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  1. Something interesting i have noticed on 6.0 loading screens is they show 6 slots for mana stones not just 3 is that a mistake by NCsoft or willthey actually have 6 slots you have to unlock?
  2. Dear Lord, i do not talk to you often enough however if you could find it in your heart to bless NA with a fresh Aion server when 6.0 hits i shall believe in your divine powers .
  3. Sins should lose nearly 140% of the time to a cleric now godstones are removed from the game. I agree with you tho when the videos i have seen of 6.0 so far are groups of 4-5 clerics 1 plate or AT. This does not mean that the class is unbalanced it does mean that having more then one in a group makes it to powerful tho. This is why games like LoL and that seem to have "BALANCE" to a degree because you can not just stack 5 out of 5 of the strongest champions. If Cleric truly is that strong limiting them to 1 maybe 2 per group would be the way to go for balance but everyone and their
  4. I think hiring 10-15 streamers on twitch would be far better then adding the game to steam. 10-15 Small time streamers with 300-500 daily viewers can increase a games player base up to 30,000 weekly. For Aion that would be a large increase in the player base.
  5. The amount of groups being made in KR is actually crazy. The dream for Aion to be that popular in NA would be pretty cool.
  6. Its just another patch . No need to start over unless you want to. They will not delete our characters in 6.0 release.
  7. Has Aion always had Motion timer's on their skills or is this a new addition that will have server side checks?
  8. Normal pets already done that. Why add in more normal pets that no one will buy when you can just add in stronger pets that nyerk UP YOUR ENEMY.
  9. They have previously been in events i would not be surprised if they add it to a skin rotation. Not sure how many other people have farmed for keys back in the day but i did. It was practically impossible to get a key if you did not own all 3 camps to make the shaman spawn. Its drop rate would be 20-1 ratio at least.
  10. I thought Aidps removed the no ani part. BUT LEL AT THIS GUY CLAP CLAP CLAP
  11. As the title says it was mostly about skins and a bit about divine fortress. Things like that could of been asked but no one really wanted to talk about 5.8 from the community.
  12. I feel like some of you are to harsh on them simply because of the state of the game. When you watched the stream you could tell that Gideon most of all was very nervous, If you listened to his voice everything he says was said with short of breath like he was holding in his breath due to anxiety. The only thing i saw that was wrong with the stream was the 3-5 questions that were actually about 5.8 were ignored. This comes to the why live stream if you do not want to interact with your community. Better off just doing a Youtube video at that point. A large portion of t
  13. Maybe he enjoys enchanting and he was really unlucky and blew up all his gear?
  14. I went from Aion to Ark: Survival Evolved a company who thrives off of private servers. The better the private servers are the more people who play them means the more people who will buy the next update for the game. If the Private server has a player made mod on it and its so overwhelmingly popular they add it to the official servers to improve their game though community driven content. NcWest does not care about its community 1 bit as proven by this 60k dollar spender quitting. I know of 2 players who have spent over $100,000 who quit. Hell one of these players use to buy 200+ eb scro
  15. Ask that to 1 of the 2 million people who have been banned from PubG so far. It seems to me that the legit players are becoming a minority in gaming now days. All the cheaters i know from Ark who play Pubg for every 1 of them banned 4 of them are not banned. Companies do not care because for games like PubG its more money and for games like Aion it means the paying player will pay more to stay competitive. I doubt any one cares since its really all about money not about decent gaming experience for players. The decent gaming experience usually comes from private server
  16. Not so sure about this. I mean we know how NC operates but what i mean is they want to give back meaning to gear.
  17. It never stopped with Aidps i still have about 700 print screens of different names Elyos and Asmo combined from SL that were cheating. I know on SL elyos cheating meant faster EB runs and faster PvP instances for GP and these players were worshiped by people who did not want to cheat but wanted to maintain rank. Less then 1% of Aions population actually care that people cheat in Aion, Its sad but that is how it is.
  18. The more and more i think about 6.0 the more and more i think its still NCwest. It is so hard to get past that fact that it is NCwest that does things for NA. How are they going to stop the cheating players who watch the best stuff to do in KR then they just do it using programs to get maximum benefits solo from it. How are they going to stop all the cheaters how are they going to you know make the game fun again. Content can only do so much for that.
  19. Use a better words next time... Maybe NCSofts masterpiece that would better suit the SW.
  20. The only truth we truly know at the moment is they told us information we have wanted to hear for years. My personal thoughts are how is NCsoft going to implement Hardcore p2w with out it looking like p2w. I personally would wait for the patch to be released before we get to hyped about it and be let down.
  21. I have been thinking about this ever since i first saw the post hours ago. Honestly i can not come up with anything... i mean i have come up with probably about 100 different ideas but then when i think about them go OK i am going to type it i realize how unfair some would be. I will be one of the first to say i could not do a class balance change as much as i feel i have good ideas many people would be upset by them.
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