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  1. Giving Grove 2018 Danaria Collect

    here the video with the results of the drawing of the raffle of the trees of danaria by collecting 1500 seeds for a level. The caeus box was awarded and I put extras such as two tempering and an omega to reward the effort of all those who cooperated
  2. Giving Grove 2018 Danaria Collect

    for me there is no problem in passing the seeds to someone, but we know how people work here, last year I made the mistake of allowing another person to climb the tree ... supposedly I just wanted the title, asked for the seeds, climbed the tree and I was left with the prize, after my pocket I had to buy an equivalent prize since I was not going to look bad with the people who collaborated sending seeds .. Therefore it is not because of being a bad person .. but maybe someone from my legion gets the title, but this is certain that the prize will be returned to the raffle I repeat it's not because I'm a bad person, but I'm almost sure that if I pass the seeds ... not only will they keep the title, but with the prize ... and then the one that has to face the people that collaborate will be me
  3. Hello people of danaria again, with the return of the event of the trees, and seen that for now no one else is doing it .. I will be collecting the seeds to evolve the trees, I will be in sanctum next to the trees, receiving their seeds, remember that this is a benefit for all, if the trees do not evolve, they will only give us bad prizes. I hope your support as other times. Currently to evolve the shiny tree I wear 866/3000
  4. Well here I leave the information that until now I have checked .. on reaching lvl 75; 1- There is no NPC in Lakrum to buy set's Armor or Weapon -So you see everything will be obtained by drop or purchase with some item. -The equipment is not tradeable. - No more running scrolls, attack speed and casting speed 2-The old orders disappeared Abalastro, Radian ops etc .. In their place they put a new one, which will give a daily missions and with those we can buy bracelet pen or wings all PVE and every 1 for their respective physical / magic class. 3-There are still camps with daily missions. So far what I've tried ... is that you can do them weekly but you can do the missions depending on your level, at 75 only the camps at the bottom ... at the end of the quest they will give you a little experience of kina and a new stone (I still do not know where they are used) Kina: You get very little .. At least the weapons that fell before in Cygnea or Iluma if you sold them gave you 1kk each .. now you only get 200 or 300 kina. Finally a mobile store, you can open it at any point on the map. and you can buy some useful things or skins I will continue discovering what else brings this update and I update them again.
  5. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    Sorry for the delay but delay editing the video. Finally the raffle is the video, and please activate the subtitles because I speak Spanish xD. For the winners they have 1 week from today to look for me in the game and collect their prize. Winners Omegas -Felony - Nimblenotes - jadeheart - lGabranth - Nidhog Helm Morgaga Wings -jazzclown -Taigari Skins: -Skifter -Cleament Apollon Accesory Box -Judithe Gift´s Surprise -Alecto -Massela -Topaz -DiabhalChargar -Ailuw
  6. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    I do not understand what your comment is coming from ... but I suppose you are this person who only discourages further help. I think it is good to avoid comments that are not constructive and avoid being a racist.
  7. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    Raffle Trees Danaria Details Click Here Thanks to all those people who supported sending their seeds, thanks to you this was achieved so quickly .. in the link above are the details of the draw. the video of the winners I upload today Saturday before 5pm Enjoy the trees until Wednesday, After the maintenance will be reset, If you want to keep sending me the seeds and do the same process next week.
  8. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    Thanks to all the boys and girls who support sending the seeds .. I know it's a long time but many people sell them .. in good news robust to lvl 3 thanks @cyan for repair the solemn tree
  9. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    Update and we have the first tree to +3 thanks to the person who raised the first level and all other people who supported donating seeds right away I show you what he gave this special As you may notice, I do not hide what the tree gave, in this case it gave 1 title and 5 non-tradeable omegas, in what I organize the draw I will let you know that these 5 omegas will be raffled with 1 winner for each omega. I will buy omega tradeables right now and as soon as it is ready, the raffle will be published here in the forum. continue to support please to evolve the others
  10. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    clear friend if you like to gather forward for me there is no total problem are 3 trees that you have to climb ..
  11. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    and quiet you do not have to be so rude.. those whispers you send ... if you want to publish them ... simple and simple are 3 trees that you have to upload .. so you can put together for 1, and nobody put me in charge I simply have experience in this event
  12. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    I remind you, these are the awards at level 3 of each tree and they are the best.
  13. Hello everyone, I come to talk about the current event that begins today that is the trees, I have seen many complaints and that still has not started. But for most players if we are interested and would like to avoid what happened in the Beritra server, 6 months ago when they put the same event. Summarizing the problem the first week only 1 person organized the climb of the trees, and it took 1 week to gather the seeds to evolve 1 tree and half of another and we were the first week without any tree evolved. To avoid more problems of these the last week I was in charge of organizing the evolution of the trees, and with effort and cooperation we all managed to evolve 3 trees to the maximum level in 3 days. [/img] [/img] [/img] Now that we are on a bigger server and with more people try to avoid this and harm the other players. Being more people I think and I think we will evolve the trees before the weekend. For those who are in agreement and if you have liked or there is someone else who offers to organize the event, I invite you to send your seeds to me tomorrow, that is Khalessi I am from DANARIA ELYO side. If there is someone else who wants to offer to do the task of gathering the seeds forward that is offered, but that is only one person and not several, since in the end the benefit is for everyone and if they are combined separately longer we will delay .. In my case I have the time to be connected and gather them, I usually stay connected between 14-15 hours. Now I have 178 seeds that I had left over from the previous time. I remind you that having the trees at the low level does not help at all give us the worst awards and people are discouraged to continue supporting. On the contrary if we raise the trees to level 3; the improvement is for everyone, since we all receive better rewards. The most decent prizes are at level 3 of the trees and if we do not evolve they will only receive: Golden Wing Mark, [Event] Drana Coffee (x5) and Revival Stone. I remind you that the trees are reset every Wednesday, that is, if for example we are evolving this week 2 to the maximum level next Wednesday they will be again at level 0. Many talkative people (without offending) only say that they do not send the seeds by 1 happy titles that only gives you 2% of atack speed, 2% of casting speed and 200 of HP, and in that occasion they could give you a skill card or 1 wings or not tradable 2 tempering or 2 omegas depending on the uploaded tree. I repeat this is my humble opinion and I also invite you to vote for which tree to evolve first.