AP traders we know have yet to be banned so my friends said this was the last straw. They believe that what Kibblez said was an outright lie despite us being able to prove a few people got banned to them. They are convinced that people bought immunity and will never be banned. I broke down what kibblez said and we really need to see a few more ban waves that get announced with-in the next week or 2 to show they are still working on banning all the AP traders or people will not come back/resub because many AP traders a
  15. KR has that bot destroyer so chances are we will get that fast tracked.
  16. I hope to see another ban next week or the week after. As it stands the 4 AP traders i know are not banned. This makes me very sad, However i have heard people have been banned so that makes me optimistic but still keeping my hope at arms length. Either way this is a good start please inform us every time you do a ban wave.
  17. Not true, Siel elyos have lots of players. Dunno about other servers but it looks like SL elyos was barely affected.
  18. I just bought it. Easier to farm kinah than it is to farm the books imo, However if i am not mistaken 1.5 will fix that and they increase the drop rate drastically.
  19. They are banning players now they will announce 1.5 this week or next week so they can obtain their thank you that you listened subscription money then unban the spending AP traders.
  20. Personally i can not see this being the post. They are to lazy to update us on it over the past what week or 2 so chances are they will make an actual announcement/enforce w/e it is they are going to enforce in the coming 1-2 days.
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