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  1. What happens to my +7 event belt from way back in the day. The one from the instance where you get the red/blue wings. Do i get something cool for that as well? Edit: Nvm i forgot it is only a level 65 item.
  2. I personally believe a new server is the better choice. However i am not talking about a permanent server here tho i believe a server with a timer(2 months) would be perfect for what Aion is in need of at this point in time. This gives the new players(if any) and returning players a platform where they can get use to the game again while not giving the current active players any incentive to re-roll on to the new server in fear it may be the better one to play on.
  3. http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2919 http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2921 http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2922 http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2918 http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2917 That is a large amount of ban's despite majority of them being bots there is a large amount of actual players in the mix as well.
  4. Shadow play works. At the very least desktop capture still works. This is not automatically set to ON function anymore if you go settings>general>IN-GAME overlay>Privacy settings then turn on desktop capture. Note: Mine is not called shadowplay anymore it is called in-game overlay so if you still have one called shadow play maybe update your g-force experience to the later model.
  5. I am probably wrong with what i am about to say but it is worth a look in to. I thought they moved the entire blue rose set from w/e it was to the 3 man steel rake instances? Again probably wrong but worth looking in to it.
  6. You can call it awful all you like but it is obvious that Xigncode is good at catching 1 thing in-particular but 3 of the biggest problems in lots of games. This was made clear from the recent bans people are receiving in BDO 1) Same path identification. 2) movement speed hacks. 3) skill CD hacks. BDO is proof that the 3 things above can be caught with Xigncode. Go read up on BDO news/join the community discords and you will find out how well Xigncode works for these 3 things. To me it comes down to the company and the way they are choosing to use the information.
  7. As always the devs continue to buff the game around group play not solo play. Plebs who want 1v1 should just stay on private servers.
  8. Miragents is a myth Hot heart of magic does not exist anyone who claims to of owned one is lying to us can confirm never got Hot hear of magic. Kidding OFC but as you can tell i failed my hot heart proc many a times. Edit: nyerk it now you got me feeling all nostalgic haha.
  9. I think it all depends on what angle you are looking at it from. For me 6.0 is a very successful major patch regardless of if the game decreases or increases in numbers. I feel that when the company going in to designing 4.0 they had a large player base so choosing many maps was the correct choice. However with 6.0 all regions are coming off server mergers and struggling with player base they really had no idea if any players would place their trust in the company again. This would of heavily affected their decision on how many maps they would choose to make. 1 map to make the game
  10. It is not that strange. TW is actually owned by NCsoft not published by another company so it makes sense they are getting it at 6.0 and publishers at a later date. This allows NCsoft editions of the game to be released before other regions.
  11. Promised? I feel ncwest would never use the promise word.
  12. Does any other region besides NA have such a bad website? Also i can not read the new event what is it a faction v faction cash shop war?
  13. The one thing i made sure to do the day 6.0 came out was see what gear people were getting. They went from w/e gear they had straight in to +10 or +15 purple gear which only needed to be made red and enchanted to +15 which many of the old server players did in less then 2 weeks. This could only of been capable due to the current gear they had as it took months for the new servers to catch up to that gear level. My speculation is that older players genuinely felt screwed over because people with godstones were still winning against them in new gear until they upgraded to the new Red gear.
  14. It is hard to say. Many people will have a different perspective depending on whether you have friends to play with or not. I logged in for the first time since merge week and i would say the player base is down 2/3s of what it was after the merge for KT-Elyos. This also may mean that majority of the people that still play put them selves on invisible so you can not find them. If you check the group finder 5-16 groups at 1 time going looking for event groups. At the least the event seems very active.
  15. I think it is a new issue with the patcher/windows 10s most recent update. I reinstalled my computer and was re-installing Aion and i get the same issue.
  16. I did say that I agree with him and I put it in my top 10 reasons why I have issues with Aion. I was just merely saying that he was the only other person I have heard of that quit because of "cute" chibi characters and funky mount. I was just letting him know other then me he is the only other person I know that knows people that quit Aion for that reason.
  17. It had great weight in the reason you quit. Personally I understand why you put it down as a reason that being that you remove seriousness from the game to me that makes sense because I hate the candies and other things as well not to the point where I hated the game and I could not play it but it was in the top 10 issues I had with the game. However with this being said you are the only other person I have heard of that would potentially quit over something so trivial like that. I mean there are so many other reasons to quit a game before cuteness.
  18. That is why I was saying its more of an indication of a games interest level. You really have no other info because companies do not give out daily player base like steam does. However what you can get from that information is that when and if an update happens in Wildstar 20,000+ people will probably see or hear about it from friends while Aion has 3k people that will hear about it. This to me is why Aion is truly dying/ not having people returning out of interest from a new update. Other games have many people quit only to return 3-6 months later however with Aion that does not seem to
  19. Interesting fact if you go to https://www.reddit.com/r/MMORPG/ and check the right hand side you can see a general interest in an MMORPG. Aion: 3.3k subscribers B&S: 29.2k subscribers GW1: 10k GW2: 173k Linage2: 1.3k Wildstar: 27.8k This is not an indicator of how active X or Y game is but it does show the interest in the game its self. It just surprises me that Wildstar actually has quiet a big interest in it considering everyone says Aion will never shut down and Wildstar will be first.
  20. As long as 6.0 release event does not get skipped i can not see why it would be a bad thing to release a later patch. I only open world PvPed in KR and was doing lots of the event. The event was kill a shugo you did 1 damage took like 10-15 hits i think it was and you could get up to 3 stigma(choice) boxes off it. The ability to farm all the stigmas you needed was amazing.
  21. I understand that before i even posted the SS someone could of tried to frame you. However you see it with CS:GO first time cheaters all the time they think they have to use there IGN or Steam name on these websites. Check their accounts in the next 2-3 days Vac ban then they are on the steam forums complaining they did nothing wrong. Players who are pissed off with a company for what ever reason refuse to put money in to it, These players still want to stay competitive and resort to the first time cheater syndrome mistakes. At the end of the day regardless of whether this is you or is n
  22. Are we finally going to see an NA community get together? Can you put aside you hatred for other factions/higher ranks then you? Can you put aside your hatred for people who can spend more money then you? Can you put aside your hatred towards cheaters? All these things need to be done make a community Discord actually work and be successful. I do not want to mention this game but BDO has made a round table discord where they voted a select few people of the community in as the representatives who will speak to Kakao games. These people are not ones who will just yel
  23. http://aion.plaync.com/events/2018/180221_delivery?keywd=AO_delivery_1920x640_20180221&logger_kw=AO_delivery_1920x640_20180221&source=logger_kw&_C_=3746 Anyone speak Kr translate this looks to me like they put the enchantment stones through quna or w/e its called.
  24. I was not directing it at you like you were a cheater sorry if you took it that way probably the ? at the end of the statements. Also you can not check Ncsofts logs as they are collected sever side :D. I did cherry pick that part of what you were saying just to give an example of what may or may not be happening right now i was not really posting to answer what you said as it was directed at someone else :D. @Aly-DN It may be a very fun time to be on the forums
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