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  1. WHAT!!!! I want a survey . #feelsleftout Wait you EU yea was it a gameforge email?
  2. Relax they are an NCwests community manager, for NCwest employees not for NCwest games. We do not know their employment contract but we do know that ignoring the community that is left in Aion is with-in the confines of said contract. Then again ya'll so toxic i am sure it is hard to respond knowing it is only going to receive more toxicity.
  3. The change is good but you need more changes to go along with it to see its value. It made players participate in the world of Aion not some sub-minigame instance that has nothing to do with Aion lore at all or anything to do with any of the classes. Since it is a stand alone change it is bad but if they made things like eso and other content relevant again it would improve the game 10fold. Also from a new player perspective it is better.
  4. Was it me? It sounds like something i would do.
  5. They got all the information they needed out of that community list. They know what they need to sell as flash sales and what they need to sell as limited time event sales. The important information got ignored because as kibbelz probably understands now NCkorea/NCwest do not really care 2 rats about its NA community and it is why it became so dire in the first place.
  6. This where i get lost when people are arguing for classic. Aion classic was always 100% RNG based. Manastone socketing RNG based, Enchanting RNG based. The amount of AP you get from instances RNG based. Crafting procced items RNG based. Like everything is rng in classic it is simply the attainable goals are realistic.
  7. I believe they already touched on this and said it is impossible that is why it has its own separate download so you can not have both classic and retail open with the same log-in.
  8. B&S took a hit for the quarter due to a longer than normal content drought. This was to help create artificial hype for the mobile B&S mobile that was recently announced. I think it makes sense that these players would of picked up Aion classing during the drought but now B&S mobile was announced for Q1 of 2021 chances are they will lose them from Aion again. Q1 will really tell us the important story of Aion classic. I also think @Megaburst-DN the reason they have said nothing about Classic is due to a few reasons. The major reason being tho we are like 7 months out of o
  9. That is just it tho it mind boggles me how their developers/publishers do not understand this from their PoV. Aion classic has its flaws but the reality of Aion classic is simple. No matter how much someone else spends to gain an advantage early on and how far ahead they get with in 2-3 months of active gameplay you can catch up to a competitive level. In which the longer the servers are out the easier it is to get gear because medals become cheaper and so on. Which is why i always say it is not the payment options in retail that ruin it but the lack of pro-active gameplay activities
  10. It is a tough one because i am of the mindset that the achievable goal to be competitive...scratch that to have an enjoyable experience is still achievable with in a month or 2 so in when you look at the grand scheme of things it is a non factor problem but i will explain. The battle pass and the AP is just 1 side of the same coin. The other side of that coin they implemented with classic was the nerfed rate of kinah from sellable items. They are worth i think(from crafting old items i use to just vendor) is roughly 4.5x less than the original. There was also the candy exploit wher
  11. It makes sense to me as someone who plays both BDO and Aion. While i may be going off topic a bit the thing is tho for me the issue is the way you earn silver/kinah in both games is vastly different and that is the major issue. Like as i am typing this i am make 200m P/H crafting Valencia meals on the SEA server. The only way to get anywhere close to that equivalent in Aion is to do 4-6 accounts running at the time in luna before they removed luna. Which involved not actually playing the game. I was better off not playing Aion to progress then playing Aion and that is where the issues ste
  12. If it brings them enjoyment in the now who are we to complain. It will be sad when the game closes down for them but then again, We are all hear on a forum talking about a game that is doing very poor in our region to the point where bots probably outnumber actual players so it is also sad we still talk about and try to improve aion.
  13. No they are actual spenders. They spend because Aion is their life and they will have a very hard time if it ever shut down.
  14. That is what i am getting at, Those items being sold to players is a non factor it is the fact that people can not obtain them through playing which affects their sales. It is a serious problem when the closest thing to playing is waiting around for a good event to come along and give you items you need to catch up for free because they made an event better than it should of been. It is legitimately projected through their Earnings that the playable features drove their sales. The numbers in Aion is down world wide it is not simply an NA issue. Hell KR just announced they are m
  15. How it use to be is not how people remember it tho. People think Aion was a balanced game with no p2w when the reality is people were buying bloods for 50c ea from other players. They were buying 75+ enchant stones for $2 ea and buying AP from AP sellers to progress their character months faster than others. Since NCsoft are known for not caring about cheaters from their previous releases 1000s of players participated in buying items from other players thus making it p2w back then. The difference is people did not care about it much because the game was filled with playable features that
  16. I can agree but also disagree here, You can in classic pro-actively obtain your progression but people will be full 30 +10-15 PvP gear full green manastone socketed day 1 if not day 2 simply through payment options classic has to offer. There is no difference between the Aion of now and Aion classic in the aspect that p2w players will have an overwhelming advantage. The difference is in the amount of time it takes to achieve your end goal to lessen that p2w gap. Current Aion's achievable end game goal for the masses is hope an amazing event comes along or spend years to potentially n
  17. When classic if classic comes around you will realize WAIT A SECOND. sorcs can 1 shot people, Rangers can 2 shot people, Sins can 4 shot people in under 2 seconds. This is has always been the nature of Aion and the best mechanic for this has always been to group up. This is why the meta changed from time to time from a blender comp> 3 mage groups in to 2 cleric 1 chanter groups in to 2 temp 2 cleric 2 cc classes.
  18. Better late then never. If they do make a better patch in the future new/returning players will not have to suffer as current players suffered.
  19. https://aion.plaync.com/board/hotissue/view?articleId=1034544&viewMode=list&size=20 Looks like they adding a f2p way to obtain ultimate's in KR shortly.
  20. Not doing anything but complaining about it all the time is toxic. Actively participating in improving the situation is not toxic, Aion in its life time never had people wanting to improve the game aside from selfish desires. That is why Aion's community as a collective are toxic while other communities have proven that actually working as a community for the greater good has worked out time and time again but never in Aion's life span has there ever been a collective movement. Some facts are toxic but you have to accept them because they are facts. Example: Black people were once sold as
  21. You have no obligation other than your own addiction to stay around playing Aion, If NCsoft are not treating you how you want to be treated you can leave. It is a choice. Players are 100% of the problem 100% of the time because they are the ones spending they are the ones staying around keeping the game active and they are the ones addicted. NCsoft are doing what makes them money and it looks like ignoring their community makes them enough money to profit from Aion. Players become toxic because they get ignored and lied to but then those same players stay around for years constantly being
  22. Or maybe the community is just that toxic that it is not worth communicating with us. By the sounds of your comment i do think that it may be a community issue not a company issue.
  23. www.gitwrecked.com.au/edu/Aiondummies/spending/deadgame Population you!!! No sympathy for dummies that have been told time and time and time again not only of the state of Aion but also their purchase practices.
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