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  1. Average of people playing Aion every day?

    I think I found it but the included image no longer works. In any case, that post seems very similar to information presented on this site: http://aioninfo.com/online/ which gives current and daily login stats for EU Aion servers. Click the names to see charts. Population for EU servers seem to range between 20-30% of server capacity. We know that NA population is much lower, so take that information with a grain of salt. @waffles-DN, would you happen to have information on current NA population that you could provide?
  2. Average of people playing Aion every day?

    That's because the stats are based of sub-Reddit activity/subscribers instead of actual player count from game servers. That site is not a good reference point; anyone can subscribe and post to a sub-Reddit without actually playing the game. Someone posted numbers off Aion Rainmeter's server status (or something similar) sometime ago and those figures seemed closer to actual player count. I can't seem to find the post though. If anyone finds it, please link it back here.
  3. Raging from Wings Over Atreia

    I never followed her closely, but I do think MJ Guthrie contributed to NCWest's decision to remove faction restrictions on servers way back in 2012 - 2013. Mid 2012 she published an article highlighting why it was a bad idea and how NC was shooting themselves in the foot by barring people from playing with friends, forcing them to re-roll, etc. A few weeks after that post, restrictions were removed entirely and several months after NC announced it put together the Asmodian Initiative. Could be a coincidence, but her publicly blasting NC's decisions probably gave them incentive to change. It's a shame they don't care about player opinions anymore.
  4. About YouTube and Aion

    Disclaimer: I am not among the people dropping dislikes on your videos. Thank you for explaining your process of creating videos. It's clear that you work hard and put a lot of effort into them, but in the end, they suffer from a distinct lack of actual "content." What do I mean by this? How about 20 seconds of literally NOTHING in the intro but your name and Aion's logo? Then approximately 40 seconds of showing the quest that people probably already have and are looking for information on. You then show 23 seconds of critical information and the remaining 52 seconds of your video is of your character standing there doing nothing. You seriously don't see a problem there? The information that people are looking for lasts for all of 23 seconds and the rest of the video is filler. I'm not saying this to be harsh, I'm only telling you why you're running into issues with dislikes: when people are looking for information, they want it immediately. Almost ALL your content could be condensed into a few seconds, but most are drawn out because of 1) your intro, 2) actual information being presented too quickly, and 3) not much else going on in the video. Put yourself in the shoes of your viewers. If you're looking for information, do you want to be bombarded with several minutes of nothing, only to find your answer somewhere in the middle of a video and have it go by so quickly that you have to go back and pause it? I'm willing to bet most people would NOT want to deal with this. I'll close this off on a high note: Don't let a few dislikes prevent you from continuing to make videos. Everyone encounters difficulties when they're first starting out but you'll eventually find your audience.
  5. Cool alts dude

    DN-E has Annie...
  6. HACK

    The screenshot shows him in Hide (advanced); seeds would only work if he had entered Shadow Illusion (Basic). Other than that, you're right, what he's showing is the selection bug.
  7. MMOS as a genre is dying it seems

    I like to think that for most people, it's a simply priority shift. When you're young and have more time and energy, working for something in a game is enjoyable and rewarding. When you get older and you have more responsibilities on your plate, you simply cannot invest that time and energy into a game and feel the same sense of fulfillment. Why work for a virtual achievement when I can spend that time in a different venture where my efforts are actually rewarded (e.g.: more RL work = more pay, promotion opportunities, networking, etc. or spending time with friends = social development and more intimate relationships).
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    You're not wrong, but don't shoot the messenger; Cyan doesn't choose which events we get. All their previous returning player events have been structured in a similar fashion so it's intentional or they've clearly learned nothing over the years.
  9. How would you prefer to gauge it then? The data posted is what's available for everyone to see and doesn't rely on anecdotal evidence. The only way the data can be fudged is if hackers are in there skewing things, in which case you'd get visible outliers and they wouldn't be confined to a single class. I'd say it's a pretty good indication of how poorly balanced the classes are, which is the only statement that he's making. Vandals were only recently released; that their median performance rivals classes that have been out for significantly longer (and probably better geared) is quite telling.
  10. I think player dissatisfaction has more to do with how the game is managed than it has to do with aesthetics and mechanics. Players are fairly good at adapting to what they're given, but NC seems to be constantly stacking the odds against us. Even 6.0 wouldn't have been terrible had we be given exactly what Korea had, but they deliberately made our version significantly worse and continue to do so even now in 7.0. If they want to retain their player base, the quickest and easiest solution would be to simply give us what Korea has and then roll out slow, incremental changes to the game instead of massive changes like they did with 6.0. Also, you need to stop referring to ArcheAge as a success story when it comes to game revivals; that game has changed publishers multiple times and "Unchained" hasn't even been released yet.
  11. Given how bad quality control has been since 6.0, it's basically guaranteed that any past content they revamp will be brought back broken in some shape or form
  12. What you do with your right hand ?

    Oh DevilNest senpai, your APM is such a turn on~
  13. Gladiator Build?

    Try this? Magic Defense and Ankle Snare are only there if you want to flex your PvPness. Replace those with whatever you want for PvE.
  14. Sin or Glad?

    My two cents on questions 2 & 4: Glads are pretty good without their buffs, and Surefooted Charge lasts a full minute. Even if you screw up, you can run into a nearby group of mobs, AoE, and end up with near or full HP to do it all over again. As long as you have a nearby mob, you can find a way to recover. If it turns into a battle of attrition, you can at least keep going. A sin can't pull that off, at least not to the same extent. You might be able to escape, but if your enemy is watching their chat radar, they can see your pots ticking off if you're still close enough to them. This gives them time to prepare or run away from you. Q3: Get a MMORPG-oriented mouse with 12 side buttons lol. They're $40 or less these days. Regarding rotations: Glads can basically brute force their way through PvP whereas sins require a bit more finesse (big brain time). Q5: Generally speaking, yes? If you run up on someone who isn't prepared, your opening attacks will make it difficult for them to recover and fight back, thus tilting the odds in your favor. Some people do it because they have no clue what they're doing (I see sins overwrite their attack buffs with evasion buffs sometimes), but if you're going to engage, go all in.
  15. Demaha World Boss League or Legion?

    DevilNest senpai, what is the meaning of life?
  16. Aion 7.2 arriving to mainland China service on 2019-09-19

    Just as a social experiment, a bunch of people should sign up there and spam LFG / send whispers with: "Dera Friend, Taiwan #1" or "Tiananmen Square 1989" or "Free Hong Kong" and see how long it takes to get banned. Or is that too petty?
  17. Yes, I'm aware of that, thank you. I just want to know what it looks like or the stats involved since I have multiple characters that could potentially make use of it. Have you claimed it and used it on any of your characters? If so, can you please post a screenshot?
  18. Any idea what it looks like or the stats? Unfortunately I can't seem to find any information on it and the BCM's description is too vague.
  19. Character Customization Files

    It'll work just fine.
  20. After all the nyerk we've been through since 6.0 I wasn't expecting much of anything and yet they've still managed to disappoint... They've only made it to 10 years because of us, so I don't think it's too much for us to ask for something decent in return, but they don't seem to care at all.
  21. It's a little bit like a child whose parents forgot it was his/her birthday, and they're just there alone, singing Happy Birthday to him/herself. Awfully sad when you think about it. Well, Happy Birthday Aion players. At least we have each other (sort of...)
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Classic double-dipping: get the impulsive to spend more money rolling golden die, then release them at a lower price later to the masses. If you don't get it on your board, you're spending 199 per board plus 70 per roll to get the emotion card. When it's all said and done, you're probably spending more than 480 NCoin (the cost of the most expensive emotion card on BCM) to get it. Even if you do get lucky, the setup is meant to encourage you to purchase NCoin. Spend, spend, spend.
  23. Any help would be appreciated !

    Yes you can, they just changed the method of summoning spirits. Before you could summon directly using one of the Summon: (Element) Spirit commands. Now you must use the skill: Summon: Spirit (available at level 10), which then gives you access to all of the spirits available to your faction.
  24. Access Restriction Notice?

    XIGNCODE is like the software equivalent of America's Transportation Security Administration: Put in place to provide an illusion of security and increased safety, but not actually being effective at its job. AFAIK, they never actually turned XIGNCODE on and left it in "monitoring" mode. You're giving them FAR too much credit. They often break things and leave glitches unaddressed for weeks at a time and this situation is no different. Most of the time, game companies license cheat detection software because it's more cost-effective than trying to develop something themselves. NC is removing XIGNCODE as a cost-saving measure, not because they suddenly decided to throw money to develop or license some shiny new cheat detection program. Sorry to shoot you down. I like your optimism though.