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  1. 7 hours ago, Bryos-KT said:

    They are expensive because, realistically, you cannot get them anymore.

    I thought they made it so you only need 2key for linkgate no? Also that siezed danaria w/e its called drops them fairly frequently just no one runs it. And or do not get loot because level 75 not sure.

  2. On 10/5/2017 at 7:54 PM, DevilsShadow-DN said:

    PVP still lame as shit P2W trash running around in the game?

    Since no one really answered your question i shall. Its p2 be competitive you can win against AFK people in towns so no its not p2w but if you come across anyone in open world or pvp instances they probably have better gear then you.

  3. 37 minutes ago, Voltric-DN said:

    lol, I'm not sure what part of my response triggered you, but I can assure you that if I were a cheater or even associated with cheaters, I wouldn't be on here trying to help them get banned.

    Not triggered at all, just pointing out that anyone who stayed after Aidps shown us how the community truly is in Aion are people who are OK with using cheaters for their own advantage.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Voltric-DN said:

    NCWest needs to finally take the initiative and employ someone to log into the game periodically and combat the cheating as it happens. The only way to combat the hackers and the exploiters is to catch them in the act and strike them down on the spot. Players reporting players isn't enough. We need someone actively monitoring the servers for bannable offenses. Until there is a virtual cop pointing a loaded gun at their heads, they will continue to get away with it.

    Just my two cents. I know nothing we suggest is going to rid us of the problem entirely, but I feel this would at least be a step in the right direction.

    If Aidps was anything to go by over 80% of the SL community were cheaters. More then likely you are a cheater your self or you run instances with Cheaters and go ohh its ok i am not the one cheating so its OK.


    Any legitimate player has quit already and moved games/company.

  5. 46 minutes ago, Sachibi-DN said:


    put over all this the fact that, all those players that exploited the game with hacks for level up faster than us maintained the benefit of (at least) keep the level. this is not okay. this isnt funny. keep grinding 1 year or more for stay at the same level than the hackers got in 2 days.... 

    Less then 5% of the Aion community cares that people cheated to get their level or people would stop supporting this game. Addiction > Taking action against cheaters.

  6. 1 minute ago, Kubei-DN said:

    The merge will be all in vain because the whole purpose of it was to increase population on these servers, but if NCWest does anything against Mochigirl and Pocosin, then the servers will die off again because players will be unable to find joy to play it. The purpose of the game is to enjoy it without having two pathetic idiots ruin the experience. 

    You know the top 300 are all people who have used the secret technique of doing uppers solo to get AP to convert to GP back in the day right? All of them have ruined your experience maybe you should be trying to get them banned or stripped of GP as well not just head hunting 2 people.

  7. There is 2 ways this can go.


    1st way you can all come here complain about how lame it is because it truly is lame they are ruining this server merge for an entire faction.

    2nd way you can deal with it you could feed players 3-20 GP get them some EB scrolls help them out to get them up to governor commander and so on and push the other 2 out of the ranks by doing nothing with them. Show everyone that community is stronger then being a lone ranger :D.



    Of course no one would do this but ohh well

  8. The thing is no matter what people say if they have no one to play with because their is no influx of new players they will quit.


    Could you imagine if dota/ LoL had a group only system where you had to find 5 before you could que up for a game and if you did not have 5,000+ hours in the game they would not invite you to group and you just sit in the lobby waiting or playing vs bots till people invite you to group. You would end up with 1-2 games a week.

    That is the same for new players in Aion because Aion is an instance based game now. New players will never get geared in this game because no one myself included does not want to go back to old instances because they have no rewards.

    If ORB/DD/DR/IO/DS and so on had lets say +4 manastone bundles as a reward at the end of it would entice people to run these instances in LFG and that would mean it is instances you can take new players on with the 55 set you get its good enough for most of those instances and as they progress with the +4 manastones in to Ancient coin gear they would be geared enough for basic end game instances.


    This is how i feel anyways.

  9. 5 hours ago, Rubyvulpa-SL said:

    Yec said something about the tiered 'punishments' being in terms of the intensity of the abuse.
    If you used it to level from 66 to 75 then it results in permaban, 68-74 14 days etc.
    Not sure if it's a rumour or based on player confessions, but I'm sure there is some logic behind it... right?

    Everyone makes up what they think is the reason. My thought process is were these players banned in the past for exploits? A large portion of the community banned would of been people who were also banned previously for things such as instance cool-down abuse or whispered bots which actually gets you a temp ban if that bot gets banned. This could result in them getting a permanent ban this time around.

  10. Just now, Nyinu-KR said:

    I know a few people that were banned for soloing Uppers back in the day. I believe that more would have been if more had been reported, but it was sort of accepted.. which is twisted. Ofc now you can solo uppers easily.

    Anyway.. looking back doesn't help. They did something this time. That's good. Let's hope the next time they do something again.

    The thing is they can check the logs probably over the past week or so that means they could go through and check upper forts now and see who is getting all the boxes. Yet they probably will not when you half ass ban people for cheating it makes it look like you care about the communities worries but really do not.


    Like 10/10 that they banned people this is 100% a step in the right direction for the game if they can continue this trend i may actually come back to the game. As i quit not because i hate the game but its cheating player base and how acceptable it is and how people brag and get defended for cheating.

  11. Ok in all honesty i think wow this is really good they can tell if people are using exploits to do instances solo. Then i think about all the people i know who spam upper forts who have yet to be banned. This is the worrying part it means they can catch people doing this yet they have not done it for people who been soloing upper forts for years.

  12. On 10/5/2017 at 6:20 AM, Meuralyl-IS said:

    Hello, Aion Community.  I'm wanting to find out from the community themselves if the game is worth investing my time into.  I played at launch and quit around level 30.  I've set up a new account and have gotten to level 22 or so and it seems to take a dive after 20 (the fun factor).  At any rate, I can afford to pay for a subscription based MMO, but I want to have the most enjoyable experience.  Would you recomend playing this game or a subscription based one?  How is the grind in Aion?  Is it pay-to-win?

    Why did you quit aion that is the first thing you have to ask your self. If you quit because you felt the game was to grindy well now the game is a hell of a lot more grindy then any other patch previously.

    Before you had Gear + obtaining stigmas + level. If content is what you are looking for this may be the game for you it sure does not lack content if you are a dungeon grinder.

  13. You guys need to understand that us people that want things done about hackers/gold buyers are the minority now days(not just in this game). Its common practice now days for legit players to rely on cheaters to obtain gear in games or obtain victory and can do it with a clear conscious saying i do not cheat so our team is legit. 


    From game to game the older people get the more legit players turn to using cheats/exploits because its simply to expensive for companies to do anything about it or players that use cheats/exploits and since the number of current gamers is far higher then new gamers coming in we will always be at a disadvantage. NcWest probably does not produce enough money from all of there games in the region to get an anti hack for one of their least played games in the region. 


    If i have learnt anything from playing Ark: Survival Evolved its that cheating wins 100% of the time. You lose your base you cheat to obtain a new one on a new account. Companies can not beat this it is that simple.

  14. Gameforge did the correct thing with the luna they just needed to add a replacement for what they took away that is not as strong but still yields good rewards.
    - All end game instances drop either omega fragment or tempering fragment 100% drop rate off final boss for all party members.
    - You need 5 fragments to obtain 1 shining fragment
    - You need 3 shining fragments to obtain 1 [Event] Tempering or Omega.
    Something like this would be a suitable replacement as it would make people want to get instances done on cooldown or they would miss out thus making it better for people who do not have statics which is a big deal in NA from what i saw when i came back at 5.6 release. I do not know if EU has the same issue as NA but its pretty crazy the lack of lfg groups that actually get filled. This was SL elyos anyways not sure about all other servers for us.
  15. Its funny people keep going back to Kata/Dana only for the simple reason that was the biggest era of bugs that this game has had since release. 


    Temping = CC hackers sold majority of them.

    Instance scrolls = CC hacks sold majority of them.

    Duping = Vietnamese who transferred from KR to SL know what i am talking about.

    Instance reset bug = Ncsoft nyerk up but refused to acknowledge it.



    4 Major points to what made 4.x era great and if you used any of this your as bad as the hackers/ account buyers. People can act blind and pretend this is not the reason the majority of f2p players left the game but you are delusional. f2p players are the core of a f2p game. When the Whales out number the f2p your game will rapidly go down hill.

  16. 4 hours ago, Skoobie-SL said:

    You spoke my mind here LittleSpoon. Applying the rule that forbids naming and shaming a player in public isn't relevant in the case of hackers. I personally just see it as an excuse for them to continue hacking freely without being bothered. Publicly denouncing a hacker (with a reliable / verified proof at hand) is just like denouncing a scammer, it's a necessity, it doesn't make sense to keep their identity secret while denouncing them and making their identity public would be more beneficial than detrimental to the community and its integrity. It's not about "naming and shaming" or backbiting, it's about denouncing a behavior in order to prevent it from spreading and harming an entire community.

    The behavior has spread to the entire gaming community after you get addicted to your first cheat in solo player games. Its bred in to us since the age of 6 you cant prevent something that has happened already.

  17. Make lots and lots of accounts and do the weekly luna i am not sure if it is a 100% 175 greater sups for an S grade but it seemed that way to me. May not help you in the short run but if you have 200 characters level 10 it will get you lots of Tempering as well for free bracelet enchants so in the long term you will make billions of kinah doing it.

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