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  1. Yes but NCwest is making an effort to prevent people from playing NCsoft games as intended so you see the problem here.
  2. Playing on EK when it first released this was also an issue. The only way i obtained my healing stigmas in under a month was to make new cleric and do crui spire/mirash till i got the healing stigmas. Fortunately i got lucky and it only took 1 reset to obtain them. The other way is to simply just grind in open world it should not take to long. Also do not fool for the broker price of stigma stones. You can buy stigma boxes for 4-6m from these events and it is a choice box as you can choose the item you want. I have made 700m selling benevolence/other healing stigma's to those who either a
  3. I am basing this off the new player experience here not the existing player experience simply because existing players will always have it better as they should. Not sure how much you know about BDO so i will try not to make it a lengthy post to go in to full detail. A new player in BDO will be met with x2 pets $10 ea and if they are lucky a 3rd pet from the daily attendance reward if they started on the 3rd month, 2 maids $10 ea, 3x 7 day value packs(prestige pack of BDO) as well a coupon for 50%(mite be less now tho not 100% on this one) off your first value pack as
  4. TBH i learnt over my time playing both Aion and BDO that those who complain about p2w will never pay simply because they like the subscription model better. These are the players that can afford a monthly sub but refuse to put that $15 a month in to a cash shop simply because its a cash shop and not a subscription. You can not simply just make things cheaper and players will start paying. There will always be a reason why people will not avoid spending on X or Y game. It is like how many players spend nothing simply because other players can spend more then them. Cheap would however allow
  5. I thought they said this will make the process more automated. The faction buff balances the factions anyway remember LEL.
  6. So glad i was not the only person who noticed this. I was like did i miss something and you can name yourself random numbers now.
  7. I dunno about you but a discussion has 2 sides to it and information being said will overlap due to their really being not much to discuss in this situation. I am cementing the personal experiences as an elyos that asmo's zerg as well and the best way to deal with that is to group up and a good way to deal with said zergs is to group up. All your replies are trying to Flex 1v1, Your not someone who PvPs because you do not 1v1 in open world gear based game and my personal favorite Elyos zerg but asmos do not when they attack an elyos in 3 separate groups that is just a pre-made . Other th
  8. That moment when you run out of cool things to say so you start saying kid and 1v1 me bru . If your constantly being killed 3v1 5v1 and can not complete your quest then that is just stupidity to stay solo at that point. If you spend 2 hours only running in to groups of 3-5+ then OFC i am going to group up. This is at 5am you know the time you said asmo's are never on...OMEGALUL. Before you go that is a PREMADE group and get triggered again i am talking about when you see 2-3 asmos farming you get attacked by a 3rd or 4th then the other 3 converge on you and attack you now they know that
  9. May i ask not that it changes anything but are you talking about ancient or legendary or ultimate or world boss? If you are talking about ancient i would advise you to just buy the genesis crystal PvE weapon. This does not fix the issue of ninja looting it does allow you to get a weapon that is decent compared to the lakrum protector item. If it is legendary or higher i genuinely feel for you there.
  10. Why else do you think they added Borunerk’s Coin in to the game .
  11. T-T-Triple triggered CRITICAL HIT. You think because 1v1 is the way of the private server you came from <------ random guess probably wrong but i will make assumptions anyway because all your posts are just your own assumptions. I spent plenty of time completing my daily quests solo as well as in groups if i need to group up. Its not the games fault or the communities fault that you can not 3v1 like other Assassins could on the server. All in all what i am getting is your not a PvPer either your a Flex player that thinks 1v1 = the only style of PvP style if you do not 1v1 you can
  12. Since your clearly Triggered to the point where you want to rip your hair out. Let me give you a better opinion then that suits your salty attitude. I go out SOLO <----- as an ELYOS only to die to groups of 3+ ASMOS all the time. 5-8+ times per HOUR at the minimum. My experience as an ELYOS playing SOLO is the exact same...well maybe not the EXACT but it is very similar. This happens mostly at that 5AM TIME PERIOD you said ASMOS do not PLAY. If you think ELYOS playing SOLO do not also get killed by GROUPS of asmos all the time. This thread is an opinion on the ASMO ELYOS S
  13. I only got back to the game when 6.X released i have no idea who these "pro" players are on the elyos side. I never see high ranks pinging asmo location if that is what you mean its mostly legion-less people pinging like i said. Start taking some SS's and post it here so everyone can know who you think are the "pro" elyos on the server. Do you understand what someone who is an open world player is about? I am going to inform you because that is the type of player i am. We farm locations and stay there for a long period of time. Sometimes we roam around and just graze mobs if y
  14. It really is not as complicated as they make it out to be tho. Take the way they delivered the last two events to us that essentially have the same items are quiet different. Fruit Harvest Vinna(rare item added to the cash shop however i assume it was an unintended mistake on their part to have these that rare compared to figs and decided to cash in on it). Figs the original cash shop items 20 BC coin for those who did not want to spam instances on Alts to get 100s Pineapple really common Rubus really common Broken heart L Common O Common V Some wha
  15. From now till about 10am server time is the time i play the most so i think i would know more about what happens at 5am than someone who is more then likely sleeping. <--- Total assumption btw you may actually be up right now.
  16. Often in Aion a better player = better gear. Nothing more nothing less. When it takes 1 player 70 hits to kill someone only to have them heal from 1 mob back to full they have 0 chance to win. If those under geared players group up to kill a player who can easily 6v1 people with that gear then i see no problem with that. Hell i am literal free AP for laughing when ever we come across him in open world because he can pop me in a few seconds. especially if he has his DP on. Let me rephrase that being in half PvE/PvP gear i am literal free ap for anyone who hits me that has an ultimate weapon.
  17. PvE is never about the now its about the future they progress to get ready for the next patch endlessly. They are gearing up to participate in future content. Atleast PvErs are not going +15 gear to not do instances they are just trying to make their content faster. PvPers in Aion on the other hand dodge their own content so they can get gains to dodge later on to continue getting gains. Chasing ranks chasing gear is endless. Now not everyone does this but i would say their is a large chunk doing this just because others are doing this. The Arena stuff is a great example of this.
  18. Why did they quit Aion in the first place. I know more people who quit over the way NCwest lacks the ability to run their own servers then i did know who quit over crappy content that came after EBonline. I feel your only thinking of the good times and not the times where 60-80% of the players you run in to are astronaut's if ya get my drift.
  19. Players kill servers not servers. If you do not have enough players which a classic server would not then there is 0 point in releasing one.
  20. Do you buy E's? Then what is your problem? Do you not buy E"s. Well the chance to get one is lower then the chance to get a vinna. 82 boxes opened 0 E's. You probably would of only gotten 1 or 2 anyways.
  21. This is another issue tho. What may not be valuable to you may be valuable to others. Lets say they added Tea of Repose personally i would love if the worst reward we got was x5 or x10 tea of repose. However many players would consider this a useless reward because they got compensated with legitimate 1000s. I know people who have over 8000 Tea of repose due to compensation rewards, These players would complain that they do not need these as they are finding it hard enough to use all theirs up in the first place. This is just me giving an example of what you may consider useless but
  22. To be honest it is just insulting at this point. They come out with a producers letter saying how they want events to enhance the core gameplay of Aion not take it over so they give rewards like major minion contracts/shards. This means they genuinely believe that getting/paying for these rewards are enhancing the core game play of Aion.
  23. You are so getting banned because i doubt anyone gonna answer you so your going to have to spam. Just out of curiosity tho what is your response after you get zerged or die to a player/group? Do you go P2W zerg baddie bad or do you ask LFG ask your friends to come out and wreck some scrubs that can only 3v1? It is an MMORPG after all. As for your whole ely walks 3m to get help i never get help i die all the time alone and afraid.
  24. Biggest mistake: Not giving NCwest enough freedom to adapt the game to our region and or NCwest not bothering with the freedom they do have. Biggest OK: Its Aion. I really have 0 issues compared to others.
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