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  1. I guess in a way i actually just agreed with you just from a different perspective.
  2. Where to start @Rinkusan-KT I think it is very interesting seeing where people think the issues lay as a competitive player and i feel there is no better person than myself to give you an answer as Wings of Divinity was a guild full of casuals. This guild had 90-110 active casuals and about 4-8 players who. A fair few of our players were so casual that they had to use Facebook to communicate when they were going to be home since they only had 45 minutes to play during weekdays. This meant us who were a bit more time got the groups organized for them so as soon as they got home we ran IS/DR a
  3. Honestly i think new players are more overwhelmed then people think with the amount of content in the game sure a lot of the content is just enhancing items but that seems normal for an MMO from my experience. - PvE Weapon/gear/accessories - Enhancing gear - Socketing gear with decent stones - Plume - Bracelet - Essence Cores - Leveling - PvP gear - Socketing PvP gear - PvP accessory enchanting - Obtaining stigmas - Enchanting stigmas - Making alt army for events/ experiencing other classes. You have to remember new p
  4. Honestly it really depends who you ask. Some will say the game is thriving after merge others will say dead game is dead. To be more helpful there is a large amount that you can do to keep your self busy so if that is what you are after then sure the game has that :D.
  5. Well there was no compensation for us who suffered a whole 1 hour of not playing. Maybe they could just max out all trees as compensation :D. KAPPA!!!
  6. Yea would be cool. I know it helped Black Desert a large amount talking and actually listening to the community.
  7. Unfortunately they will have to run the change by NCsoft first. Maybe next years event will have a back ground like you ask
  8. Went to black desert online website their Ncoin equivalent is still max price. Seems to me that it is common practice not to lower the price of online currency and just lower the price of items on the cash shop.
  9. Its very hard to explain with out getting the thread shut down for calling people out. There is just no way to make you really understand how easy it was to catch someone doing it. In-fact you could tell just by watching the daily GP gain. Every second day the cheaters who had 2 or 3 fortresses were jumping was the daily GP turn in limit above the other people on the ranking. Why? Because you simply could not make enough AP every day to do Max turn ins every day. Just out of Curiosity how many level 75's did you see running around in the free 55 hand out gear that you reporte
  10. I have a question - Do you think they randomly banned level 75's? My answer is No they would of checked logs first. Fallen poeta Log Enters instance 12:03:23 - Xp gained 2,090,090,098 12:04:32 - Xp gained 2,090,090,098 Leaves instance Krotan instance Enters instance 01:02:22 - Statue killed gained 7500 Abyss points 01:03:04 - Statue Killed gained 7500 Abyss points 01:03:59 - Abyss box opened Acquired X box 01:04:40 - Statue Killed Gained 7500 Abyss points. Leaves Instance 6 man Krotan Instance run Enters
  11. Merges do not happen because the clients are happy with the companies product. It happens because the clients are dissatisfied with the direction the company is taking the product. The other reason this product is dying is simply because the company is running a shady business. Example time: Lets talk about how the company used cheaters to boost sales. Recently, You all know about the Fallen Poeta issue's where people were cheating to gain easy levels by killing a mob in the instance that gave lots of XP. What paying clients took away from this is that the company can catch pe
  12. I think i agree with you to a degree but unfortunately the community are to bent on buying from bot services rather then supporting the company. This is how they get the money out of the people who buy kinah from bot services.
  13. This logic is why you camp the broker and buy the item for 1m and re list it for 999,999,998 :).
  14. It is funny how people think about these issues. I do agree that people should be nicer to the community devs as they more then likely are just a vessel for information and only when the Higher ups open the lid is the information allow out. However look at the movement in BDO right now. They wasted 10,000s of thousands of dollars in all regions with people upgrading gear that is actually very average. BDO first was starting to take legal action on the person who Data mined this information. The company felt like they were robbed at first and put out a bit of a letter to the communi
  15. 1) Botting is allowed. 2) Nccoin buying is preferable to stop your account from being perma banned. 3) Hacking is just game knowledge and is allowed. On a seriouse note what does it say someone plz translate.
  16. Do not worry Aion still has 1 more server merge in it before it gets to shut down stage :D.
  17. ' Here we go finally made the GP i am now 521 so that means merging SL with BR brought in a total of 50 people higher rank then me who are actively seeking GP. I guess i would have to say that visually this looks bad IMO. In my first post i thought that is was visually populated however i did not know the new GP system.
  18. Thank you for the in-depth explanation on the new gp system Sensei mooMOOMooMoomoo. When i arise a black belt i tomorrow i shall come and post once again to see the difference in rank .
  19. No one i know has had this issue sorry to say but i think its just a you issue. Maybe click repair and it will find files ?
  20. Yes it seems i was just told this on discord as well haha well i shall repost another screen shot after. Can you tell i play Aion lots these days :(.
  21. This left picture was taken about a month prior to merge. I logged in yesterday did an upper fort and the right shows i am Rank 1 which is a pleasant surprise. How many of these are are alts and how many are players? Who knows but at lease the Visual population did go up. This was SL-elyos prior to merge now KT.
  22. I thought they made it so you only need 2key for linkgate no? Also that siezed danaria w/e its called drops them fairly frequently just no one runs it. And or do not get loot because level 75 not sure.
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