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  1. Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?

    @Cyan Still waiting for the reply. The current deadline is fast approaching.
  2. Since prestige users don't get the promised additional character slots, and typically prestige accounts are already fully loaded with (geared and/or otherwise invested) characters, I imagine, the "FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack Reward" deadline (currently August 28) will be extended until one week after the additional character slots will be made available? So that people can create playable vandals, with all their transformations, cubics, luna and other account-wide benefits. Right?
  3. Will enchantment stone morphing still be available in 7.0?
  4. sorc vs. anything but

    Like this?
  5. Compensation Ice Gem Boxes

    @Cyan I may have missed the info on when and how we will receive the Ice Gem boxes for the runs that dropped only one box, as well as the survey. So when and how? Thank you. Need to plan ahead Luna resets.
  6. fix competition rankings

    Yea, 2050 is only 30 years away.
  7. Post your Aion character!

    So with 7.0 and T2 gear truck hitting us in a week, I'm agonizing over my own End of the World. I can't, just can't let go of this Winged Champion visor and turn it into some T2 abomination of a headgear. And just why did I have to go through all the trouble of making it ulti (it was legendary). Because I couldn't get a PVE headpiece to save my life, that's why. Now I'll have to build a crystal head from scratch just to be able to keep this ulti winged champy as skin. This recent long, long awaited addition to BCM slightly eases the pain, but...
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    @Cyan Please compensate properly all charaters who already did their runs. Each character, and not a survey for the entire account. Either add aditional box or at least a bonus run. People tried to do them asap, because multiple Luna resets are required.
  9. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    I expect a merge with GF rather than a complete shutdown, but otherwise, yea, in one way or another, this truly is an End of the World "event".
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    I, too, would hide from the angry mob, if I were a CM.
  11. A very important discussion about Vandal

    Did BoS for the first time on SW yesterday. Forgot I wasn't on cleric, so the real cleric could dedicate all efforts to staying alive somewhere over there
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    So what's this event about? Rollable boxes of random rewards from instance mobs like in previous End of the World? I don't remember any coins being involved back then.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    @Cyan When are we getting information on End of the World event?
  14. Let's talk about 7.0

    +0? RIP all gazillions of stones wasted in 'working as intended' attempts to +15. I guess, its better to promote ancient +15 now, and discard anything lower than that and just start over by buying new T2 gear with crystals?
  15. Let's talk about 7.0

    I see. Thank you for sharing. By non-crafters I meant alts. My main got AF to 300 back in 5.8,and I don't feel any desire to level the same craft on multiple characters. Maybe will have to. We'll see.
  16. combine transformation dont work?

    You can only combine doubles, for example, you need to have 2x kobold and 2x yellow penguin. Then penguin and kobold will show up in combine window. Once you get a transformation, it stays even after combining, so fill up all transformations and then you'll need only to get one more in order for it to qualify for combining.
  17. Proxy users geting banned

    Which server do you use in Battleping?
  18. Let's talk about 7.0

    Thank you @Kubei-DN T2 uses new ridium? Of all grades? What happens to old ridium then? Useless or can be converted to new one? What about conqueror gems we get from siege? Will be useful still? Guiding stones? Still dropping and useful? Just wondering what I should use up or sell, and what I should save up.
  19. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    Dont forget that charging skills do different things based on charge stage. This gives more variety.
  20. Let's talk about 7.0

    Will it still be possible to promote legendary winged champion into ultimate? For non-crafters who get fragments from deing crystal gear - cheaper/more efficient to do it now or in 7.0?
  21. Noob question

    You can also chain chains this way. Put a chain's first skill in the first square, another chain's first skill in the 2nd sqare etc, then drag the skill icon from first square to skill bar. This way most of my cleric's attack skills are just under one key.
  22. Pandora Loot Sabotage

    It goes like this. Someone, presumably an Asmo spy, joins a Elyos Pandora alliance, when it wins, loots it, holds the loot so noone can roll, then allows some yellow manastones for roll and maybe enchantment stones. We never get to roll on ultimate and legendary manastones, and then we get kicked out. This happens a lot. And it's always the same character doing it, not even trying to be subtle. I get it. It's war. All is fair in war and etc etc. Therefore it's totally ok to abuse a bad system (timed roll) and drive away what little playerbase we got left in this ghosttown where its hard to fill decent alliances for anything. But my question is: is it possible to be a constant Pandora jerk in a legit way? How does he get to loot first always? Would a macro grant him the loot rights always, or does it require some illegal script or hack?
  23. Pandora Loot Sabotage

    @Capa-KT Wow so much science for something this dead. But how does this person Always gets to loot for the league? @Arhangelos-KT Im not talking about ignorance or negligence. That happens, its a part of the game and im not one to rage over such things. Well maybe over negligence slightly, but certainly not over ignorance. Im talking about the exact opposite. This person knows very well what theyre doing.

    I had to afk older toons with no speed boots for 3 Keys in daeva dash because they were literally crawling.

    Maybe because back then everyone had the same fixed running speed on boots. Now we don't. Just a guess.