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  1. Just trying to get an idea of how everyone is doing at sieges lately and what there PC set up is. For me sieges kill my FPS and lag is horrible Anyone able to run sieges smooth without lag, if so what's your PC build look like? I7 6700k @ 4.4ghz 32gig ram GTX 1080 is what I have. My ping is around 40-50ms really want to see what it takes to run sieges smoothly, so any info if great
  2. With the update are Greater Supps exchanged for Zero kinah also or do they still sell for decent?
  3. Is Kinah important in 6.x patch or are we better off spending it now?
  4. Still haven't been getting them either and no word from anyone about it getting fixed. Looks like another we don't care just deal with it thing. I know of a few others that told me they aren't getting any either.
  5. been logged in for 4 hours now still no Magic Tree Nutrient... is this getting looked into still?
  6. Secret of the Ancients was said to come in the middle of the month.
  7. You say " Joker's Wild will continue for two more weeks." but the main pages says ---" Get the best hand you can because Joker's Wild ends February 7, 2018. "---
  8. The thread says this is for 30+ but if your under level 66 you don't accumulate the Snow Balls every 30 mins. Working as intended?
  9. Such a lack of effort was put into this event.... I was looking forward to doing some PvE for a change, after looking at all the outdated rewards its just not worth it.
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