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  1. State of the aion??? Come back?

    Not very promising for people that want to come back. I left at lvl 65 fully geared transform (5 star on ISA and General on BR).. Seems it just is not worth coming back though.
  2. Might come back

    I am sorry I am not sure why there was a double post... I just edited one and it did that...
  3. Might come back

    Saw some good info that might be happening to AION and it has peeked my interest. Me (xjudasx) and my partner in crime have been away a while and are thinking about coming back to the game, but is it to late to get our names changed? Also was the tickets for one toon and you have to buy name changes for all others??
  4. Fail post sorrry

    FAIL double posted...