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  1. Post your Aion character!

    Guilty pleasure
  2. I need help with lv 53 Elyos campaign quest Found Underground. Does it involve grouping up, going into Lower Udas Temple and killing at least Debilkarim and possibly some other boss, or I'm getting it all wrong? We tried to duo it with another returning newb like myself (we both went to LUT for the first time ever), but got our asses handed to us by the said guy, and I've never seen a single LFG shout for LUT, so does anyone ever go there and how do people finish that campaign? Thanks.
  3. Need Help With Elyos Campaign Quest <Found Underground>

    I thought that statue is inside the temple (LUT). Thanks so much. Will try to find the statue.
  4. Post your Aion character!

    Speaking of hair. Meanwhile this guy somehow oddly still sports this obsolete skin, although time and game overhauls have made it look weathered and dirty.
  5. Post your Aion character!

    Checked out the game after nearly 2 years, and found this lone Ely on an all-Asmo account. I must delete her in order to be able to make new characters, or so the notice says. So I was about to delete her, but how do you delete someone how looks at you like that? I sure couldn't bring myself to do it, so I sighed, left her where she is among the rather butchered asmos, and made a new alt on another account instead. Selfie with a long time no see bestie. She may need some deboobjob though, or maybe, hopefully, it's just the starter set that makes her look this way, or charcreation is a lie. Anyway, it's fun to be back, steal people's minions for pics and grab the last chance to read pages of fun things NPCs got to say if you decline quests.