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  1. 20 hours ago, Kubei-DN said:

    No, it won't. If they refused to merge Danaria and Katalam due to their low population (300 max with both servers sometimes), I don't see why would they merge IS and SL.

    There is no cross server content here. That is why they probably do not merge kata/dana. In Classic there is no cross sever content, As far as i understand even dredge was not cross server.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Arazith said:

    Responding to entitled f2p players and trying to knock some sense into them isn't toxic. Saying that a game needs money to survive isn't toxic. Most players have just bought a sub, maybe the Daeva pass and a few candies or cosmetic items...we are tired of hearing people screaming about how the candies are going to ruin the game without actually saying how they will do that. There have been many who explain how it doesn't though. 

    Yea it is funny i actually had 2 people msg me today complaining that i subbed. These f2p players are actually the toxic ones.

  3. 1 minute ago, Guest yyy said:

    Still there is no1 with 1bil only trolls saying this. I think even the one who donate very much has maximum 200mil kinah. 200 mil is maybe 14 days of farm. What s 14 days in long term? nothing. In endgame those whales who buy candies have no skill and will always lose :) 

    Nice meme.

  4. The problem with candies may not actually just be candies themselves.


    The nerf to items sell price as well as the 1 million kinah limit is a direct result of adding candies in to the game.

    They ruined the players choice to play classic how they enjoy it. That is the biggest problem with candies. Now the best way to make money is to be a supplier for the candy sellers OR make level 10 alts and buy candies from them and vendor them every day.

  5. Just now, Guest guest said:

    only concern i have is actual f2p players get 0 kinah they can be potentially teleport locked in a place say sacntum if they run out of funds and if they are also bound there, with no way to be able to pay to get out.

    There is a repeatable you can do for kinah, i think it is 500 or 100 kinah at a time. I know this because i done it because i have been sanctum locked before LOL.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

    In Korea people took turns in killing mobs. I think melees will have the biggest trouble getting a kill.

    Maybe you were watching an RP stream because it was nothing like that on the server i played. + the respawn rate of mobs in the starting area was changed to accommodate the influx of players. You killed 1 mob by the time you killed 1-2 more the first one was back.

  7. 15 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    Silver medals are essential for getting the L30 and L40 AP gear.

    One of the man ways I use to get them 10 years ago, was to participate in fort sieges, and the leader of the siege would get everyone in the league to gather in Sanctum and be rewarded a medal.  Just in case the leaders don't want to do that anymore, what are other ways of getting silver medals?


    They only got the medals on a successful defence. Since it is 10 years later we may see a similar thing that happened in KR where no one bothered defending the forts for other guilds. Then again NA has been very big on guild alliances so we may have a different experience to what KR classic had.

    The fort defences i shown up to was always 1 guild vs the entire other faction because guilds in KR wanted their name on the fort so they just let it flip.

  8. 18 hours ago, Pipum-EK said:

    Not sure if someone already raised this question but.... How NCWest is going to deal with the massive amount of players that are going to do the same quests at the start?

    At the beginning, the hunt zones are very limited in term of mobs, to do some yellow quests in Poeta you have to kill kerubims, kobols, etc.

    How ncwest is going to deal with that? Is there any particular plan?


    Not sure if someone answered you already however in KR the respawn time of mobs was reduced + the non PvP area's had 10 channels.

  9. 1 minute ago, Ferk-DN said:

    The Fire Temple Key was first seen in Aion 1.5, we are not getting Aion 1.5 yet.

    Just asked friends who re-started in 1.5 and they did not have to grind a key either. There is no key grinding for FT, At least on the elyos side.

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