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  1. Even tho i have probably answered differently in the past i would have to say i have no favorite patch. I have great memories from 1.x,2.x,3.x,4.x and even 6.x(just nostalgic pvp tho). 5.x is a bit um...i was burnt out at the time 5.x released so i saw no fun in that patch.
  2. What does +15 PvE gear do against another player? Do you even get extra stats from enchanting now other then the new pve atk/def?
  3. Unfortunately for PvEr's there is no reason to play Aion its core has stayed true being a PvPvE game where the enemy faction can halt your progression. Aion never released a PvE server because they wanted to stay true to its core it seems. This was one of the biggest killers for this game as mmo's are primarily made up of PvErs. I can remember when i started playing people were quitting in the 100s due to people ganking them at FT. To me that was the best part of Aion and i am glad they kept this feature so many years later.
  4. server + timezone makes a big difference however this being said you see lots of CoE runs but not much of anything else.
  5. Another thing is power shards they now increase healing by a substantial amount. You also have to think about what candy you are using as well due to the loss of cast speed and what not. That can really make you feel like you are falling behind.
  6. Notice how all of them had transparent transformation scrolls on except the last guy jumping on the piano.
  7. Flash sales with red PvP stones will make you all happy wait till a new years flash sale and your good. Nothing left to complain about.
  8. Talking about luna are we meant to be able to AFK and get S rank in the daily instance again?
  9. How do they get out of an instant fear followed up by my group with another fear if we do not kill them in the instant fear?
  10. Just do what everyone who has no gear has been doing since 4.X. Pass instances till you get a pop on your alts. Everyone is already doing that for them easy wins.
  11. What is the broker fee issue? Is it costing more to list items then you make from items?
  12. PvPing in open world and wrecking new players is fine. Usually it is the actions that come along with PvP players that ruin the experience for a new player. The first issue is we live in a care-bear society now days where the general old school PvP banter is to harsh for the newer players to endure and often quit over words that were probably intended for the other people in the group. The second which is actually the bigger issue. People not playing the game as intended. Lets say you know someone on the other faction and you see them fighting a 3v10 are you going to jump in and k
  13. The substance of the post is not the issue it is who it is coming from. A brand new poster to the forums who is either a new/returning user says. "I mean look at EU, they're stuffed... vast majority are eternally stuck on ancients, not very welcoming for new/returning players" To know the vast majority is stuck on ancients you have to play EU or you are just making assumptions based off the people who are having bad luck and posting about it. Even still i doubt a new/returning player would be like how is EU handling this patch. Its a fear mongering post trying to get people to not wo
  14. First post on forums trying to scare people away from playing. I love Aion's community this salt is only 2nd to Arks Salt .
  15. No it is because of the people that we refer to as Sultans in the SEA region and Whales in the West. 3 of these players are worth more then 5000 base paying players(subscription fee). Unbeatable talks about how he put $800 in 2 weeks well the SEA region for BDO has been out for 6 months now i think it is and there are multiple players that have put over $150,000 in to the company. This does not include the price for piloting and accounts bought for upgrades. This is why the f2p has become so popular for developers. Keeping 10 players per region happy who are willing to put $150,000 per y
  16. I think it is obvious that they are not going for new players. As a returning player myself from early 5.X we had inflated Kinah prices back then do not forget. 1 You could get 350m for a purple drop back then and what 700m for wings i think it was. Actually wings may of been over 1 billion. Anyways the point i am trying to make is the returning players may or may not have all their kinah still from when they quit way back when.
  17. How many gold bars am i getting . Less then most i would assume.
  18. Is that box that gave lots of manastones around in 6.X and does anyone know what you get from it? Or Are they removing it from the instance?
  19. A new server is good if it is untouched by the entirety of the game however many people do not factor in cross server unless they are taking that out people are still going to have an overwhelming advantage as older players will take turns feeding each other items from instances and what ever else cross server allows. As someone who wants a new server NCwest is incapable of providing the utensils that we need for a new server.
  20. Make 2 accounts then put them make a character on both factions for both servers and see who friends you. Once you got friends stay with them and play that server :D.
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