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  1. gotta say aion's in in fulll flow of down the toilet for years now... and this ripping you off on event items is like the septic tank over flowing filling your basement and i dont think the stink will even leave... had fun beta testing and being a full aion supporter the whole time... but enough is enough... take care aion was fun while you cared about your community... but seeing you dont and have not in many years now i cant support anymore... ill keep an eye out and hope maybe something will happen.. though as we all seem to know it isnt goin too.
  2. so where do you housing item expansion tickets? cuz there not in the bcm?
  3. is there a way to acces the aion store for buying things such as housing item +20's... statues and stuff like that. is there a link? for the web outside of game?
  4. the last updated murdered aion… ive been here since beta and I gotta say after all the money I poured into aion i simply wanna puke everytime I log in every other week... makes sad too because I sooooo loved aion… I just wanna cry... but nothin I can do but learn not to waste money with ncsoft anymore, the are the new SOE GAME KILLERS
  5. uhhh... yea we all know that... you missed the whole point. I want to sign in click the dp button I mention'd then right after I morph, click a cippo and morph again. lol hope that more clear for ya
  6. so while I was working on my crafting skills and ran into that "CrossCharacterMorphGrind" I had a WONDERFUL Idea for the GM's... what if you added a once daily DP charge button to the hot bar? this idea would HELP everyone... not jus crafters. again just thoughts on the grind lol
  7. well I run 5 machines and nothing mentioned has any effect at all... im just lucky I found out b4 I updated all of them... and I again say "Garbage is Garbage" DO AWAY with XENECODE
  8. Best thing I see to do is remove trashy xingecode "Garbage Is Garbage" no matter what kind of perfume you spray on it
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