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  1. Share your story about gear enchantment.

    I've lost around 10 ultimate stones on necklace. Weeks worth of all pvp content reward stones on one weapon. It seems like enchanting legendary is harder than ultimate, but maybe i just dont have that many ultimate pieces to compare. @Beermaker-DN just a note about xp. It shouldn't be a problem. Here are a few ways to get xp. 1. If you are in a lv 8 legion, do all legion tasks (shift+J is your friend) - PF, IDD, pvp dailies. 2. Current event mobs give tons of xp, to get even more, pop or ask someone to pop xp arti (Lebu/Mushroom). 3. Take quests in all instances. Like CoE has a few. 4. Luna. 5. Open world weeklies and dailies.
  2. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    What's there to fix? We don't get many premades these days anyway, so if someone has too much time on their hands and can afford to waste time on all that spy hassle - by all means. Win-win for everyone. Seems like many people have given up on pvp instances anyway. Those who are done gearing, and those who can't progress due to bad enchantment rng and see no point in wasting time in those instances anyway. I still run them, but only because of force of habit - they get me nowhere.
  3. Decent event rewards

    ^ gg=QQ - can't edit
  4. Decent event rewards

    If you'd gg less and pewpew more, you wouldnt have to complain about being an animal, but rather about being some of the notable lore figures - daevas (Hamerun, Viola, Kromede) - some of them twisted (Bollvig) or ultra-ascended (Veille, Mastarius), balaur superstars (Sheba, Tahabata, Frigida) or a beautiful danuar lady with resting b*tch face. I get it, we all want to look at our creations because we believe that noone is capable of creating more beautiful characters than we can and absolutely do,, but wait - transparent scrolls or not, if we actually play the game, we all wear the same unified panda candy pyjamas under our lore celebrity costume. If we don't play the game, we can afk admire our creation in town without needing to pop transformation scroll and/or candy. If we do play, most of the time we need to focus on our performance using all resources at our disposal, and looks don't matter then. You probably don't put on tons of make up and pretty hair and all when you're at the gym, and probably don't care much how you look when you focus on working out. On topic. Yes, please add fighting spirit fragments to event rewards! Or means that indirectly help to obtain them easier, even drop rate boost charms.
  5. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    I made a +9 stigma from +0 2 days ago almost in one go, failing maybe twice but not losing levels. Attempt to +10 failed but the stigma remained +9, and I was like 'it's a trap!'. Sure enough, today it became +7. It's the stigma that took tens or maybe hundreds of millions to +9 in 5.8, the hardest of all, getting me broke at the end of each power up week
  6. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Ladies, ladies, lets not be so hard on the cute sweet peas. Believe it or not, boys too play this game, and some of us may have even run into a guy who is actually quite *gasp* decent at it, though still must have been carried hard and surely got sugar mommies galore. So let's be considerate and supportive, let's give them lovely things a break and make a sammich for ourselves like once a year or so.
  7. 2nd Kaisinel

    Double congrats. I would have kept doubles for when Marchutan gets released though, but then again, maybe we will be showered with Kaisinel-giving events from now on. Or starved for months like we were starved of ancients after pumpkin event. I havent done any shugo run resets and sometimes forget to use my daily runs, and thus havent acquired any legendaries during this event (let alone Kaisinel), I had 5 of them before it, covering all classes, so i'm quite happy with what i already have. I share similar luck in combining transformations (got Veille long ago when i had unlocked only 3(!) ancients, 2 of them doubles) while I got my wings for main (not ON main - FOR main ON an alt) a couple of weeks ago after running PF nearly since 6.2 landed and luna resetting runs (though i eventually stopped sacrificing cash to the vile RNGod). No way I would craft monarch stuff though. I PVE'd with genesis wings. And don't get me started on enchanting. One weapon alone ate up months worth of rewards from all activities.
  8. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    This topic has taken a wide berth from Lakrum GP dailies to leveling issues, to sisters insulting sisters for being sisters (Female = irrational? Is it really female players irrationally raging over every little thing in Aion?), to lamenting bygone times. @Aieryn-DN We all miss the deleted lands and spaces (don't know how to call Abyss "air") that noone ever went to anyway, but it's pointless to cling on past. They are gone, giving way to future new lands, and it's time to embrace the here and now. You say you are an avid aerialist. You can still be. Farm/do quests near windstreams and geysers and hop in those when there's trouble - use them for tactical advantage. Gear up, run PF and look at your wings as you glide down to boss for months until you're sick to your stomack at the sight of those like the rest of us . Lakrum has quite the network of windstreams - hop in those and take a ride for fun hopping into another stream as you go. Sure, you don't get to flap wings, but you're soaring. Old Aion is gone, we miss it dearly, but you can still have a lot of fun (and frustration) if you open up to and adapt to changes. Come out of the shell, bro. On topic. Not sure if they should make camp quests weekly. Well, Cyan already said they will. Sure, it's much harder to do crystal quests on alts now, and FM runs suffer terribly (don't mind the pvp but i do mind the wait for cap to spawn just to be able to enter a quick FM run. There should be FM rifts in the world just like there are BOS and PF rifts). But these quests spark so much action all over the place, and that's great. Personally i don't have time for those quests, but i'm happy to see the overall buzzing.
  9. Lore Question

    Only Elyos NPCs. Such as flight instructor Daedalus . Asmo NPC names were Norse and Slavic. And Balaur bosses' names were Indian (Lakshmi, Saraswati etc). And that's in old Aion anyway. Now they seem to name all NPCs by letting a cat walk on keyboard. @Isabeau-DN IMO Aion's main plot/-s weren't as interesting as the little side stories, normal quests and quest chains, backstories of instances etc. Writing used to be so intricate then, not only the dialogues, but also all the puns and clever quest titles and even mob skill names.
  10. NCoins Gone

    Thank you for clarifying and fixing the issue.
  11. NCoins Gone

    I had a certain amount of NCoins and now it shows 0. I hope, this will be fixed and we will get our NCoins back. Other people are reporting the same issue. @Cyan Please look into it. Thank you.
  12. GP Quests

    They're balanced as they are. Just swap the Daily/Weekly title. But please fix the quest popping. If we flip camps solo, we have to relog in order to get the next repeat quest. Also, these (as well as camp crystal) quests should be allowed in alliance. Now sometimes there are competing groups of the same faction. There should be no fighting within factions (over camps anyway).
  13. Bugged Transformation Synthesis

    idk man, bunnies are so 2018. and IB. Sure, I love my toon's looks and all, but I must say, my Modor transformation looks quite badass and beautiful as well.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    Not true. Many people carefully maintained their rank 1 to be able to gain AP and avoided instances and events where they could accidentally cross into 1 star officer limbo after an ID win or something. So they missed out on stones and other rewards just so they could continue to gain AP.
  15. Bugged Transformation Synthesis

    Same here. None of the old legendary transformations is suited for magic attack speed classes - which I main, and I and was really excited about introduction of Modor. I've got 2 legendary transformations since 6.7 landed (also failed a few attempts) and didn't know that there is no way to obtain a transformation that is suited for my class. Not even RNGesus could bless me with one. Any way we could get compensated?
  16. Has anyone seen any of the new legendary transformations (Modor, Frigida, Viola)? Has anyone succeeded in getting them? Is it possible to get the new transformations via combining? Or magic attack speed classes continue to be screwed over (well at least we now have an ancient transformation, thank you for that)? Has anyone got even a new ancient via combining greens? Is there any way to get Modor/Frigida/Viola?
  17. New Legendary Transformations Impossible To Get?

    Did you get your new ancient via combining greens? Or via opening contracts (event ancient or regular white)? I got my 2 new greens from contracts, not from combining. New ancient from event contract. 2 legendaries - both old ones.
  18. Pandora entry + naked alts

    It's ok if it's the same people spamming panda for a chance at stones - they contribute. But the alts in lakrum at best but often in lv 10/65 fledling daeva is the real menace. They take limited spots from active and contributing players and the latter can't get in, and they bring the whole group down and enough of them can make even a pve pandora fail.
  19. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    People who buy IB/ID Luna resets are part of the problem. From NC standpoint, why should they fix free GP acquisition if people are willing to pay for it.
  20. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    No, you need to think about calling people thieves whatnot. I'm one of those who entered an attacking siege as a rank 1 and came out with an xform. Inflated rewards? The usual 2 stones (never got ulti from red box, ever), the usual IDD scroll (sorry about other people not getting the scroll, it shoots me in the foot too - less people to run IDD with) i get in every single winning Lakrum siege. Slightly less GP than normal because by the time we got the gate down, all the NPC's were already cleared by 'air force', so that leavs contribution from gate, asmos and dux. The price for the high rank i "stole" from all those who luna-reset their IB's? I now get 0 rewards and AP too. But hey, at least dying is free. Count your blessings.
  21. I participated in siege and got whooping 80 GP (it shows in profile, and I received mail), but that GP isn't included in my ranking. Look, profile shows the total GP after siege (no prestige, 80 GP for loss) plus 2 IB wins (50 GP), but live ranking shows only the IB wins, while everyone else has their siege GP reflected in rankings. I asked support to reflect my full GP in rankings, as it will determine the season rewards, or compensate at the end of the season according to my actual GP, but this is what they replied: @Cyan Please, look into it. Also, as a compensation for my trouble, I request the following: 50x Transformation Contract (62 Types) 1x Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types) 1x 30-day Prestige Pass 1x Daevanion Skill Box (10 Types) 10x Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones 10x Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stones 5x Stigma Enchantment Stones 250,000,000 Kinah 250 Gold Ingots 4,000 Luna
  22. GP From Siege Not Included in Rankings

    Yea. That day i experienced a lot of freezing and lagging and siege was even more insufferable that ever. My screen froze forever in dux room, eventually i crashed, and when i got back ingame, the siege was over and i was in town next obelisk with soul sickness. I received the 1 stone mail though. And 80 GP. which did not register in rankings.
  23. GP From Siege Not Included in Rankings

    I crashed in Dux room. There weren't many asmos in the Dux room. They were all busy PVEing.
  24. GP From Siege Not Included in Rankings

    I crashed. The lag and crashing was disturbing indeed, just like your attitude. And it's live rankings. Everyone else has their siege GP reflected.