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  1. This game is nothing like it used to be. You remember how hard it was to enchant.... well now you get to do it 3x in a row on every piece of gear. You have to be equally geared with someone or you do 1/10 of their damage and get smoked. At certain times on certain days you will go to a specific location on the map and fight over a boss or fort and that is what pvp has become. There is no more massive world pvp breaking out all over the place all day where you go out and have fun and enjoy the game. Now it is all about gear and they link the gear everyone gets in chat and everyone is
  2. Seems they reverted this back to how it was before just like they did with the enchanting. Everyone was getting to 14 now its back to 11.
  3. So people were clearly told not to enchant for the week. Anyone who did was then reimbursed for being a moron! So from now on I should clearly do the thing I am specifically told not to do and then I will get reimbursed double for it. Sounds about right.
  4. Ranger attack was flat nerfed by 10%.. I lost over 1500 attack. They also took any weapon damage increase off of ours skills. That was another 10% weapon damage. Our base skill damage was increased. It is showing on skills to be higher, but.... I am clearly doing at least 20% less damage. We clearly needed a 20% damage nerf if it happened. If you don't like it I am sure some class got a huge damage buff and will be the clear easy to play winner this patch and if you are one of "those people" you can re roll the easy class.
  5. Nothing left to do in this game except farm an obscene amount of spirit fragments. The weekly gives like 40 a week... Don't really think that is worth 15$.
  6. Makes me wonder if they are trying to pull out of the west. They just did total game over hall patches for both Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar and within a year shut down both games. Just like Aion they had a surge in population followed by empty servers. Clearly just trying to make a buck before getting out! What does entertain me is all of these entitled brats telling NC to do this this and this if they want to be successful....
  7. The biggest Ok is the low enchant rates and super low drop rates in dungeons in 6.0. Everyone is crying about them all over the forums. I absolutely love it! People can't just run their 10 alts through dungeons and be full best in slot +15 geared in 2 weeks. All this fail fail fail actually feels like progression for the first time in a veeeerrrry long time. If only we had more content people might actually stick around and play some.
  8. Well of course no one loves it. It is like people just want to log into video games and be constantly rewarded? I don't get it. There are plenty of those types of games out there though... they bore you stiff after 2 weeks of being given every piece of loot. The only thing that kills the PVE population is giving out gear so easily. Most gamers play as hard as they can until they aquire the "best" gear and leave so if gear is so easily acquired those gamers will leave all the more sooner. Get my facts right? Lets focus on the fact that you don't buy prestige or extra
  9. We get literally 1 new dungeon every 9 months. If anything gear is being given out too fast. The whole point is to be geared at the end of the 9 month (or however long) period. Not to be geared in 2 weeks get bored with the game and leave. There are many people who actually want to play THIS game. LOL The OP is over here talking about doing 50 runs. I have done 50 runs in a week and seen less loot than what you linked.... and definitely no loot for my class. and I think this is exactly how loot should be done. There is nothing worse than spending countless hours and money on a ga
  10. The only fail was giving out contribution gear in the matter it was done. I understand giving out contribution gear, but giving out legendary and ultimate on day one of a brand new expansion was the most imbecile thing I have ever seen done in this or any other game! No one should have been given gear beyond ancient. I guess this is what little baby pay to wins are looking for? To run around one shotting others? I personally don't get it. I want balanced game play and to be challenged by other players. Not to run around out gearing them and one shotting others. Had there not been a new se
  11. This game always has been and always will be about enchanting. So the answer is get whatever set you can enchant further. If you need proof that enchanting is all that matters in this game just look at what pay to wins buy to make themselves better than you.... Enchantment stones and added runs to get more enchantment stones.
  12. How about that imaginary pity counter that I know you all think is there. You fail one enchant and think well the next one should be better. Then since you failed two you must be getting a success on the next one... next thing you know you have failed 5 in row and are speechless. When in reality you still have a 48% chance to succeed now matter how many you have previously failed. Don't know if I agree with a pity counter, but it is mentally draining to fail an enchant, then a manastone, then run a dungeon for the umpteenth time and not get your loot, then fail a craft. You pretty much
  13. If your ping is high it has nothing to do with your computer and it definitely has nothing to do with the game or NCsoft. Your ISP is really bad! You can connect through another server. Use a ping reducing program like Battleping or WTFast. Although if your internet connection is not good in the first place then you will have a problem staying connected to their gaming servers.
  14. @OP That's video games for ya! They come. They play 20 hours a day. They get some gear. They leave until the next patch. Unfortunately a merge is disastrous when everyone comes back for 6.5 and you can't kill a quest mob without 20 people standing on top of you. Then everyone fills the forums with posts about how they can't even complete a quest. lol
  15. Hate to sit on these stigmas. If anyone has an offer for stigma stones or some in game trade feel free to make an offer.
  16. I have nearly full level 9 ranger stigmas on KT asmo. Agonizing, Sharpen arrows, Lethal Arrow, Focused Shots, Natures Resolve, Dilation, Skybound, Deluge, Gale arrow, Lightning arrow, all level 9. Explosive, Heart shot, Hunters MIght all level 5ish. I am no longer playing on this server. I am on the new server as well as cross faction. I would be willing to trade all my stigmas on KT for 2 stigmas leveled to 9 on the new server. For anyone who is looking to level their Ranger stigmas to 9 this would be a much more efficient process. Let me know as it would have to be specific stigm
  17. Meanwhile they give away free ancient contracts for an event to as many characters as the no lifers can run. The more characters you run through their boring little events the more stuff you gain in the game. There is literally no reason whatsoever to spend money on this game when I can just wait a few weeks for an event and get it for free. This game is so unrewarding to spend money on. I don't understand how it is still going.
  18. If you look at any single piece of gear no matter what state ancient, legenday, or ultimate you will see the evasion is always just a bit higher. Of course it depends on your tune. But generally speaking it will always be higher than accuracy. Now there will most likely not be any player who prefers to stack accuracy thus you can actually have a slight chance to evade equally geared or lower geared players. Add to that skills like dodging and maybe even some evasion manastones and any class for the first time has a chance to make another player completely miss vital spells. The idea of eva
  19. Ive been running Agonizing Arrow Lethal Arrow Sharpen Arrow Focused Shots Natures Resolve Dilation Arrow Skybound and Deluge Can now cast Lethal while moving and it gives you a second shot that can't miss. Not to mention it is a hard hitting skill. Focused shots has always been a little tedious, but it is the one skill I never take out of my stigma slot no matter what. Plus the defense reduction is pretty much nothing so keeping it up in any situation is invaluable. I don't have much experience with Hunters might. I suppose with the new Daeva skills from rupture y
  20. They will surely have an event in the next few months and give out 10-20 stones per alt making them non soul bound. Pretty much making any effort that anyone has put into the game null and void.
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