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  1. There is no cross server content here. That is why they probably do not merge kata/dana. In Classic there is no cross sever content, As far as i understand even dredge was not cross server.
  2. Yea i would love to buy a permanent one considering there will be one for free in 2.0 anyways.
  3. Yea it is funny i actually had 2 people msg me today complaining that i subbed. These f2p players are actually the toxic ones.
  4. The problem with candies may not actually just be candies themselves. The nerf to items sell price as well as the 1 million kinah limit is a direct result of adding candies in to the game. They ruined the players choice to play classic how they enjoy it. That is the biggest problem with candies. Now the best way to make money is to be a supplier for the candy sellers OR make level 10 alts and buy candies from them and vendor them every day.
  5. You have to own a fort to get it.
  6. Welcome to the Oceanic playerbase problem. You have to quit work or work nightshift only if you want to make siege from Australia.
  7. There is a repeatable you can do for kinah, i think it is 500 or 100 kinah at a time. I know this because i done it because i have been sanctum locked before LOL.
  8. I doubt it is exit lag, Logged in from South Australia not banned. Unless it is unique to WA
  9. Yes you should be fine to use it.
  10. I had to go to youtube to play the login-screen music. I was very sad when the wrong song started up.
  11. Maybe you were watching an RP stream because it was nothing like that on the server i played. + the respawn rate of mobs in the starting area was changed to accommodate the influx of players. You killed 1 mob by the time you killed 1-2 more the first one was back.
  12. Feels good getting Squid back for the first time since the Nezekan>w/e server it was merge.
  13. I think so long as the created characters are with-in 1000 it is still with-in a balanced state. The reason for this is you are going to have EU/OCE/SEA players all who will probably not make it to siege on both sides.
  14. I did not think elyos blocked off asmo names and vice versa tho.
  15. Just hold out you got an entire week, I understand the name issue tho but if the faction is locked no one can create a character with that name anyways.
  16. They only got the medals on a successful defence. Since it is 10 years later we may see a similar thing that happened in KR where no one bothered defending the forts for other guilds. Then again NA has been very big on guild alliances so we may have a different experience to what KR classic had. The fort defences i shown up to was always 1 guild vs the entire other faction because guilds in KR wanted their name on the fort so they just let it flip.
  17. The coin quests were non in KR repeatable.
  18. Not sure if someone answered you already however in KR the respawn time of mobs was reduced + the non PvP area's had 10 channels.
  19. Yea pretty sure Siel will have a big oceanic/SEA region playerbase.
  20. @Kibbelz Are we going to have some sort of bot control or will it be like this in the NA region as well? The entire games eco system is nearly wiped out due to the overwhelming number of bots.
  21. I hope your first order of business is to camp the arena so no one can get to the quest done to get to the abyss LOL.
  22. Just asked friends who re-started in 1.5 and they did not have to grind a key either. There is no key grinding for FT, At least on the elyos side.
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