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  1. when the skill is activated not when it is off dude . when it is on its suposed to increse recoverys by 20% when my base heal is 3200 but when is up my heal still 3200 when it should be [3200+(20%=640)= 3840]
  2. why we recive event ancient pve stone that we cant morph and i use legendaris pvp/pve and ultimates why i get this ? and not my legendaris/ ultimates is this a joke?
  3. Minion Viola is not working when i get hitted or when i use the skill it dont increse heals 20% on my chanter
  4. Sin is broken. They can kill in 2 sec anyone with all the shields up. Sw/chanter pve/pvp attack got nerfed so hard now cant do dps what caind of shit is this?
  5. Well i just have this problem when i write with my cleric. Nobody can see when i write in legion, whisp, LFG, Groups, alerts, etc... I write normaly but nobody can see what i write is like my cleic is ghost for everyone its really anoying because i need to log my chanter or my sw to talk with people or make group and then log off to say people to invite my cleric because i have this issue. Anyone has this trouble? any solution? i just send a tiket to Suport NCSOFT. But not solution... Regards, Bizancia
  6. People dont know how to dps correctly with chanter... I almost do 8k/10k dps when i have 180 ms with out interference and not failing any weave.
  7. I use the title Thirty-Time Champion is a free title but u need to win 30 times arena of glory it give 4% speed 2% (casting and att speed) 100 hp. Increasing your att speed will make u easy to weave your attacks and casting for your healing skills.
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