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  1. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    Dont forget that charging skills do different things based on charge stage. This gives more variety.
  2. Let's talk about 7.0

    Will it still be possible to promote legendary winged champion into ultimate? For non-crafters who get fragments from deing crystal gear - cheaper/more efficient to do it now or in 7.0?
  3. Noob question

    You can also chain chains this way. Put a chain's first skill in the first square, another chain's first skill in the 2nd sqare etc, then drag the skill icon from first square to skill bar. This way most of my cleric's attack skills are just under one key.
  4. Pandora Loot Sabotage

    It goes like this. Someone, presumably an Asmo spy, joins a Elyos Pandora alliance, when it wins, loots it, holds the loot so noone can roll, then allows some yellow manastones for roll and maybe enchantment stones. We never get to roll on ultimate and legendary manastones, and then we get kicked out. This happens a lot. And it's always the same character doing it, not even trying to be subtle. I get it. It's war. All is fair in war and etc etc. Therefore it's totally ok to abuse a bad system (timed roll) and drive away what little playerbase we got left in this ghosttown where its hard to fill decent alliances for anything. But my question is: is it possible to be a constant Pandora jerk in a legit way? How does he get to loot first always? Would a macro grant him the loot rights always, or does it require some illegal script or hack?
  5. Pandora Loot Sabotage

    @Capa-KT Wow so much science for something this dead. But how does this person Always gets to loot for the league? @Arhangelos-KT Im not talking about ignorance or negligence. That happens, its a part of the game and im not one to rage over such things. Well maybe over negligence slightly, but certainly not over ignorance. Im talking about the exact opposite. This person knows very well what theyre doing.

    I had to afk older toons with no speed boots for 3 Keys in daeva dash because they were literally crawling.

    Maybe because back then everyone had the same fixed running speed on boots. Now we don't. Just a guess.

    "Yours truly" means me. Myself. I was referring to myself as one with "less consistency and less focus". Please do search up the expression before building an imaginary strawman and then attacking it. @Gwin-DN too. And I was pretty much echoing your point and sentiments, minus the whale concern. You're preaching to the choir. Geez.
  9. @Celestianos-KT I believe, OP is referring to AT no longer being able to use/skin magic chain in 7.0. In that case support should restore or replace, or change skins to plate if the player requests it.

    Or you could learn what the expression "Yours truly" means before jumping the gun. Really. Please do. Also, whales are already pretty much ready to promote everything to ulti T2 and enchant it all the way. They are and always will be ahead of everyone else, therefore shouldn't even be taken in consideration when planning progression speed for the regular population. Some where carried by exchange gear at start while switching to GC gear, some stuck to exchange gear, especially after learning that it can be promoted into the same T2 gear as GC. Point is, theyre already ready for 7.0. The majority of players aren't ready and need some kind of boost.
  11. That moment when

    What happens if I transfer to DN in 7.0? Will my transformations come with me or stay behind?
  12. Maybe you can ask support to restore them for you.

    Whales are long done gearing, nothing to worry about here. It's the people with "less consistency and less focus" that need help - such a yours truly . I am in favor of a spirit fragment giving event, but then again im scared they would make it pure p2w, so idk. I read in forum an excellent idea: replace crystal rewards from daily kill quests with fighting spirit fragments. Also they could put spirit fragments in crystal shop, so we could buy fragments with crystals. Anything really, just do something, please, and do it NCFast!
  14. instance queues

    A thread like this could only be created and kept alive out of sheer Aion boredom. I don't understand. What could be simpler than applying to or forming a Dredgion group, of all things.
  15. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Or hope for bugs and then get a generous compensation.
  16. Quiting game

    Indeed, the OP is getting something. Bullying. Suddenly her thread "makes sense" not because she probably likes to frolick around undisturbed (i know tons of male players who do, too), but because she happens to be a female player with such a playstyle. Allow me to share a recent incident. Player A (a "known", geared acquaintance i often run various stuff with). Player B (a legion mate), Player C (a legion mate, in relationship with B). A asks B a favour which B is not able to do. I (afking alt in luna) see mentioning the favor in lfg, switch to main, do the favor. A: "ty bro". Me: "yw. cya" Then C tells me that A was very rude towards B because B wouldnt do the favour. They both block A (A, B and C are often in runs with me, so RIP forming). I ask A whats the matter. A calls B idiot and noob. I explain to him that B could not do what A asked, and why he couldn't do it. A: "B is idiot. is B a woman?" Me: "B is not a woman, but C is and i am." A: (after a long pause) "sorry. so sorry. i had a very bad day."
  17. Quiting game

    Stop making this about OP's gender. As if we lack qq threads created and populated by male players. And as if Aion lacks stuff to qq about. So they clarified something - big deal. Honestly that "bro"-ing does get annoying. Because if you correct them, you kind of divert the topic towards yourself even though you dont mean it. If you don't correct them after being broed 12287th times, you're kind of withholding and in a way pretending being a bro, and though it never should be about gender, somehow it becomes about it either way. Why can't people just say "thank you" instead of insisting on "thank you man" and "thank you bro".
  18. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Excellent idea. Though 5 fragments is a ridiculously low amount still, but at least that would help speed up stone morphing if not item promotion.
  19. Craftable 4k DP Jelly

    Please add 4k DP jelly crafting back to game. Luna 2k jelly from Luna is nice, but some classes got short CD DP skills with recent updates shortening the CD further, while in instances there is no way to replenish DP to use those skills.
  20. Craftable 4k DP Jelly

    Well my Spend Success at bosses is more like Spent Success. I remember I was going to stock up jellies back then but somehow didn't, what with all the rushing and End of the Word.
  21. Quiting game

    Why? I can imagine, people would want to return to their old accounts. Maybe roll a new toon, but on an old account regardless. They may have some kinah there and/or antiquities and curiosities to wave their veteran cane with. Or - I know, it's hard to believe - old legions and friends to come back to. The point of the server? Quick and blatant cash grab. As for OP, they just seem to be generally frustrated with the game (and who isn't), and just Barking At The Wrong Tree (EK merge).
  22. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Vest, Vest, I would expect Ayline to do it (first)
  23. Event

    No, I did not lose 6 Ultimate stones on one legendary item, I lost far more than that, as I stated in the topic dedicated to enchanting failures, which you understandably missed amidst your joyous testing of other games. You also may have missed that we're discussing necessity of additional means (event?) to obtain fighting spirit fragments in this thread and not transformations.
  24. Event

    Extracting crafted PVP gear is hardly in any way PVP. i know i buy most of my mats for crafting/breaking. My ancient kibrium indeed comes mostly from asmo side kib mobs (i'm elyos), but my sprees hardly provide enough kibrium for crafting, let alone mats. Ancient kibrium should be added to Pandora kibrium bags along with legendary (which has always been easy to obtain) and ultimate (less so). Anyway, participating in such an event could then be optional for those who don't need the fragments, and there could be other rewards. It could involve open world/pvp, like flower event or shugolings.
  25. Event

    @Cyan We really need an event with Fighting Spirit Fragment rewards. Vast majority of players are stuck and can barely progress with their PVP gear despite actively doing all available PVP content. Fragments do not come from PVP content. A lot of people are done(ish) with their PVE gear, even against drop RNG odds, while PVP gearing is lagging far behind. PVE-wise we are ready for 7.0. PVP-wise - not ready. Please consider making fragments more available. Thank you.