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  1. Hey Bam I completely understand. I have my 30 days left and New World is looking better. Good luck and maybe we will see you in another game.
  2. I care more about the hackers..........
  3. Some content would be nice @Kibbelz. Can you please give us some idea of when new stuff is coming.
  4. Yea I could not get it to work as well. No idea how to get anything into the Variable area.
  5. Can you make this for cleric please. 😀😃
  6. I was wondering uh, whats he talking about.
  7. Pretty sure NC is banning people for using them
  8. So I have a pretty good computer and it should not be having any issues with DC'ing while afk for 4 mins or lag so bad I dc at sieges..... WTH do I do and how do I fix this.. I am seeing tons of people complaining about it. You would think the game would be better running in 2021..
  9. Okay so if it is ping issues how do we fix it?
  10. I have the same issue and have no idea how to fix it. There is no reason my computer should play this bad during sieges.... @Kibbelz anything you know that we can do to help this? Cannot even do siege like this.
  11. AION never allowed addons of any kind and I do not see that changing. There is plenty of bars though like other said you can change binds with modifiers.. With that being said, I wish there could be some at least QoL in the settings so there can be mouse over macros, so as a healer I do not have to click on a frame just hove over it. I have gotten so used to mouse over and the thought of having to actually click the frame... or use the F keys to cycle is just so backwoods.
  12. Worst Glad NA ❤️ Your back is going to hurt
  13. Not very promising for people that want to come back. I left at lvl 65 fully geared transform (5 star on ISA and General on BR).. Seems it just is not worth coming back though.
  14. I am sorry I am not sure why there was a double post... I just edited one and it did that...
  15. Saw some good info that might be happening to AION and it has peeked my interest. Me (xjudasx) and my partner in crime have been away a while and are thinking about coming back to the game, but is it to late to get our names changed? Also was the tickets for one toon and you have to buy name changes for all others??
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