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  1. @Cyan If this had been a "Planned" event you would not have slunk in with your tail between your legs at 2AM to activate those buffs. Nor would you have taken the servers down for "unplanned/emergency" maintenance on a FRIDAY to add the items, (which we have been on our knees begging for, for months) not to the GAME but to the NYERKING BCM! Your response, this "event", is the equivalent of attempting to extinguish a forest fire with jet fuel.
  2. Players: They're hiding from us... NCFail: @Cyan @Hime @Gideon
  3. NCFail: The player base is FURIOUS with us. How can we make this worse? NCFail: Quick! Activate the buffs! Put everything on the BCM! Players: Rage Level Increased
  4. IKR do we Ascend at level 5 now? WTF?
  5. You do see Hammerun again .... but only if you're Elyos. He's a named mob in Theobomos. There are cutscenes and a quest chain to go defeat him again.
  6. Looks like all the Aetherforging mats are being deleted as well. 341 - 420 on the Crafting Materials List are most of the Aetherforging mats. So both systems are being scrapped. So no Crafting system or a whole new one. I dunno. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This sounds a whole lot like "Socketing Rods" common in Browser based games. The inability to trade with other players and "Bound" currency are also frequently found in Browser games. That NCSoft has adopted them for AION makes me cringe.
  7. Bollvig - Spy quest, was told to nyerk off. Watcher Zapiel - who?? never heard of them FORGOTTEN SORROW - Deava of Song in the tavern of both Sanctum and Panda Kurngalfberg - Ice ghosts, undeveloped storyline the Hermit - again who?? Golden Trumpet Temple -?? Do you mean Alukina and the failed attempt at "swimming"? Red Mane - snow globe from hell, always get turned around in here. Why is KT even in Belu? The zone has nothing to do with Kromede.
  8. It all still sells on the broker and the regular supplements i usually sell to the NPCs.
  9. I find them boring and bland. Swamp/Jungle and Snow, snow and more snow. I can't even remember most of the quests from Belu but I sure as heck remember the ones from Morheim especially the parts about Deltras.
  10. Why spare Beluslan/Heiron? While not being the most diverse or visually interesting, lore or quest rich they have 2 major things going for them. - These maps have the highest number of lower level instance entrances. - These maps are part of the Housing System. The devs haven't done anything with housing since it's launch. Basically, rather than keep maps based on lore or other reasons the devs chose the ones that would be the least amount of work.
  11. The current snowball event is flooding the servers with Golden Wing Marks. So grab some lower tier Apollon gear (the stuff without sockets) and upgrade away. Good PVE gear without grinding or breaking the bank. If you need more kinah, run AoE, Theo, Adma, disenchant those drops and sell the Chronos stones.
  12. KT-ASMO Do not buy from any member of <RAGE> legion. They are all selling COINS as Snowballs. There are usually 2 on at the same time. Hitman Mistake Venom Wotila
  13. The only class that needs any incentive to work with other members of their own class are Sins. Sins can pop each other's runes. This can mess up rotations, cool-downs, and lower overall DPS. In extreme cases, it can get one of them killed because they're not getting healed and they can't pop Blood Rune. One of them has to take a back seat and carve runes but not "pop" them. I avoid grouping with other Sins especially if they're new to the class. In the past, they've been either ignorant of the Rune pop problem or deliberately been nyerks. -------- Chanters already have a s
  14. The better option is a plastic or foam pumpkin (available at craft stores). Cut or decorate it the way you want and then tuck it away till next Halloween.
  15. Try dismissing your pet/minion. I only fall through when I have a non-flying one out. It's an irritating glitch, especially in a TIMED instance.
  16. @Cyan are you sure you want to let me skip the "Gut & Cut" requirement? I have several concepts I previously haven't been able to use because of the "carve" requirement. P.S. How many times can I win before I'm not allowed to enter? ~ Shaid the Pumpkin Queen ~
  17. Can someone please clarify - Is it one winner per category (1 physical & 1 virtual) or is it one winner per game?
  18. There are also a few SL Asmos pulling the same stunt. The GM's need to look at any FP run that doesn't involve a full group as suspicious. You simply can't solo that instance without 3rd party programs.
  19. The new maps are pretty enough but they don't a candle to Katalam and Danaria. I'm not real impressed with their idea of new instances either. A rehash of a L50 instance that just 3 rooms and a boss fight. *snore* For those of you wanting artifacts/bases in Norsvold/Illuma you get your wish in 5.8. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_-_Update_August_23rd_2017
  20. Yes if a 30-day equivalent of an Administrator's Boon was added to the Prestige Pack I might actually buy the thing. I hate Soul Sickness. I frequently refuse a combat ress and return to a kisk rather than deal with it. Being on Siel the housing prices are outrageous. I simply can't compete with players who have TRILLIONS at their disposal to get a large enough house to prevent Soul Sickness.
  21. Recently did a 3-man full clear of OCC. Not a single balaur drop the entire run. (blood, skin, scales, ect.) Please check the loot tables. We received kinah a couple of omegas and the usual items from the bosses but the regular mobs don't even drop "junk".
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