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  1. This is the entire elyos faction, The giver upperer faction.
  2. Did i miss what the results of that was? Where can i find the information on that survey please.
  3. If they are enforcing no repeats in SR they better be enforcing no AFK in dredge and ban people who afk in dredge like they use to.
  4. LOL you do understand that level 50 elyos are re-rolling to asmo right? Elyos are losing 50s not just gaining 50s.
  5. Or you could just re-roll on SL and be get to 50 then be geared faster than most elyos on the server and you can be the 6 full +15 geared asmo's vs PvE geared elyos The new instance looks cool can not wait to see some KR streams on it. If they have many players left other than bots that is.
  6. Honestly it is to late, Nothing you can do now. 70% of SL-E will be banned you want another very dead server.
  7. It is to late for SL-E to many quitting already.
  8. I hope people who exploited this will be getting banned like those who did the Unintended SR repeat.
  9. Tbh SL-E is only gonna get worse, Even more players have quit elyos to re-roll asmo and beyond that the elyos clearly have a divide and are not going to budge. It is what it is.
  10. Look i am not protecting the person i am Squid on the elyos side but from my experience fighting them at DC they have done none of that shady stuff we just saw in that video. I can attribute it to a bug off my personal experience vsing(zerging) them in the elyos mountains.
  11. It's ok i am just being a toxic human because i am on the forums and that is what we do when we are on the forums .
  12. So is showing up red on a DPS meter, You can reproduce anything so long as you use the programs to do so .
  13. That is what they all say. Those who show up red on the DPS meter say it is all false positives.
  14. Maybe asmo's see SR as a waste of time that is why they did not get banned.
  15. Not the same instance, If they were the same instance then they would share CD but they do not. It is a totally different issue. The problem here is people kept reporting SR at the exploit not the SR entry quest. The kinah exploiters were just abandoning the entry quest doing this over and over creating a new instance zone and the boxes were up again and again. Just because the instance itself is the same it is still a separate entity to the actual instance. In which it is clear after what kibblez has said NCwest think it is the hairpin repeatable that is the exploit in which it is n
  16. Kibbles i am going to make a video on this because you are not understand what the SR problem is. When i post it please watch it and understand that there is a big difference between the kinah exploit and simply walking in and out of an instance to do a quest multiple times per run. The problem which is the kinah exploit has nothing to do with Steel rake instance it has to do with the steel rake entry quest in which thankfully i have got a second level 40+ that i can do the quest on and show you.
  17. That is abuse of the report system not an SR bug then. That is something completely different.
  18. @Yuh-KTIf you want to improve your website it would be cool if you added a clip of their death's to their name.
  19. I left and entered SR 50 times today lets see if i get banned or not. To see if it is even an SR entry related ban.
  20. You see it is a known that what people call Whales fight back against the negativity with their wallet. This is a marketing strategy.
  21. Or you can just restart problem solved as well :D. They made more money from people restarting on siel server than those who would of paid for transfers.
  22. I would say i am surprised but this is Aion. If the past has taught me anything this game has just as many if not more cheaters than normal players to the point where why should the players care if the publisher does not care?
  23. This is their secret tactic to make people play IS. Time to re-roll team.
  24. Aion will continue to do well so long as their bots continue to subscribe in KR. Yet despite this as far as i remember 1 mobile game does better than all their PC titles.
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