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  1. 1 hour ago, Aieryn-DN said:

    I flat out REFUSE to use transformations. I do what I can in game without them. And they won't break me with transparency scrolls either. I use one if I absolutely have to to complete a campaign quest but only if needed for this.

    I didn't spend over an hour in character creation with each of my characters getting the perfect look, so that I could throw it away and look like some silly very poorly rendered cartoon animal.

    Thank you. It's nice to know I'm not the only lunatic out there that does quests, camps and even some instances "naked" because I refuse to use the transformation system. I never buy plastic surgery tickets because I spent hours in character creator getting it right the first time. And I DESPISE the idea of being forced to turn into some damn plushie because the developer wanted to force more monitization into the game.

    I currently refuse to buy anything off the BCM. First off whats in the BCM is terrible and not worth buying and second there is no point in paying real money for a cosmetic you are never going to see in-game.

    If NCSoft really wants my money:


    In bulk and then we'll talk.

  2. 3 hours ago, Cyan said:

    Character Transfer queueing will no longer be available do to an issue and will be made available again in the future.


    Is this because you boys nerked up the faction balance more than it already was?
    Oh who are we kidding? You've never cared about balance.


    I have some of the most exclusive skins in the game and they're sitting in my warehouse gathering dust. Why?


    You want us to spend $$ on the BCM? Then give  us something worth buying.
    Give us TRANSPARENT SCROLLS by the nyerk-ton and load the BCM with skins. Not just a select rotation - ALL OF THEM!

    Let us buy the Legendary Daevanion skills. I'm certainly not gonna get them in game. Even when the shugo bothers to show up it doesn't drop anything.

    *flips desk*



    ...... ok. I'm calm now..... maybe...

  3. Still no legendary skills for any of my toons either. I've resorted to dual-boxing instances (which just about murders my potato) in the slim hope of getting one.

    Even events leave me empty-handed. So far I've only gotten transformation scrolls. Not a deava skill in sight.

    ......Just put them on the BCM already and take my money.

  4. Daily token quests do NOT update in alliance only group or solo.

    Example: [Daily] Shroomslay (https://aioncodex.com/us/quest/49803/) requires me to kill either Celturata OR Critica.

    [Daily] Broken Sands (https://aioncodex.com/us/quest/49810/) requires me to kill either the Merciless Zombie Marauder OR Merciless Zombie Corsair.

    Can you for the LOVE OF AZPHEL change this so players don't have to compete with an entire Alliance to get their quest updated.


  5. On 11/22/2018 at 6:11 PM, Mirelium-KT said:

    @Arxaggelos-KT Have you ever considered that it was an actual Alliance farming these named mobs? On KT-E there is almost always one alliance spamming lfg to grind that. I also farm those 1-2 hours ever couple of days. you might see 2-3 alts in there, but not 24 alts. most of the alliance is made by individual players. And i say this, again as a person who joins the so called beach party alliance. 


    No these are bots. They are very, very, very afk and all clustered in a group behind a tree. Some are as low as level 10 other level 30. Only a few are level 80. They have matching names and are often in the same legion. They do not post in LFG nor will they add anyone who comes up. The active player who all these bots belong to aggros the mob and walks it over to the Alliance before killing it. You can watch as one by one the bots come over to loot and then go back to the tree. It's the only time the bots move. Occasionally they even have a kisk up.

    I've been sending tickets with piles of screenshots every week. It's the same bots and the same active player every time.

  6. 4.8 --- They took away 4 maps.

    5.0 --- They took away our claws.

    6.0 --- They took away 12 maps (including most major flight zones) and most of the instances.

    Aion2 --- They take away the entire Asmodian faction.


  7. They just went full Blizzard on us.

    The AION player base is PC only and they just made a NYERKING MOBLIE GAME!

    It gets worse: There is no Elyos vs Asmo/ Faction vs Faction in A2.


    The feature of 'Aion 2' is to make three changes to the original and complete it. First, the conflicting Elyos and Asmodians disappear from the original work. Instead, the content of the invasion is added. Aion explains that Lee, Tae-Ha, general director of Aion 2 announcement, is worried about whether to invade or not.

    The game is pretty much Elyos only.



  8. I've been leveling a chanter on PTS and as someone who plays sin/chanter at or near cap, the attack and move speeds in 6.0+ are just agony. It took me mantra, potion and WoW to reach anything close to "normal" speeds. The idea of being forced to farm or swipe for transforms just to get back where I was are a big turn off for this patch.


  9. Yeah support isn't too good about ... well much of anything.

    But still, gather evidence, submit the tickets, get other players involved to submit tickets (Hey this guy is harassing another player and disrupting our runs ect.)

    If he starts screaming, swearing, issuing threats send the tickets. They CAN hit him with a ban for bad behavior (usually just 72 hours) just getting them to get off their butts and actually do it is the trick.

  10. What you're describing is straight up Harassment.

    Screenshot it and report their butts.

    You shouldn't have to disable game options and chat features just to get some jerk to leave you the nyerk alone.    ... but well this is the internet...and you can't fix stupid.

  11. Unfortunately, it's true.

    6.0+ almost completely eliminates flying from the game. You will be limited to the tiny zones around cities in Herion/Beluslan and Cygena/Enshar.

    • Flight time is no longer a gear stat
    • Flight time potions can no longer be made or acquired.
    • No more flight scrolls.
    • All flight time related skills are removed. (Wing Clip, Swiftwing, Soaring Sonnet, ect)

    Soooo I guess "Re-fly" is Korean for "You Can't Fly".

  12. Anima Guide: http://stormandshadow.forumotion.com/t154-anima-farming-guide

    I usually use one of my 65's to farm them if I'm a couple short, tho they will drop for Archdeavas. Whenever possible use a drop buff. You should be able to pick up a +50% drop for a few daily token quests. (I forget which group)

    As @Bryos-DN said the Abex meat drops from any non-Balaur mob in Kaldor, Levinshor, Cygena and Enshar.

  13. I posted this before on the old forums and on Facebook a few times but here it is again.

    Remains of Giant Weapon - all 10 Locations:


    Ancient Fossil (also a pain in the nyerk to find) 4/5 locations


  14. 12 hours ago, Kubei-DN said:

    Doing a witch hunt type of thread like this one will force Cyan to close it. I don't recommend doing this thing unless you want trouble with NCWest.

    ^-- this

    Falls under "naming and shaming". Attempting to list all the AFKers in EC is an exercise in futility. 

    EC is right full of AFKers and spy alts for the other faction. Your alliance lead can kick AFKers, preferably after a ready check, provided lead isn't AFK as well.


  15. The only way to get Zero to stop is if the faction does something the way DN had to with the Poco's.

    1. Stop giving her lead/vice. We all know the first thing she does is start kicking people.
    2. If she gets lead: smash that [Prt Scr] and be ready to write a ticket.

    If enough players ticket about her abusing NC will have to (i hope) do something about her behavior.


  16. On 4/11/2018 at 6:46 AM, Roulette-DN said:

    Don't you love how they get rid of the GP, Make it level 51+ but DON'T fix the multiple bugs inside the instance? Let's make a list and do ncsofts work for them, since clearly they can't do it themselves.

    I'll start!


    1. Using the obelisk item given to you at the start of deava dash, you can go to the opposing factions side and steal one of their four relics.

    2. Getting CC'd mid wind stream will drag you back to the start of the windstream, you'll be unable to move or actually do the instance and in some cases you won't even be able to loot at the end.

    3. People can not transform, get ported to the end and auto attack you to prevent you from looting which you can do NOTHING about.

    4. If you are at the part with the moving platforms and the race ends, you will die and be ported back to the START of the instance instead of the end, meaning you have to run ALL the way back to the finish to loot (suiciding does not port you back to the end) 

    5. Randomly getting stuck in coffins / trees / everything else

    6. Sometimes you'll just randomly get rubber banded backwards taking you from first place to third or fourth for no real reason at all. Seems to be when you use your first skill (speed buff) over certain jumps or at certain points of the instance.

    7. People using glide hacks to the end (Xign code doing great work btw great job)



    I'm gonna add a few things

    8. Elyos characters do not transform after choosing a relic. Appearance only - skill bar works fine

    9. BOTH factions can open the door and start before the timer finishes countdown to begin the instance.

    10. Asmo shield relic skill does not work. Pulls and skills go right through it.

    11. Being attacked/pulled/etc in the windstream or flying zone can bug you under the map.

    12. Ending the instance while in the windstream or flying zone or while flying/gliding does not teleport you to the end. No rewards/keys and you can not exit except by scrolling out.

    13. While jumping/platforming in the "Smelly Mushroom Cave" you may be randomly transported back to a checkpoint as though you had died even if you completed the jumps successfully.

    14. Geyser shoots you into the ceiling and you get stuck there.

    15. Players who suicide off after reaching the finish line respawn before the last jump. (A lot of players doing this to prevent the other team from finishing the race.)

    16. Having a skill/pull used on you while attempting the last jump n glide to the finish line causing you to fall and die DOES NOT respawn you at the top of the jump but instead sends you ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE START. (Total nyerk move here guys.)



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