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  1. Woah, guys, thanks for the responses!!! I really appreciate the advice and the last picture of the bindings. I'm playing from my laptop, so I don't have numpad, but I'll get a keyboard with it soon and I'll rearrange my bindings!
  2. Hey, guys I'm a returning player from Europe, who finally got fed up with all the EU's restrictions and decided to start up a new character here in NA. Long story short: now I got a lvl 66 Cleric that I am absolutely inlove with, however...this is the first character that I've levelled up so high and I feel like my quickbar bindings are a complete nyerking mess. *see picture below* I'd appreciate any advice you have like: where to place buffs and debuffs, which skills should be top priority to cast, etc...Thanks in advance!! P.S: Feel free to explain as if I'm an idiot, I won't
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