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  1. What does that make the company that blatantly allows this type of practice to go on unchecked?
  2. I have gotten 4 different bags so far. <[Event] Brilliant Ice Prism> <[Event] Noble Melted Bundle> <[Event] Crushed Snow Bundle> - Giving rewards that does not does not match up with anything on the list. Was getting 3 golden wing marks <[Event] Broken Snow Bundle> - Giving 1 golden wing mark again not on the list of rewards as a reward. Any chance you could update/add the rewards you get for the bottom 2 or do they only give Golden wing marks? Not complaining about the rewards they are giving just interested to know what they give.
  3. I am just going to wing it do not know korean but gonna guess what they are saying. 0:00 - 0:28) Is Aion now the story and updates have ended for the Aion we currently play it will not go any further. 0:28 - Ending) New Aion is them promoting there new server that will be coming out on the 17th. It will take off where the server have left off i would assume. The invitation video was a sign up video from the 20th of December to the 17th of January to obtain free items for pre-registering. This means current Aion in KR will be f2p while the New Aion will be a new mo
  4. Solid rewards much like <3. I was wondering if there is a way you can watch Linkgate logs through out this event. Similar to how you would of caught the cheaters in Fallen Poeta people in Linkgate will be going in to the instance and killing only the boss which is impossible with out obtaining a key. With such good rewards you could definitely catch these cheaters by the Dozens. However i know its Xmas and most people will probably not be at the office during the festive season.
  5. Maybe all those sins that insta kill you are not actually hacking? Honorable time mentions for the video. 0:00-0:30 - Just shows how strong people are maybe to the under geared 2:24 - 2:40 - Could you imagine being able to walk in hide through lots of enemies like that on NA would be the dream for Sins/rangers
  6. Does it stack? Per item or can you only use 1 item with the same stat? Lets say i got light of recovery at +8 through the CP system can i use <Apollon's Magic Ring> and get +11 then use another and get to +14 stacking all of them from all the accessories in the game? Also can you get +3 on all the different accessories? If there is a thread on this topic already send me its direction thanks.
  7. You have to remember that different people have different amounts $ they can spend on the game per week or spontaneously spend when event sales come around so where you consider 4 to be your p2w over the top issue others think 1 was the p2w over the top issue. 1) Tempering 2) +20 and beyond 3) Gear blowing up 4) Crucible Potion This is 4 major implementations of p2w that Ncsoft/west added to NA Aion. If you are a player who can not afford 1,2 and 3 your going to have 0 chance against people who can afford 1,2 and 3. Same as people who can afford 1,2,3 but can not aff
  8. I do hope they fix it by tomorrow i have a few i gotta hand in still.
  9. Your whole first paragraph is just defending a cheaper form of p2w. Also just for the record i believe the potions are nyerking dumb, Why do they even exist let alone be behind a pay wall but i also feel the same away about +20 gear and going beyond +5 accessories. It currently can not get any more p2w unless people can start paying for GM powers and just delete their opponents accounts when fighting in arena. Hence why i said this game is already at the point of a p2w no skill Mobile game. its been p2w no skill for quiet some time now.
  10. Why do you think people play Aion :). p2w has been around for so long now people are so delusional they do not see it till something they can not afford comes along. Aion is exactly one of those super p2w Web games.
  11. If you can not deal with the potions being a major advantage https://purchase.ncsoft.com/ncoin/buyNCoin go here and top up your Ncoin and get some your self.
  12. Buy nccoin for KT toons so we can get it back up and running
  13. Its like you read my mind. I have not done it with High level tradeable ArchDaeva gear but i have done it with Labyrinth gear. 1 bow Shining Enchantment stone +0 broke No sups 2 bows broke at +1 - +2 with Shining enchantment stone + supps. I personally would stay clear of it. I watched mecheagle do an apollo weapon to +6 with shining +supps. Someone said they got +10 with shining enhancement stone with sups. I hope this information helps.
  14. I heard people saying they are getting low 100s like 120-130 ping to NA and when i was going to try the new EU servers out someone said they had 170 ping from AUS to EU servers so i think it just greatly depends where you live for this type of ping. p.s I am australian i live in South Australia but i can not seem to get below 205 ping.
  15. There is competition. If you can not afford the competition welcome to the club. Earn more money and you can compete again.
  16. daily 100 dollars is fair if they want to Auto win. Let them be. take the loss and move on. Its kinda like how casuals have no chance against people who spend 150 dollars a month. You will always be worse off then others.
  17. I think you fell in to the trap card. I fell in it as well You are looking at it from a competitive point. I think many of the people here actually agree with you. Some of us like my self included will disagree with some of the things you say but not your point as a whole its a valid point. 1 thing i will mention about your post is no matter how much you want the BCM to change it will always be p2w. If all they sold was skins that means they would take them out of the luna rotation and put the BCM price them higher to accommodate the lack of money they are making from Flash sales
  18. I imagine this is what NCwest style tool tips would look like.
  19. After playing for a month now this is how i feel about Aion I honestly believe that if you took away every map in Aion and gave players a Giant white room as far as the eye could see with entry portals to all instances and event NPCs in the middle of the room. You would have the same experience you are currently having in Aion as a new/casual/returning/veteran player. @Cheesecake-DN Your post about kumuki got me thinking even tho i consider it the best thing to ever happen to Aion's legitimate playing community. All my upgrades have came from running this instance selli
  20. I think it is not a 100% drop rate for Linkgate. I did 5 days on 14 characters each day and i would get 12/14 if not 14/14 every day. I think it is a 90% drop rate.
  21. Have i been calling Tweaks wrong this whole time? Is it not meant to be Twink?
  22. https://clips.twitch.tv/DignifiedGlamorousClipsmomTheRinger This tilts me even tho it is no worse then being silenced on magic classes because its fear it looks 1000x worse.
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