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  1. This is my point. It took people 2ce as long to progress in which 7.X already came out and pushed that line back another tier of gear they had to upgrade. This is why people gave up on the news of 7.0's release and you saw the mass quitting of players during that period. This is not the case for everyone right, If it did there would be no top 10% and bottom 10% of players(outside of skill) it is that bottom 10% that is getting squeezed out month after month. No replacements come in because being behind for and entire major patch is a bad design. In which those who use to be in the top 60%
  2. I am not thunderspank but that is clearly a video of a gamer using all their gamer knowledge in game to predict where assassins gank based off charts they have accumulated over the course of the past 10 years of playing Aion.
  3. It comes down to the experience people had in 6.X. IMO unless you pro-actively played with non spenders/small spenders who did not have 5.X compensation you will never know their struggles. The gearing system became a squeeze designed to put pressure on the player. However it worked completely differently to how they expected. The bottom 10% of players quit because they feel hopeless, Next major event/patch comes along and then the next 10% quit and so on. Eventually those who were in the top 60-70% have become the new 10%. Even if you removed every single extra item, Stigma enchant/skil
  4. Well first off there is no laws. There is ToS but there is no law saying players/developers have to uphold the terms of service in the virtual world. Secondly why would a gaming social media outlet care about racial or gender issues? There is no inequality in gaming, You are either good or bad. Secondly you are under no pressure to get in voice chat with people so no one even knows if you are male/female/trans or w/e else people want to call them selves in this day and age. If they wanted people to talk to each other they would of added voice coms to their game. Inequality does not e
  5. Is the one who is providing those with +15 gear using it or are the players who have the +15 gear using it? The ones who are ruining the game are those who are using the goods not the ones who provided the goods.
  6. People who have +15 paragon gear are players as well. Are they not killing the game with this gear?
  7. There is a silver lining to all this, It really shows you how dumb AF the 6.0 gearing system really is. That feeling you are getting when you die to someone you know you can not fight for several years is the same feeling new players have when you farm them. You are the driving force that drives players away from this game and is one of the major reasons why no one will ever bother sticking with Aion long term. You as players killed Aion long before these muppets shown up and got this gear.
  8. OR let those who are trying to buy this gear get scammed.
  9. Clearly you never read the whole post. Lets say for example i think that they got the item legit which is clearly obvious to anyone posting here that there was some ill gotten gains at some point unless they enchanted it on their own account OR someone spawned it in on their account for them there is no way Ncwest will ban people for buying an item off the broker. If they were going to ban people for buying items off the broker everyone would of lost their accounts back in 4.0 when the CC hackers legitimately supplied well over 90% of all tempering/feli socketing to the game. I never
  10. Then there is nothing wrong with how they all obtained their paragon gear. If they are simply buying it through the broker NCsoft will not ban players who buy gear from the broker. They never have, Even when i bought 14,000 shugo vault keys for 1.5m from the CC hackers NCwest removed my ban strike from my account back in the day and let me keep the keys since i got them through the broker. The only way they will get banned will be if they had the items spawned on their account or there is a enchant stone dupe/exploit that they are doing on their account.
  11. If you really think that it is not legit take your evidence to the social media gaming outlets and blow this up. The media(especially in KR) would love nothing more than more dirt on NCsoft and its subsidiaries. It is probably your only chance to get rid of a corrupt GM/NCsoft member if they really are the ones giving out this stuff for free since it will force some internal searching due to NCsoft not wanting social media pressure after the L2M case that i assume is still on-going.
  12. If you got proof take it to social media outlets and gaming news sites, Problem solved. Get it to some Korean's that can also take it to their news companies they would love more information about the dirty stuff NCsoft is doing world wide especially after that incident with the player who spent 3.5m on L2M.
  13. Replace everything i said from developers to company, I just said developers because i had a word block at the time for some reason i could not remember the word company. As for bringing up specific rules that is an issue in itself, It blindsides someone and they forget the common saying always refer back to rule 1 type deal. Everyone is saying they are breaking the rules, It is unfair 100% but there is nothing that they have done that is not with in their rights to exorcise based off their own policy. If someone says but i have 2 tokens left in a ticket, Support can just reply with
  14. I have not transferred a stormwing egg and i do not know a GM. NCsoft have been treating players like this for at the very least all the way back to omega stone saga(probably before). They clearly have not changed and there is 0 point even bothering with trying to change this unfairness. You just have to accept it and keep playing OR quit and lose that time/money investment you have in to the game. This is your choice, NCsoft can keep doing what they do and eventually shut down their products if they have no one spending on their products but the reality is they know they have the majorit
  15. The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to make exceptions depending on the context of the request, and the standing of the requester's account. In which this means if they choose to give people 500 tokens and you 3 tokens a year they can do so. The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to deny a restoration/resealing/reversal/transfer request, even if the item was eligible to be restored/resealed/reversed/transferred in the past. This means they can deny any request at any time even if others have received more than you. Source: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/artic
  16. I am going to be bitterly disappointed now if they made it even more expensive to list stuff. I think it will be a price reduction tho so that is awesome news.
  17. None of these players are hackers they are all game knowledge engineers.
  18. Yornforge update was good i do not think that should be invalidated at the start of a patch, Extreme gear can be enchanted to 15 do not forget so if it is BiS at +8/9 then it invalidates any reason for players to come back during 8.0 gear wise because those who worked on extreme gear will be stronger than them w/o even having to put any effort in. If they get people to push extreme gear to +10/11 then i would be fine with it, Since i have not seen the stats of the new gear i am jumping the gun in my opinion anyways so it really does not matter till we see the new gear stats.
  19. [Sales agency] 1. Adjusted sales agency fees. Will the broker fees be reduced or maybe this is just vendor item prices.
  20. You should be able to play all games but some games say if you play cyberpunk as an example it needed a specific driver update for it to work so if you get one before that date you will probably have the launch crashes and so on all over again. Most generic games like WoW,FF14,ESO,Apex,Pubg,LoL, Dota and even other games like table top simulator so on all work great on older drivers.
  21. Those who quit of boredom will not come back just because we get new content, Those who quit of boredom were probably those who could not spend 1000s and could not get to end game because they did not have enough time to do luna/sas and all the other daily tasks + events that were running. This caused them to be stuck not being able to do anything in PvP or PvE progression. If the core gameplay mechanics are not improved those who quit over boredom due to the 6.0 gear stat system problem will quit because of boredom in 8.0 as well simply because the way gear stats work make the game very
  22. It has been confirmed that the existing equipment is divided into PvE and PvP, which consumes a lot of time and money for farming and reinforcement, and there are cases in which it is not possible to enjoy in-game content smoothly. After the fighting spirit equipment, we intend to improve the above inconvenience by unifying the PvE/PvP equipment. This is a win for everyone if it works as it is google translated that is great.
  23. As long as event driven gameplay exists we will never break the cycle of casino driven gameplay. You either gamble with your time spending 100s if not 1000s of hours per month doing events OR you spend money to not have to do those events. All that needs to happen is progression needs to be added back in to the core gameplay mechanics like instances and open world camp quests and so on. But they will never get rid of events because that is the cash shop promotion mechanic.
  24. Fixed it for ya, You were missing the most likely compensation they will give the community.
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