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  1. Prestige Pass: Why Pay Twice For Quest Rewards?

    @Aly-DN Please drop that tone, it's ugly, uncalled for and unnecesarry. Also, please, drop the assumptions about my circumstances and motives. My Prestige expired and I don't plan to renew it right away, as I don't have much time to play and use up the perks. I would like, however, to receive the rewards I already paid for.
  2. If for some reason we can't complete Prestige Pass quests before it expires, we should be able to turn in Prestige quests and get rewards at our convenience even after expiration of Prestige, rather than only access rewards for the completed quests only after renewing Prestige Pass, and after renewing PP to claim old rewards we can't take the quests corresponding to the new PP right away - we have to wait for the next weekly reset. We already paid for those rewards - which is how we were able to take those quests in the first place. Why make us pay twice for the same 1 enchantment stone from IDD? Seems rather unfair and fishy to me. @Cyan , please pass the message along, and I hope NC will make it right. Thank you.
  3. Prestige Pass: Why Pay Twice For Quest Rewards?

    @Aly-DN I wouldn't get 5 per month because I would have had skipped a week and got 0.
  4. Prestige Pass: Why Pay Twice For Quest Rewards?

    @Aly-DN Using the IDD example, by buying 1 month Prestige Pass, I've prepaid for 4 ultimate stones for 4 runs total, and that's what I basically want to receive, not having to pay again in order to receive the 4th stone I already paid for. Not sure how that's "basically double dipping".
  5. I made these and now you have to suffer

    I just had to come here and tell you that your Aion Anniversary card is so awesome. Best of all by miles.
  6. Fighting Spirit Capsule

    240 BC for one capsule or for the whole batch of 10? 240 BC for 40 fragments does not sound reasonable.
  7. Can we get a fix?

    But... You just said there's two.
  8. Ultimate manastone on weekly lugbug mission

    True, and you can also get "the wrong" brokerable crit or other valuable stones of any grade.
  9. Ultimate manastone on weekly lugbug mission

    Shift+P. Extract useless manastones. Buy manastone craft designs with stellium from altars (AF lv 100, 200 or 300), collect craft materials, craft manastones. You may end up with useable, brokerable or de-able manastones.
  10. EC? More like Endless Crap...

    No, 50/50 win-lose compensation would NOT be fair to those who join 100% win premade.
  11. EC? More like Endless Crap...

    EC is really needed and missed. I have alts on prestige account who have slowly collected enough fragments to make their weapon ultimate, but they're far behind with etium. Etium is not a problem for my main even though I didn't abuse EC, because I can easily form or join winning runs, but for my less geared alts that is not the case and they're left with mostly losing runs. EC (non afk) would help their progress immensely, and without EC (which im paying for, as stated by other people), I cant get my ulti weapons. I hope we get compensated, and generously at that.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    @Cyan How are we supposed to know who are the new/returning key holders? They're not flagged.
  13. The 10th Anniversary Event.

    Did we even have Daevas Day last year? All I remember was End of the World madness, 6.2 and Pumpkin event.
  14. Bring Back EC - temporary disable kicking

    ^ Kamar. Please add Kamar.
  15. @Cyan Please have the instance entries reset, as there is no way you can compensate us for the coins from normal instance mobs we missed out on. Don't punish your active, supporting prestige paying players for being active and actually playing the game. Thank you.
  16. Not only we didn't get coins from instance bosses - that can be easily fixed and mailed like ice gems. But we were also deprived of coin drops from normal mobs, and Stellin and PF has tons of them. How are you gonna compensate that? I burned all my PF and a couple SL, as well as IDD (which doesn't have adds that could drop coins, but PF and SL got tons of mobs).
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    ^ For the already burned entries*
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @Cyan , does that mean we're getting event coins for the already burned via mail or some other way - like during the recent ice gem event? I sure hope so.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @Cyan Still not one word about Evergale? Is this a bug? Working as intended? Abuse or not? So far I haven't done the EC thingie a single time, I just join premade, do my 2 runs and move on to other things. Like an idiot, it seems. So please let us know that the vastly popular EC thingie is not a bannable bug abuse, but the new normal so that the idiots too can join the EC fest, if a bit late.
  20. @Cyan Hi, there is definitely something very wrong with manastone socketing success rate. It's nerfed for sure. Before 7.0 red and purple stones barely ever failed, in fact, I never experienced a single purple stone fail. Now I failed 3 purple crit stones in a row, and it isnt just my RNG. I see other people complaining about socketing too. Please @Cyan have it checked. Thank you.
  21. Do tell oh senpai, do break it down in terms of skills, buffs, stigmas and innate modifiers.
  22. Proposal for new NCWEST Logo

    Mine for a long time has been Broken Crystal Ball (and stigma shard before that, need to level up my fake legion Shards so i can put stigma shard picture as emblem). A friend mailed me a bunch of crystal balls as a congratulations gift when i reached lv 75. Good times.
  23. Expoitable bug, need fix ASAP

    No, but I saw you - hindering our quick'n'fair win
  24. Expoitable bug, need fix ASAP

    Is this why I see some famous names dragging out sure losing quick runs?
  25. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    You talk about abuse, bots and what not, but what about regular people? People who spend on prestige and skins but aren't whales, people who work and have lives and can't maintain an alt army? I collected keys on 10ish characters (leveled a couple during the course of event). My main has been extremely unlucky, getting zero daily gold keys and got 2 gold keys from instance pouches. Main kept getting 1 coin, broken crystal ball, transparent scrolls, white contracts. Not one enchantment stone, no fragments. With the help from alts, selling and buying coins with market price (+/-4m ea), I got about 500 fragments for main, which sure helps a little, but isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things. So tell me - what needs to be nerfed in this OMGZOMG abuseeee?