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  1. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    When can we expect this future patch to happen? You say before 6.5 comes out, so when was the planned release date for 6.5 in NA? That would gives us an idea of how much time we will have to wait until this one issue is resolved.
  2. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    This is all ridiculous then. I don't understand how they can even consider the possibility of rates being that bad something good for the health of the game. Do they not understand the frustration this could engender in players? Are they expecting players to continue for months on end experiencing failure after failure without thinking perhaps they should spend their time playing other games? I mean 500 ancients and 40 legendary stones and the item remains +10 boggles the mind. Really, put some darn anti-failure mechanic in there to make sure that people do not see all of their effort wasted over and over again.
  3. Are there any ways to build stun and stumble resist outside of temporary abilities unique to some classes? Any stat that lowers the chance of being stunned or stumbled, or at least lowers the duration of such. I've seen old gear from before 6.2 that show stun resist on them, is that not a thing anymore?
  4. ABSURD retune prices

    Then they probably should shut the server down. Trying to rob people with these prices, yet giving poor service in return should guarantee a shutdown.
  5. They need to get a new support team first. One that is competent and able to actually manage this game effectively. The team they have now is completely out of their depth or are intentionally trashing this game. Their silence is also telling, showing that they really don't care. That being the case, I am not spending anymore money on this game. Spending money here anymore would be just like throwing my money into the rubbish. Nothing would be fixed, the management will not become better. Instead, I will spend my money on a game I find that is worthy of financial support. Right now, this game definitely is not.
  6. Ncwest team.

    I think it is a bit too late for this. The Devs here seem to be determined to run this game into the ground. Their lack of substantive communication, ignoring bugs unless they affect the BCM store, giving out buggy events that have mobs spawning in trees and walls. Yea, everything to me points to a game massively mismanaged by the NA team. I don't expect anything to get any better anytime soon. They can't even fix minor bugs in a reasonable time period. There is no way they can correct the mess that this game has become. The best they can do is remain in a cycle of constant discussions about the issues.
  7. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    It took me 210 ancient stones and 10 legendary stones to +15 my staff. Is that average, better than average, or worse?
  8. Ncwest team.

    I will tell you exactly why your responses to our problems are BS. You state that you are having discussions with the developers, but you never tell us what the developers' side of the conversation is. Why is that? Why must we be kept in the dark on what their responses are to our concerns that you say you are discussing with them? A discussion is a two-way street, but all we hear from you is that you hear us and supposedly pass up to the Devs what our complaints are. Do you not see how incompetent it looks when you are never able to tell us what the decisions are on our complaints? If you are having a real discussion with the Developers, you could tell us what their decisions are. Well, unless you are not actually having a discussion with them. I am inclined to believe with the way you give us feedback, that you really have no clue what they are going to do. Truth be told, I am willing to bet that there are no discussions actually being had, and instead all you are able to do is pass up our complaints and remain in the dark about what may be done. If that is the case, just be truthful and say you told the Devs and now have to wait to see if they will do anything. This intentional misleading on what is actually happening concerning our issues only makes the company either look incompetent or worse trollish.
  9. Nc Will Kill Aion

    I would like to add one issue that crafters would recognize, 1. Allow players to place crafted gear and resources in their account warehouse. It is ridiculous that my alt has to purchase crafted gear from my main via the broker. We already can't trade Kinah to our alts, so allowing us to at least have the ability to trade gear with our alts would not harm the game.
  10. The decisions being made by this company makes me think it is some psychological experiment. The Devs seem to be either very sadistic, or completely incompetent.
  11. Can't Craft for Alts

    Are you this forum's manager? Is it your job to act as a gatekeeper on this forum, or did you just take this position upon yourself? I would like to know, since then I can decide if I feel it is best to just ignore you from now on when I seek an answer to legitimate questions.
  12. Can't Craft for Alts

    Well, I have a better idea. I can just walk away once I'm bored. Which seems to be inevitable considering the limitations placed on this game. Alts help extend my enjoyment of the game, but if the "Korean Overlords" deem alts anathema then I will just have to eventually get my enjoyment from somewhere else.
  13. Can't Craft for Alts

    Someone please explain to me why we are unable to place any of our crafting items into our account warehouse? Are alts officially discouraged in this game? Is there some legitimate reason for this restriction?
  14. Character Creator Skin and Eye colors

    Thank you!
  15. Hello, is it possible when creating a new character to select desired skin and eye colors? I've looked all over the creation screen and I do not see any options to do such.