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  1. The [BCM] Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone that you get from a Level 5 Ice Cube CAN NOT be Morphed into a Blessed Ultimate Enchantment Stone. I contacted Support and they referred me to this link FROM LAST YEAR *pfft* https://www.aiononline.com/news/changes-to-paragon-equipment So, unless you are EXTREMELY LUCKY they are nothing but rubbish!
  2. If you didn't know by now, the Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Bundles that you get from level 5 Ice Cubes, give [BCM] Ultimate
  3. Could you give us an "eye" icon in the password box so we can see what we have typed in. It would greatly cut down my Invalid Password attempts. Thank you
  4. NPCs are bugged again - Snake NPCs are gone too
  5. Where is the Moonstone ore in Oriel? I found Topaz, but it only got me leveled to 481.
  6. Is there any way to increase your chance get a design craft to proc? ie Prowness armor?
  7. Stay with Siel & Israphel, since those are the only 2 of the original servers left. Don't change what can't be better just for the sake of trying to be "new".
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