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  1. 20 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    You probably had the names turned off and you hit shift+F12... so you do not see the players and do not see their names either.

    Unless of course you do not have them turned off and that was some sketchy thing.

    It's next level sketchy.

    @Konr-KT would have to have Name, Legion, Title/Rank turned off AND SHIFT+12. Even so, there is no white dot on the radar and the mob does NOT have a target.

    It's clear from the video that the "Invisible Man" is a Sin from the poison and rune debuffs on the mob. They are also Asmo. The camp is flipped blue. If it was an Elyos they would have attacked the player not the mob.

  2. 8 hours ago, kitkatya-IS said:

    @Shaidessa-KT thanks for the thorough explanation! I really appreciate that. I got my updated gear from the using the acorns I have collected lol. Off to leveling then. I don't want to bother you further but should I worry about transmutation right now? I'm not sure what it does because the tutorial you get as a new/returning player isn't very clear. Seems that if I use an old gear there it adds to the transmutation energy but I'm not sure if I should? Can I just throw my old armor there?

    XD Thank you. That was kinda a quick and dirty tutorial for leveling 10-65 and I'm sure I forgot to mention a ton of things. 
    I'm leveling disposable alts to fill in some of the gaps in my Item Collection, so I'm derping around Herion anyway.

    You really don't need to worry about Transmutation until level 80. (SHIFT+[)
    Transmute is pure RNG.
    There are 3 tabs: Basic, Advanced and XP. The each take different materials which will be highlighted in your inventory. Clicking the trophy icons under "Results Info" will show you a list of possible items. Once the bar is full you can click "Start Tansmute". The game will then randomly select 5 items from the prize lists, one from each tier for Basic, and puts them on the wheel.
    You only get ONE.

    Normally just get Platinum Cubics or Kinah out of it.
    You can put your Acorn gear into Basic Transmute as you out level it rather than sell it for 1 Kinah or keeping it for skins.

    Video with my SM for demonstration.

    Yes, I know my cubics are in a sad state. Don't judge.

  3. Okies, leveling is a boring solo affair these days. (You've already noticed that most of the content has been stripped from the game.)
    Fortunately leveling is also very quick.

    1. "O" --> Options --> Interface
    Make sure the box for "Display Low Level Quests" is checked.
    If it's not, click it and hit Apply --> Ok.
    This will make all the light blue quests appear on your map/radar.


    2. Quests around the Fortress will give you a few acorns. Speak to the shugo and buy the mushroom.
    It's a 2 hour +20% EXP buff.
    Daily Lugbug quests will give you EXP Crystals as you level. USE THEM! They expire 2 hours after you get them even if you're offline.


    3. Follow the leveling path below.
    Each red X indicates repeatable Acorn quests to help you level. You do NOT need to do these quests more than once or twice before the next set unlocks.
    Green X indicates a Named Mob that will drop a Legendary, level appropriate, weapon for your class.


    4. At level 20 do the dark blue quest at Senea's Campsite. (Shugo) You'll get a new set of armor and your first stigma. Then return to the Fortress and get your first Minion and a Contract Stone. This will give you a stat boost when summoned and activate the auto-loot feature.


    5. Talk to Graa and do the Stigma Quest.

    6. Return to Herion and continue the leveling path making sure to change out your gear and pick up stigmas with the dark blue quests. Don't forget to use your Acorns to buy wings an accessories every once in awhile.
    This process should include one run of Aetherogenetics Lab and/or one run of Kromede's Trial.

    Yep, that's it. That's all there is to leveling these days. 

    Al9DY99.gif See you in Iggy.

  4. Yup. I turned on the meter for sieges both on KT and DN a few times last month and saw how many names were flagged.

    I mean really guys? For PvE siege?

    The number of players who turned on hacks to rip down a gate... a nyerking gate,  not only confirmed what I already suspected but left me extremely disappointed in my faction.


    Then again.. why not? NC has proven they're not willing to punish anyone who uses (ice cream flavor).


  5. 8 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

    So ncsoft designed a game with an instance called red cellar that can only be accessed by being in a guild...really?

    Not the first time.

    Back when Cygnea/Enshar was introduced there was an instance that only members of the legion that held one of the camps could enter.

    Also, most of the Legion quests and content in Demaha is restricted to the larger older legions. You have to be legion level 5 or above to even acquire the quests. Newer legions (ones created after 6.0) can't access this content because the bosses and instances to complete the Legion Tasks don't exist anymore and were never updated.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Hoarror-KT said:

    Heeeey @Kibbelz,

    Remember a while ago when you had posted something along the lines of a list of things that you (NCsoft) would working on to make the connection between NCsoft and the community stronger? Yeah? Wasn't one of those things better communication? I feel as if the community probably should have been given a heads up on this decision a while ago. 

    Like what is the reasoning? What are the future states plans for AION looking like since the game is moving to cloud based servers? 

    Not to call you out, but, you are starting to do EXACTLY what Cyan used to do... ONLY log into forums with Maintenance Notes, then quickly log off. And then not log in again until the next week to post Maintenance Notes again. There is an EXTREME lack of any communication about ANYTHING that is happening. What about 7.7 release for NA? Whoever is in charge of the AION Facebook seems to be more informative than the actual forums themselves...


  7. 43 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

    Greetings Daevas!

    Tomorrow, we will have an extended maintenance window as we change server hosting to AWS. These AWS servers are located in the state of Virginia. We expect for the transition to begin at approximately 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 11am UTC), and last for approximately 8 hours and 45 minutes if all goes well.

    Thanks for your patience while we work to keep the Aion experience as rewarding as possible - and we'll look forward to bringing the servers back online as soon as we can tomorrow!

    @Kibbelz*Disappointed Mom Voice* Honey, that is not how you make a maintenance post.

    We need more information.

    • How long will the servers be down for? 9 hours is not realistic. Try 12-14 hours.
    • Will we get compensation for the excessively long downtime?
    • Will this fix the weekly bug with Katalam or is that a coding issue?
    • Are the current events coming to an end or will they continue for another week?
    • Will there be a new event starting?
    • Will siege/Altar times change because the new server is in a new time zone?
    • [images of the week x3]


  8. 3 hours ago, Ramstein-KT said:

     I would like ask for this Ancient Legion Defender's Martial Jerkin but u can reply for any skin. 

    That skin is currently available in-game. I can be acquired through Atherforging,(or having someone craft it and sell/trade it to you) and via a quest for players at level 65(?) when you first arrive in Gelk/Iggy.



    @Arhangelos-KT You're not wrong that NC is leaving money on the table by not adding cosmetics to the BCM. There are multiple threads begging for skins, mounts, and pets. The community would throw money at the BCM if these items were added. I still haven't seen any indication they're willing to take us up on the offer. IDK what's going on at NC. Do they need permission from Korea to sell us stuff? 



    @Kibbelz  I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the recent event skins. Not the skins themselves but the fact they are untradeable and UNSTORABLE!

    I cannot store them in a

    • warehouse
    • pet
    • cabinet

    So I am forced to use them or throw them out which makes getting them a waste of my time and effort.

  9. Yup, 4 accounts, 20+ toons shoveling coins into that machine daily - still no Ulti transform. 

    65bWdVn.gif My RNG sucks and I'm exhausted.


    I did really enjoy having a neutral map where we could interact with the other faction again. Reminded me of the "old days" in Sarpan.



    I'm also glad that you Pigeons waited until the last day to pull this crap...



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