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  1. @Kibbelz I thought we'd been over this... Temporary rewards ARE NOT rewarding!
  2. Not the first time. Back when Cygnea/Enshar was introduced there was an instance that only members of the legion that held one of the camps could enter. Also, most of the Legion quests and content in Demaha is restricted to the larger older legions. You have to be legion level 5 or above to even acquire the quests. Newer legions (ones created after 6.0) can't access this content because the bosses and instances to complete the Legion Tasks don't exist anymore and were never updated.
  3. Only very specific skins are a licensing issue. They are the Hello Kitty skins and mount and the Captain Harlock/Kei's outfit skins. I think it's possible the NC Dino baseball uniform might not have been licensed for use outside of Korea as well but I'm not 100% sure.
  4. @Kibbelz Is tomorrow 7.7 patch?!? Neither the FB post or the website post are clear on this. https://www.aiononline.com/news/Unshackled-zones-and-instances Clarification plz. Don't make me start posting on BnS forms to get answers.....
  5. @Kibbelz*Disappointed Mom Voice* Honey, that is not how you make a maintenance post. We need more information. How long will the servers be down for? 9 hours is not realistic. Try 12-14 hours. Will we get compensation for the excessively long downtime? Will this fix the weekly bug with Katalam or is that a coding issue? Are the current events coming to an end or will they continue for another week? Will there be a new event starting? Will siege/Altar times change because the new server is in a new time zone? [images of the week x3]
  6. No. I'm kinda enjoying being the only(?) player on KT running around in Prowess. Besides all you have to do is wait for 7.7 to get your hands on it. The new Ultimate Lapis/Jeros sets are the same skin. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/110350373
  7. That skin is currently available in-game. I can be acquired through Atherforging,(or having someone craft it and sell/trade it to you) and via a quest for players at level 65(?) when you first arrive in Gelk/Iggy. @Arhangelos-KT You're not wrong that NC is leaving money on the table by not adding cosmetics to the BCM. There are multiple threads begging for skins, mounts, and pets. The community would throw money at the BCM if these items were added. I still haven't seen any indication they're willing to take us up on the offer. IDK what's going on at NC. Do they need permissio
  8. Imagine screwing up your own game so badly you have to Re-release it starting from 1.5.
  9. Comfortable Camping Cabinet [item: 170100039] Simple 3-Drawer Cabinet -------------------------------------------------- Pleasant Camping Cabinet [item: 170100040] Convenient 3-Drawer Cabinet
  10. Yup, 4 accounts, 20+ toons shoveling coins into that machine daily - still no Ulti transform. My RNG sucks and I'm exhausted. ------------------------------------------------------- I did really enjoy having a neutral map where we could interact with the other faction again. Reminded me of the "old days" in Sarpan. I'm also glad that you Pigeons waited until the last day to pull this crap...
  11. *cough* A certain AT by any chance? Guess you missed the part where someone ran through and one-shot all the Daru while X-formed. I was like... Oooook, that's how this event's gonna be.
  12. Would also be nice if people wouldn't take more than the 10 required for the quest. Tried doing this in Iggy on my Elyos SM. It was straight up a KS fest.
  13. Level 11 Tutorial Quest [Learning Combat Support] for powershards can't be completed because it has no "Start Tutorial" button. Changing regions/servers causes all Minions, Pets, and Emotes to vanish from my bars.
  14. that is a lot of shards Ele. I take a break every and smash mine down every few hours so there's never more than a couple hundred sitting in my cube.
  15. HM 2 runs mid - about 4-6 books per run. And 3 books open world just doing Genisis crystal quests closest to town. Wasn't really keeping track of the number of mobs. I did have to port back to the standard server to get the survey to appear after the first book dropped.
  16. But why tho? @Kibbelz We asked for more drops not less. *swats your nose* Why does he even exist? Unless you're going to change the rate so he offers a discount he is literally useless. I can double-click the stack of fragments in my cube and it combines them 10/1 without having to run back to the fort.
  17. It's RNG. I got 14 yesterday from 2 runs of Herelym and Lakrum mobs.
  18. Thank you for all the positive responses to my 12 point presentation/ TED talk on why AION retail is currently a dumpster fire. I know I’m salty and sarcastic and often it feels like I’m just screaming into the aether. It’s good to know it’s not just me and a lot of you share that frustration. Most of the complaints in this thread are about how brutal the RNG is and how progression is not just throttled but strangled completely, if not outright broken. To Hardcore players and ‘giant marine mammals’ progression is a mountain. For new, returning and casual players that mountain is E
  19. hang on. My potato is messing with me... 5. Minions S rank is supposed to be the end game norm however, even the most basic A-B rank contracts are difficult to get. I haven’t seen an A Rank in months. I’ve resorted to combining my B’s to get A’s. And after MONTHS of grind only to have it all *poof* out of existence when I fail on the S Rank combine. Seriously, all that work down the tubes at the click of a mouse and now you have no Minions. At all. · Better avaliblitly of basic named (NOT KERUB) Minions · The return of at least one A Rank Minio
  20. omg I try and make a post and it ends up in the entirely Wrong Thread Thank you, you evil potato computer. someone delete or move plz
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