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  1. IS-E is just a disgrace. They do not even need excuses they just own that disgrace.
  2. No way, I want classic and retail far apart from each other forever. No one i know that is playing classic will ever go back to play retail ever because retail is a joke.
  3. It does but as kibblez has mentioned many people can not see the difference between multiboxers and botters. It is obvious to NCsoft that these multiboxers have not slept 1ce since the servers went live a month ago and that is normal behaviour for humans according to NCsoft.
  4. This has been aion for many a year now. You accept it or quit those are the 2 options. Expecting a company to deal with them when they do not hire people to deal with cheaters is pointless.
  5. Ever heard of multiboxing?
  6. You kill the towers they give you contribution if no one shows up. No one is obligated to show up and get dominated tho.
  7. I hope this is not passive aggressive sarcasm because what he does is good. I just read it like you were trying that passive aggressive approach.
  8. Thank you asmo's for the free fort tonight we really needed a foothold in the abyss.
  9. Yea exactly, What forth does is good it shows numbers are far closer than you think it is just a bit of the elyos playstyles. Example: I would say 60-70% of the clerics i have met are DPS clerics, Worried about contribution before actually capping a fort. You can sit down next to the healers and pot/heal up w/o getting a heal. There is far more than this going on as well. As an example: I counted those who were afk one siege in reshanta/doing the lower fort repeats(because asmos are pre-occupied) and we had 118 elyos in reshanta not participating in siege many of which were 40+. The
  10. Yes but they are not using that revenue to ban hackers/bots which is against ToS. Why should players care if they do not uphold their own ToS?
  11. Eh, Candies already injected more kinah in to the game.
  12. Merge or paid transfers, Either way people will be bringing medals over to sell for kinah so they can RMT them off.
  13. Why do elyos even need forts? They are getting 10s of 1000s of medals from IS when it gets merged in to the server. Beyond that the instances will have portals for the losing faction so they can still do the instances. Other than morphs there is no reason to contest forts at all. Elyos are better off getting a PvP buff since their entire faction seems to be solo orientated gamers.
  14. So long as SL players do not lose their names to Isra server players merge away
  15. Why would they do that when people are willing to pay for 30 day pets.
  16. If you are talking about those WoW speed boot things then no you can not get any of that. The idea of the slow travel is so PvP can happen anywhere at any time. The moment you get mounts PvP ceases to exist in open world because everyone can run away at the same speed.
  17. Nah they did not show up because of the agreement with specific people on the asmo side. In which was a trust issue the elyos should of never put in the other faction.
  18. Why were the elyos not showing up tho? This is a very important piece of information. Due to being to trusting that is why. Now many elyos would rather the PvP buff over showing up to siege so it is going to be the same way in SL soon enough.
  19. The FPS in that trailer is like 10 in some spots bad performance will not out do WoW.
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