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  1. I think he's (and many others) are upset about how the information regarding the Tuca Thorns was handled and distributed. The recipes have been around since the 7.0 release in August and unusable for a solid 4 months, and then they were removed with a day's notice. Also, there was no official information regarding the recipe removal, it was only casually mentioned as a response to someone's answer. If that person did not ask that question or if Cyan did not answer it, we would wake up on day after maintenance to know we would be screwed over. This isn't about hoarding the thorns either.
  2. This one has been mentioned already, but the Whale Mount NPC in Oriel/Pernon does not sell any mounts but indicates that is a merchant NPC on the screen and on the radar map. The Legion Mount which is only obtainable from doing legion tasks in growing legion only last 7 days. This part is ridiculous since it takes 437 LEGION COINS to buy which takes a month or more to do by yourself. And you need to do it in a growing legion that is not level 8. Since mount crafting was removed with profession crafting being removed, and both Ironfangs being removed from Aetherforging (magi
  3. Not sure if this is a bug (or coincidence) or just a completely total ripoff. The kinah bundle from Luna crafting only gives 5000 kinah. This part is really unfair especially since 1 Luna's Light mat costs 40bc coin.
  4. @CyanHello, can we have confirmation of when the server shuts down for the 6.x maintenance? Is there also an ETA of how long it will be offline? Will it also be offline starting at 12pm tomorrow like the equipment enchanting deadline or will it be offline at it's regular time?
  5. Exactly! because they are being removed, it is best to get the the rewards from them before then. Mastering any of cooking, alchemy,tailoring, handicrafting, weaponsmithing or armoursmithing will give you a "free" armour skin and warehouse expansion ticket for your character. A warehouse expansion ticket box goes for 1440 NCoins on the BCM. And I have not seen a skinned Raiments of Mastery on the broker nor shops. And also, note that he said he's a new player. Leveling AF is not cheap nor easy. Even leveling is gradually over a long time is not a good idea because of the required material
  6. IMO, the traditional crafting professions are very worth it if you have the time, especially since they will disappear after 6.0 As a forewarning, leveling aetherforging crafting is extremely extremely extremely expensive. AF leveling needs to be done under the 100% weekend crafting server boost and a 500% crafting boost charm, or you will be wasting expensive materials (you'll also need at least 3 to 5 500% crafting charms to get it to level 300). So, if you have a couple spare billions of kinah laying around as pocket change, you can try leveling that. But, if you just wanted to g
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