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  1. The only real exploit on the level of what the stormwing egg transfer fiasco happened is a cash shop + support exploit. If people can buy battle passes on alts and transfer all the items to their main character through the help of support. Other than that there really is no game breaking exploit outside of the gifting crowns(in which can you even gift subscriptions on retail?). Other than that game exploits are doing instances with cheats/hacks as well as doing instances during 1.2 with an SM to bug out the boss in DC so people can easily beat the last boss.
  2. This is where i say do not get your hopes up to much, Word of mouth was their promotion method for MxM.
  3. Something Naoki Yoshida said in an interview with. https://www.pcgamesn.com/final-fantasy-xiv/ffxiv-yoshi-p-interview-wow Aion suffers from this probably more than any other game.
  4. Getting our requests through is not an issue with kibbelz. It is somewhere between kibbelz and the upper management all the way over to KR NCsoft's HQ. It is simply there is no requests that can be granted at the base level of CM so they really have nothing to report. Kibbelz has advocated for us but the reality is the upper management cherry pick what they want to work on and they see the game in $ signs not in game mechanics. This is why for example the list Kibbelz compiled of the communities gripes with Aion at that point in time was never worked on fully by who ever was working on it
  5. I do not get where you are going with this meme, What did someone say that made you upset that the forum needs extra moderators. There is nothing to moderate right now so why does kibblez need to be active right now?
  6. So you mean paid moderation? for less than what 100 unique players talking here? I think kibblez can handle it no problem.
  7. I have not seen anyone who posts on these forums would be suitable for forum moderation due to bias based off their own opinions.
  8. Aion classic can be released at the same time FF14 gets released because FF14's player base is 99.95% PvErs. New world and Elyon are both promoted with PvP as one of its main features. All be it even if Aion classic gets a perfect release there are still going to be issues that are going to drive players away from the game simply because it is very hardcore when it comes to players ability to grief.
  9. Especially if they plan to use word of mouth as their marketing strategy. Releasing just after NW/Elyon would be insane.
  10. I was talking about this which would be pretty funny if it randomly just appears on the NClauncher and then like a few days later and then go yea btw classic is out. It is sad that we have that little faith in NCwest/soft now days tbh.
  11. I mean E3 would reach a larger audience but it would be surprising if they bought time in E3 to promote it.
  12. The teasers could just be teasers for E3 in which then they may release the classic video at E3 for all we know. Altho if this is the case it is a little weird to do that since E3 is a promotional event for up-coming games so promoting for a promotional event seems odd. It would not surprise me in the least if it still comes out as an anniversary launch so w/e our anniversary is.
  13. Not to mention that most people will not download retail Aion to talk about Aion classic on the forums due to the 30 day lock out BS. This means we mostly get people who are invested in retail talking to those who have retail downloaded to talk about classic.
  14. Because it is easier to join a FB group than download retail in which you do not want to play and then wait till it recognizes you have logged in so you can finally talk on the forums.
  15. @Vinley-KT That could also mean that it is further out or they plan on using it in their E3 presentation. On top of that the fact JP is getting 1.2 is sad news indeed. I liked the playstyle of 1.2 but yea the ability to buy as many crowns as you want and buy candies for unlimited kinah is a bit of a bummer.
  16. The only people that are going to get milked by 8.0 are those who are already being milked now. No one is going to play classic and then go OMG 8.0 is coming out, Time to return to never being able to PvP till i am around for enough catch up events. I seen people PvP in the free +15 gear they give you. They experience for a returning user would be no different than them returning during any time in the past year.
  17. No, World bosses are still elyos dominated but depending on the server and the patch we get at release GL getting across to do drap cave which is one of 2 end game instances until DP arrives. Which is especially important for glads. When we did it in KR you were always fighting between 50-500 asmo's camping the door so elyos can not get in to the instance. Also no need to really worry about elyos domination we are in 2021 and people think playing the asmo race is cool now days. The issue with balance in KR is that they left 1 side open for to long. Most servers have been lo
  18. Actually for me and it is the reason i am so in to playing classic Aion. The issue is the progression path. In classic if i want mira/fenris or even PvP gear i have to put effort in to the game's core mechanics. It may take me 6mo to get or it may take me 1mo to get but it all depends on the effort i put in. When it comes to getting an ultimate transformation in 6mo you are having to rely on an event that NA may never put out again. There is no guarantee they want to continue with that event every 6mo and we have only had what 2 of them. Beyond that they always use the storm wing eve
  19. You think more than 0.05% of players are going to pay $100-130 for 5 enchant stones and 6 manastones? 7k+ only if you get 100% success rate on enchanting every single item to +10 you upgrade your gear and more if you duel wield. That is per character btw and that is assuming we have same prices as KR. I dunno why people are saying you can reset the battle pass. Is there some video on this information? When i played no one talked about resetting the battle pass the only thing people did was exploit the crowns for the gifting system. What all the KR streamers that i watched did was buy
  20. Depends on the amount of players. I think like top 200-300 players or w/e it is get rewards. Killing 1 mob will not be enough.
  21. In classic if you want to gather but get bored of gathering and want to PvP you can do that because you will always find people around your gear level to pvp with/against. Aion retail appeals to those who want exclusive PvE experience till they can finally participate in PvP for 6+ months(excluding the battlefield event that is going on). They are 2 different games using the same combat systems.
  22. Yea i was not factoring in the players from other regions since it was not really a big deal in KR as such. IT does make sense that they may need more servers for the influx of players.
  23. So they did nothing then got ya.
  24. Is this directed at the person with 1 post? What has laughing done for the Aion community, Since i never knew of the name laughing till 6.0 i have no idea who it even is.
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