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  1. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    Some how this has gone off topic and is talking about payment options when this was about events and their rewards.. Lets take a U-banger and get back on track <3.
  2. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    If they are not listening the current advice players are giving to them and backing it up by being a current spending players, Do you think they listened to the advice from those complaining they want less p2w and spent nothing? No. 50 alt strategy was the worst thing to ever happen to this game. This gives you 2 choices. Be a big spender or run 50 alts there is no in-between. If you fall in-between you have no one to play with as your not geared enough to play at a geared level and you have no choice but to wait for players to finish events before you can enjoy the game content which never happens if you have 50 alts with stacked events. Mid-Late 5.X was not exactly in a great spot PvP wise when i came back to the game i always saw the same few people asking in LFG please que up for golden arena so that those who enjoy the content can get a pop. If the 50 alt strategy helped so much then people would of eventually start to PvP. Yet when i came back it seemed like the exact opposite. Are players currently participating in dredge/ID/EC or is it just an Alt queing fest to get ready for 7.0 still? Maybe this situation has improved it has been a while since i last attempted an LFG group/pre-made due to almost every time i did it we had no enemies. What we need is an Abyss Point NPC that sells these materials this way winning even if you get real opponents becomes worth participating for at least 1 fight to gauge your opponent. Not only does it make running everything worth it but it also makes it a viable way to gear up alts which for many will mean playing with other people making a positive outcome for the community.. A change like this aligns with all players and it also aligns with the companies vision/producers letter. Those who want to pay to progress faster can spam mine with abyss stars. Those who play the game can get rewarded for doing so and those who AFK can continue to afk PvP arena's. Give the Abyss Point NPC everything you need to progress through PvP gear. From guiding stones to kibrium all the way through to PvP stones. Below is a random rant totally pointless to the post/thread. In-case you want to bring up the point where they are allowed to change reward tables but not allowed to change gameplay features. Sorry but we do not know if NCsoft have specifically said to NCwest no Fragments allowed in events. Unless you get leaked information that no one else is privy to you can not expect everyone on the forums to assume NCwest tells you what NCsoft allows to be on the loot table. You just make assumptions like the rest of us. Tbh for all we know NCwest may of been told by NCsoft that if you are to add PvP progression items to events they have to be 5x more expensive than everything else or have below a .2% chance of obtaining in event RNG boxes. Then NCwest just do not bother adding them in because that would cause an even bigger uproar than not having them in.
  3. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    This is the peak of frustration @Cyan. As you can see the reward amount here are so unrealistic due to the pent up frustration of being ignored. These types of rewards are needed to enhance Aion since currently the core gameplay features you have changed has improved the situation only for those who bot it seems. While i disagree with many of the amounts it is hard...no wait impossible to disagree that all these materials listed would not help improve the Aion gameplay situation. Adding them in to choice event rewards at a reasonable price and fair amount for said price seems like a fair and valid complaint by the player base.
  4. EVENT

    While i do not think this upcoming event will have PvP stones/Fragments i can definitely see them putting them in events right after 7.0 has been released to help inject some extra $'s in to the region.
  5. Where is Master Server?

    Look its cool to group up in KR. NA players should start doing it again they may actually start to have fun again .
  6. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Aion has and always will be a PvPvE game. Player vs Player vs Environment. What does it become when you remove the E? Player vs Progression(yep other players do not matter it is a progression battle). When your community has removed 33% of the game's mechanics from their enjoyment list then that is not the fault of the developer that is the fault of the community. Anyways leaving it at that because if i dive in to this not only will it be at least 10 pages long but it will also make me look like i think there is no issues in Aion currently. I do agree that there are issues i just feel these issues are amplified by the community change that happened after omega stones were introduced.
  7. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    We seem to have a bit of miscommunication through typing here my bad. No one in EK was buying and selling transparent scrolls from the BCM. I was saying the broker price of transparent scrolls was 100k. Since kinah was scarce on EK and people wanted to look like their character and not a furry they bought transparent scrolls from the BCM because no one had the kinah to buy them from the broker. Tbh i doubt any of their big spenders quit over not being able to see their character. These are the players that will happily buy transparent scrolls from the broker if it is the cheapest option. I agree the current method is bad but only because it is a different system to the mother region.
  8. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Fun of any sort requires participation which is the issue i was getting at where if 80% of the population are stuck at the same progression point why is PvP not booming. There is no fun because everyone soft quit. No one is participating hence no one can find fun activities. If the only activities you do in the game are AFK luna/AFK kibrium mooching then your never going to have fun again in Aion. Despite saying this i do understand why they play this way. It is not like the participation part brings any sort of enjoyment in terms of progression it is just faster. I said they are taking advantage of those with emotional attachment to the game. That was as far as i was getting in to it because you can not talk about this topic with out people putting their emotions in to it. Emotions = forget reason. I am basing my assumption off how many players i saw on EK when i was playing their that used Transparent scrolls. Since kinah was scarce and not many had 8 characters if any and they were being sold on EK-E for 100k EA i doubt players were buying them off the broker.
  9. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    What does KR have that improves the situation for f2p players staying in the game to be content for the big spenders? All the improvements i see are improvements for paying players. I only mention this because we were discussing f2p players leaving = death of the game. Saying thing tho i am not knowledgeable enough about KR to give a real opinion on whether KR is better for the entire player base or not. The transparent issue is one that can not really be talked about with out ranting/making people salty. If i were to make a random guess how much have transparent scrolls made NCwest/soft i would say about $28,000. The reason that you can not really get in to this issue is we do not know peoples emotional attachments to their character and what this game has helped people with in their own life so i am not really going to get in to it. Overall this is a problem created by the players paying for a product that should never of been bought. Skins is a stupid one its like they are trying to lose money on purpose here. One thing i learnt from playing BDO is the western player base foams at the mouth over skins/ones they do not own. The only reason i can see them doing this is if they believe flash sales will increase quarterly figures as needed to keep the product running. I highly doubt that is the case tho. As to getting 2 shot i do not think i have ever came across a +15 ultimate player in 6.X because i have only been 2 shot in my gear 1ce(you can check out my gear at the share your enchant story thread). The only person to 2 shot me was a gunner forgot their name but they back to back crit me and i think one of them was a DP skill. This makes it hard for me to comment on this issue.
  10. Have you noticed all your things you miss involved not even playing the game to get acquisition of the items?
  11. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    This is what mobile gaming is tho. It is happening in our genre as well. People are paying so when they talk about what they got they can go yea i got the +15 new set. I know people in BDO that have paid over $50,000 to the cash shop and pay people $400 a week to play the game for them so they can log in 1 day a week and enchant. They never leave town they never PvP they never PvE all they do is enchant. Progression is what people spend on. Content is what people complain about. As long as players can continue to spend on progression it does not matter how many players their are because people who spend that amount think differently. I never met a big spender who do not think they have immunity from being banned thus they all either run bots or pay people to play/run bots for them and do the boring tasks. The smaller the population gets the more these players spend on other players to play the game for them because their is nothing for them to do and they want to progress. A question for you Why is PvP not currently booming in Aion? Everything indicates that at least 80% of the community seem to be stuck at legendary>ultimate upgrades due to fragments or stuck on PvP stones to enchant their legendary gear. If 80% of the community are stuck at the same progression point PvP in Aion should be in its prime because 80% of the community are stuck at the same point thus the game being the most balanced it has been in years. The only answer i can come up with is that no one wants to PvP on retail Aion they only want to play to progress gear/dodge PvP for the meme's. Then you got those who want to do fixed matches which i totally understand since they can fix it in a way where they can fight those who have gear so at least both sides seem to enjoy themselves.
  12. Share your story about gear enchantment.

    80-90% of my stones have come from weekly/daily genesis crystals. I been to about 20 sieges total and about 60 PvP instances since 6.0 released. Since no one really wants to participate in the content i choose to hinder my own progression because getting rewarded for doing nothing is just like doing nothing and progression is not why i enjoy about Aion. I would say my enchanting style has been quiet different. I do not try and see how far i can put my gear with yellow stones like most do. I get my legendary gear to +3 then i go legendary the rest of the way even if i fail back down to 2 i will continue to use legendary to +9 then i switch to ultimate stones for 9-10 then enchant again up to +13 with legendary then i go back to ultimate stones. Ultimately i would say my enchanting rate has been better than most but at the same time i am not taking the risks many take in order to save fragments. I often see people talk about failing 10-20 stones just to get an item from 9-10 so i choose to use Ultimate stones at that point as my supply feels lower than most
  13. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Today's market games can stay open so long as you have 100 big spenders playing your game that have an emotional attachment to your product. I would say Aion has over 300 people still willing to pay w/e they need to so they can obtain their progression. By the MMORPG's standards Aion has been dead for ages, People even made the death of Aion videos and yet here we all are and the servers still open why? Simple There are enough players still playing Aion that get enjoyment out of the money they spend on Aion than they do get out of spending it on anything else. You have to really produce a crappy product to not stay open in today's market. If you said this 5 years ago i would agree but the mobile style is in full effect in our genre currently and Aion has plenty of mobile style spenders.
  14. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    BR mode was removed from BDO because it was deemed unsuccessful. It ended up with hackers winning it all the time, making billions of in-game silver ruining the economy of the actual game.
  15. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    They could give people +10 ultimate genesis gear but the issue is since it is not +15 people will still feel behind. No one is happy till they got BiS max enchant and even then they would complain that red manastones are to expensive. Game dies when the paying players stop having a reason to pay.
  16. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    It is actually 1-4 so even more rewarding
  17. Why pay the 15$ monthly

    You will get those stats with new gear. Just Aim for legendary genesis crystal gear then go from there. You will need to wait for someone else to answer you tho on this matter because 7.0 is coming up and i am not sure what set is preferred for clerics. I think all gear becomes the same end goal in 7.0 but again i am not to sure on this i like patches to be surprises for the most part.
  18. Why pay the 15$ monthly

    Not much to learn this is a gear based game for the most part. You will continue to get 1-5 shot for the next 1-5 months depends how aggressive you play the game.
  19. getting hit at 20m with a 15m attack skill

    Welcome to ping. The one thing i noticed going from BDO NA to BDO SEA was OMG does 120 ping make a huge difference between catching someone and not catching anyone.
  20. Revive PVP and take away GP from fort adds!!!

    You have 2 sides of the fence. Those who got geared really fast with RMT...before you say anything good on them for supporting the game. Then you got those who are paying minimal amounts because they are not happy where the game is at currently. What does this mean tho? Well it is simple those who are behind do not mind taking forever to gear up because they know eventually down the line they will through some event. Then you have those who have gear do not care about participating because they will just buy all the stuff they need when the next patch comes out. Very few people are ever satisfied with where their gear is at. If they are they probably are working towards gear slowly for the next patch months down the line. All this adds up to a very small minority of players that are caught on the fence and care about PvPing for the sake of PvPing. Aion will never have PvP again because people only care about their ideal PvP situations and i there is no doubt in my mind that the majority believe good PvP is when your side is the side that wins.
  21. Desperate call for moderators and change for economy

    The amount you rage you must be elyos?
  22. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    Can you re-roll/re-tune stats on T2 gear legendary gear?
  23. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    I had an EK guild member log in today asking about the rewards. This thread has served its purpose and is just causing confusion/making players that missed it upset. Time to send it to the archive.
  24. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    People like simple things. Look at everyone that likes luna simple rubbish tier content yet everyone wants more and more buffs to its reward table.
  25. Youtube links

    Yea i go by twitch from time to time but unfortunately due to timezone it is hard to be on when anyone is streaming NA servers.