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  1. Server Merge

    @OP That's video games for ya! They come. They play 20 hours a day. They get some gear. They leave until the next patch. Unfortunately a merge is disastrous when everyone comes back for 6.5 and you can't kill a quest mob without 20 people standing on top of you. Then everyone fills the forums with posts about how they can't even complete a quest. lol
  2. Asmo lvl 9 Ranger stigma trade

    Hate to sit on these stigmas. If anyone has an offer for stigma stones or some in game trade feel free to make an offer.
  3. Asmo lvl 9 Ranger stigma trade

    I have nearly full level 9 ranger stigmas on KT asmo. Agonizing, Sharpen arrows, Lethal Arrow, Focused Shots, Natures Resolve, Dilation, Skybound, Deluge, Gale arrow, Lightning arrow, all level 9. Explosive, Heart shot, Hunters MIght all level 5ish. I am no longer playing on this server. I am on the new server as well as cross faction. I would be willing to trade all my stigmas on KT for 2 stigmas leveled to 9 on the new server. For anyone who is looking to level their Ranger stigmas to 9 this would be a much more efficient process. Let me know as it would have to be specific stigmas leveled so as to be useful.
  4. Meanwhile they give away free ancient contracts for an event to as many characters as the no lifers can run. The more characters you run through their boring little events the more stuff you gain in the game. There is literally no reason whatsoever to spend money on this game when I can just wait a few weeks for an event and get it for free. This game is so unrewarding to spend money on. I don't understand how it is still going.
  5. Vindicator or Inquisitor (RANGER 6.0)

    If you look at any single piece of gear no matter what state ancient, legenday, or ultimate you will see the evasion is always just a bit higher. Of course it depends on your tune. But generally speaking it will always be higher than accuracy. Now there will most likely not be any player who prefers to stack accuracy thus you can actually have a slight chance to evade equally geared or lower geared players. Add to that skills like dodging and maybe even some evasion manastones and any class for the first time has a chance to make another player completely miss vital spells. The idea of evasion is not to make other players miss every other spell and be in some kind of God mode...It is to take a chance and make them miss 1 or 2 crucial spells. Make them miss a silence or a stun and you could change the outcome of a fight completely. Don't forget that just as evasion was compared to accuracy above that you also need to take into account that Defense needs to be compared to attack. My crappy little ungeared character has almost 10k attack and climbing very quickly. So stacking physical defense across all your gear isn't going to reduce damage by more than a couple hundred damage per spell against equally geared players. Also worth noting is that the extra HP on vindicator is null by the time you reach ultimate enchantment because it then becomes a tuned stat on the inquisitor gear. Except for a few crucial pieces in which you are then comparing crit to HP not evasion to HP. We are going to see that either set is a viable choice. Especially once we all reach ultimate enchantment levels and things balance out once again. The real question is are you a gambler who wants to take a chance on that 1 crucial spell maybe missing or are you a more reasonable person who wants a set that will perform with much more consistency. Either way you are going to want to pick one set and stick with it for every slot. I personally have been a physical defence/HP ranger for the last 2 expansions and am going to try something new... an evasion ranger. Rangers have been talking about evasion for years now and it has never been a viable choice as the stat could not be stacked high enough. It finally is an option and I am looking forward to it. That being said Vindicator is completely viable as a ranger. You are going to see defensive benefits to both. If you are really that torn make another ranger and build both sets.
  6. Ranger 6.2 Stigmas/Manastones

    Ive been running Agonizing Arrow Lethal Arrow Sharpen Arrow Focused Shots Natures Resolve Dilation Arrow Skybound and Deluge Can now cast Lethal while moving and it gives you a second shot that can't miss. Not to mention it is a hard hitting skill. Focused shots has always been a little tedious, but it is the one skill I never take out of my stigma slot no matter what. Plus the defense reduction is pretty much nothing so keeping it up in any situation is invaluable. I don't have much experience with Hunters might. I suppose with the new Daeva skills from rupture you could get some crazy string of crits and some interesting combos. Only thing keeping me from trying it is the long CD. If it were more like 30 seconds I could really put it to use. From what I have heard from EU server crit is going to very beneficial to every class. Don't know if HP/defence is going to be our thing anymore.. Which is so weird because for so long a huge HP pool has been beneficial. Which brings up something I was stuggling to figure out the past couple days... Was wondering which PVP set was more useful the inquisitor or the vindicator. After looking at the gear extensively I could clearly see that vindicator is a tanking set and has things like shield defense and stats that don't apply to us. Seems the ranger is more suited to an evasion/resist class? Although not really 100% on that one as I can't find any conversations on it. Although HP could make a tanky kind of ranger I don't think we are going to see as much benefit as in the past.
  7. About BoS/CoE gear purification

    They will surely have an event in the next few months and give out 10-20 stones per alt making them non soul bound. Pretty much making any effort that anyone has put into the game null and void.