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  1. Yeah i work 2nd shift so i miss everything.
  2. wait now that i think about it. i will too now. Eh the whole upgrading gear is frustrating I dont understand why you stopped doing that while pretty much all the states still do daylight
  3. No cause us 2nd shifters can get in seige just in time
  4. From what I rem playing the EU test server. Think they only brought couple of few from the old map. One was from outside of altgard and plays outside of lakrum fortress. The other is the one abyss soundtrack the one where you can hear at redemption landing. Goes into this high climax and loud female vocal shouts. Plays inside asmodian General npc room lakrum. But doesn't have that vocal sound sadly
  5. Meh I can just log into a 4.6 server and go back to the old maps.
  6. Its cause of that gold pack. That gold pack almost makes aion EU a subscription game. So thus the devs are more in touch with the community you can say. We dont got that here so the devs can just lean back. Think theres only like what. 2 ppl running this game + running the others lol.. EU prob has more of a crew.
  7. what you mean where. cyan posted it. i would do the same if i started to lose money. ohhh how about we put this lil chance of the stigma not decreasing a lvl. thatl sure get ppl to buy ncoins again.
  8. they prob losing money aswell right now. thats why they put in a chance of a stigma not failing 1 lvl.
  9. Yeah I don't get how you don't seem to understand any of this. If nc weren't stupid and were generious you would have a lot more omegas with the coins you have. All this favors the no lifers that can farm 4k coins. I wanted to stack up on temps/omegas for 6.0. But I guess that's not happening. I only farmed 1k coins through this whole week. I gota job so I can't be on 24/7. All that back n forth fatty to fatty I was able to do and getting lil to pretty much nothing out of it is bullcrap. Do you understand now?
  10. Really? You are getting less than how much you farmed for. This also screws the players that can hardly farm a day. People like you I just don't understand
  11. no. why would anyone want to have those as 7 days. I want to buy the omegas and temperings for 6.0 when they get exchanged. Im not gona be using that stuff on the current gear now. Having those as 7 day time period is stupid
  12. Says that I can't transfer this character to another server. Says that for all my toons and trying to bring one from katalam to danaria
  13. I got a character on BR server but won't let me use that character to transfer
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