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  1. You think more than 0.05% of players are going to pay $100-130 for 5 enchant stones and 6 manastones? 7k+ only if you get 100% success rate on enchanting every single item to +10 you upgrade your gear and more if you duel wield. That is per character btw and that is assuming we have same prices as KR. I dunno why people are saying you can reset the battle pass. Is there some video on this information? When i played no one talked about resetting the battle pass the only thing people did was exploit the crowns for the gifting system. What all the KR streamers that i watched did was buy
  2. Depends on the amount of players. I think like top 200-300 players or w/e it is get rewards. Killing 1 mob will not be enough.
  3. In classic if you want to gather but get bored of gathering and want to PvP you can do that because you will always find people around your gear level to pvp with/against. Aion retail appeals to those who want exclusive PvE experience till they can finally participate in PvP for 6+ months(excluding the battlefield event that is going on). They are 2 different games using the same combat systems.
  4. Yea i was not factoring in the players from other regions since it was not really a big deal in KR as such. IT does make sense that they may need more servers for the influx of players.
  5. So they did nothing then got ya.
  6. Is this directed at the person with 1 post? What has laughing done for the Aion community, Since i never knew of the name laughing till 6.0 i have no idea who it even is.
  7. That is not the primary reason, People left because they came for the WoW killer and got no PvE servers. When over 50% of initial player base does not want PvP people will leave. This is, in turn a marketing issue. This is why Aion classic will be known as a PvPvE game this time around players that can not stomach vsing elites will not play Aion classic. Personally i expect a maximum of 2 possibly 3 servers for Aion classic in the NA region due to exactly what you said and the fact people will not play. We just have to wait and see.
  8. To me that makes no sense, How is forcing everyone to sub permanently better than making a system where people can unsub when ever they want if they feel they will not need to spend on subscription every month? Like i get it if you were trying to be total f2p but lets be very clear for everyone. Aion classic will require you to have the subscription at some point. This is not an upfront f2p model it is actually the opposite it is a f2p when you feel like you accomplished enough model.
  9. Not entirely true, Anyone who wants to continue to earn kinah will need the pack of they will be leaving 60% of the items on the ground including godstones/rare designs and so on. There is many reasons to stay subbed if you want to keep progressing especially if you plan to stay around for future patches. Also for some reason people think some players are going to have BiS gear in like a month. Over 80% will still using 1-2 pieces PvP gear and mostly PvE gear after 5-6 months if not longer. However this timeline can drastically change if we get 1.5 from the get go and not 1.2 since w
  10. That makes me happy i rather like that because once you are at a point where your progression has hit its peak you can just unsub till 2.0 comes out.
  11. Fine if you want the story then i will tell you the story...It legitimately only has meaning to my friends and I. A friend was struggling for kinah so i was teaching them how to use crafting to their advantage with new players coming through the game and linked the item in guild chat. Another guildmember who was working on alchemy said they will only ever be an alchemist was seen at the tailoring table and the price of the materials for crafting the belt kept increasing. Then one day we asked him what they were doing at the tailoring table when all they will ever be is an alchemist. Turns
  12. Well there is a reason i remember the price of this item specifically because we got a guild story to go with it. Wont bore you with the story but that is how i remember its price to this day.
  13. I do not but i know how much crafted items sold for. There was a belt i use to craft with the super cheap boiling turquoise blood since every elyos had to do the quest they got a few and just whacked them up super cheap which was the bottleneck. This was one of the first things i tested after a friend got to high enough crafting level. Keep in mind tho i did only start at 1.9 so maybe there was a price change then or NA had specific regional changes to how much items sold for? Anyways the raging leather belt use to sell for 131k and on classic it sold for 35k or something like that.
  14. @Vinley-KT What can't go in the battle pass? 30%, 8% and 120 CRIT scrolls should not be offered on the battle pass quest rewards at all. Personally not 100% about the 120 crit scrolls but they do give the greater scrolls and they give greater recover potions and some normal potions as well. This tho is a non factor, I had to start being sparingly with my materials around level 35-40 and potions i ran out of long before even hitting 40. So from my experience on KR classic the materials you get from this will be a non factor. The first battle pass will offer 400 silver/gold/platinum
  15. Tbh the worst part about the teaser is even if anyone wants to talk about the NA classic teaser they will be forced in to downloading Aion retail just to talk about it which will be such a turn off for people.
  16. The more i look in to it. This is on the Aion website under games tab at the top. This is through the B&S tab. This is through the L2 tab. GW1 and 2 and fuser have nothing since they are not 100% NCwest i guess. It really does make me wonder now will Aion/L2 actually be close down announcement. Since they could be shutting down they see no need to update the websites. @KibbelzWanna give us some light on this <3. Or the rights to Aion/l2 has been sold to another publisher.
  17. I am desperate, I want to play a fun version of Aion not a version of Aion where you afk 80% of the game/content and be rewarded for it . I feel no shame when admitting that i want classic Aion in the NA region, So what your point?
  18. Pretty sure 2.0 is going to be announced shortly TBH, Since all the issues with AP and that and the rewards from the 200 day event stuff chances are they are going to speed progression along so they can release 2.0. This is just a total stab in the dark tho.
  19. The poor guy/girl/+ is very desperate indeed. However they could be right at the same time it may actually be Aion shutting down. I could of sworn Aion use to show up on their https://us.ncsoft.com/en-gb page.
  20. https://aion.plaync.com/update/history/2020/201028_classic That was the promotional post for Classic in KR that time clock. Looks to me like NA is getting classic. Unless this is something i never heard/experienced i think people are getting it incorrect. People bought the 90 subscription when i was playing and gifted it to themselves giving them 3 major crowns every time. The battlepass was something different If you wanted to unlock all the good prizes you need to pay $30ish(forgot how much KR paid for it since i needed to get it through 3rd part website). However on top of
  21. Not saying that it has not changed now but from my experience helping 20+ players with this issue it has been 100% human error every time. There are 2 different traps in your quest inventory(or maybe it was the normal inventory i forget exactly). Players end up trying to use the wrong trap at the wrong area so it does not work. @Jihunif you are still having issues press every item in your quest inventory and it should work.
  22. The reason this game lost 1000s at release was because it came out with no PvE servers. The forums were flooded with 100s of unique threads with 1000s of responses asking for PvE servers. However it did allow those who loved PvPvE content to thrive with-in the player base that was left. back on topic - I am a huge fan of open world PvP but there has to be a meaning to it. Adding an event so people with gear can farm those w/o gear is pointless. You need content worth working towards to create and separate the community all over the Aion world for open world PvP to be successful. Exam
  23. They will never care it is not their job to care about their players despite one of their career mottos being. However i only replied to let you know that having payments in games is not treating players poorly. We are consumers after all not people who want everything for free. To top it off let me explain something about how little they care tho. Recently banned in KR classic. However when you look at the live server news they did no enforcement in which there are 100s of bots running around. The reason for that ban is because players are leaving classic(all be
  24. It would take more effort to make a trading day possible than it does just making all items simply account tradeable. Also if you can trade 1 day a month that would be the same as trading any day people would simply be forced to play on that day they can trade items.
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