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  1. How will it anger people. Giving people back items that they worked for so they can at very least get w/e they want from the boxes? You did not work to try and get an egg transfer...You sent in a ticket to support and support said no we will no longer do that. That legitimately has nothing to do with getting the items back that got deleted. How many people have +15 free paragon gear right now in the game? My small brain does not understand what you are trying to point out here. Are you just a super salty gamer who is salty that poor wittle NC said no to your egg transfer? Please
  2. Lots of people will be happy with this.
  3. I am rather interested as to why the GM called themselves XXXXX.
  4. Decent change. Nothing like active gameplay progression.
  5. It is obvious according to their career promotions that they do care about the players. If you gonna quit do it because it clearly says they care.
  6. An old topic on the information you are looking for. Someone who knows more about paragon gear could probably answer this better than i could tho. If you could get a high paragon enchanted shield chances are block could be fairly viable but i am not 100% if you even get increased block on the enchant since i know nothing about paragon.
  7. By the way you are typing it does not sound like you are AFK. This being the case if you start now grab 5 at a time or something you can easily get through all your boxes by the time maintenance comes around.
  8. Think of this store update not as a lets get items for my character but more an investment for the servers to stay open .
  9. The panda transformation is lore based?
  10. The battlefield event seems pretty good. Altho what we can buy does seem worse than RU servers which is kinda a bummer overall hopefully it promotes PvP.
  11. The difference between fighting for the next step and fighting against this paragon/ and w/e they obtained is different. You had cheaters/paying players/ legit players/ casual players that just log in every 2-3 days all upset with this. It affected everyone when they were killed by someone with a high enchanted paragon weapon. Lets use 3rd party programs as an example: Cheaters are not going to fight for your side if you are trying to ban their players. Paying players can often always beat cheaters who use 3rd party programs so they are not going to bother with joining the fight agai
  12. I voted yes and my details is always open as well.
  13. Congrats on getting unbanned, While it did not happen through the ticket like i assumed it would it does seem kibbo was on top of it. Turns out you were telling the truth, My bad.
  14. They would spend more money but they would be buying the new char's from other players not from NCsoft.
  15. @Forthyn-KTAfter reading what you wrote and re-reading the letter itself, I think it makes sense why i recall it the way i do. Since i actively avoided FB groups i only re-call the aftermath that happened on the forums. Reading what you said here more than likely ended up putting both you and saty in to a position where your letter to the developers was probably rushed on to the forums at that point. Either way reading through it i still am genuinely confused as to why even have a memory like this after re-reading the letter. It contained solid relevant information that covered point
  16. You should be able to download old versions of window's on to a usb and install from the usb. I think you may be able to find them on the microsoft website. You may also need your product ID that came with windows. If you got a virtual version of windows you may need to figure out how to get your product key. However do this at your own risk i have no idea how to install windows off a usb, I am assuming it is pretty straight forward but just in-case if you are not computer savvy look in to how to do it first.
  17. Have you looked in Services to see if it is still open there after you try to launch it for the first time and it bugs out? This could be a potential fix. It mite not show up in here.
  18. Event Duration: January 13 – January 27 < eye event time period. You are saying people decided to hold out to buy/sell +7 gear till the last 1-2 weeks in which again the OP knew about the exploit going off his previous posts. People who buy an item knowing that the item can currently be exploited in some way are asking to get banned. Like i said they will more than likely get unbanned they just have to keep in-contact with them till the investigation is over and sort out how they got it. You are blindly trusting someone who has not told the whole story, For all we kno
  19. They say that to everyone while an investigation is on-going, I went through it. Yet they unbanned me because i was innocent. Also you do not even know if this person is telling the truth. If you look at his previous posts especially the one on the 22nd he clearly knew about the paragon exploit prior to buying the paragon item that got listed. Seems pretty Sus to me knowing about a potential exploit but still buying an item that would never be listed on the broker.
  20. This is the response they want from you. Even if they do hack knowing what we know about ncwest and there lack of enforcement you are just fuelling their enjoyment because first and foremost they hack to upset people. Do not bother being triggered over something you can not control.
  21. Well now we know they are doing the right thing and banning all that bought them from the broker. That is one positive that came out of this considering people have always used it as a way to exploit and feed themselves items they got through exploits and played possum. One thing i have learnt from my time playing Aion is if it looks like cheating/exploiting it probably is cheating/exploiting. I have met so many who try and exploit a little(EC exploit best example) Thinking they will not get banned if they do just enough to get an advantage but not quiet enough to make yourself look sus.
  22. What was the damage formula's change intended for? To change how the gear works. It was not made for the new skills it was not made for stigma's it was made specifically for the new gear change that came with 6.0. In which again it sounds like you never had legendary gear since 5.X release because you had 12-15k magic attack or w/e it was with purple gear on and some classes like ranger/glad and so on that had good attack modifiers could get higher. Ok then lets say your clone had full +15 legendary gear and you had full +0 ultimate and you dueled 50,000 times who would win? Th
  23. You are looking purely at the stats of items not looking at the viable option of outdated gear. Answer me this, If you had full red gear and a clone of you had half yellow half purple gear with a red weapon who would win and what % would that win rate be if we had 50,000 duels? This is what invalidation of gear is. This is why i need to quote myself I did S rank DP in 30E that gear and was always top dps(note we had no sorcs) a timed instance in which you have to have decent dps to complete or the boss despawned or to many adds came out i forget which one now. I did Stor
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