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    I am also done with this, decision made before this post. I am taking a different approach as right now selling off any items of large value. After that going to open a 1 kinah shop in Panda for the remainder of items, then find a new or returning user and give all the Kinah to said player. I will determine which so no begging lol. Might as well try to help someone who is still playing or wants to try the game. Character will be deleted after that. All my friends left a long time ago, and I came back a year ago. I do like the game,but not going to contribute time for someone's ego. hacking in this game is rampant and there is legions full of them. I play two other games and yes maybe there is hackers but not in the quantity that I have seen here. By no means should that be a reason to justify cheaters. Everyone cheats so it's okay? Players that are 8k miles from server and can hit 5 skills in 2 seconds? lol okay. There is other reasons such as ridiculous grind, but don't want to derail the thread. Personal opinion of these people is, if you cheat in a game you will cheat in life. Therefore you really can't be trusted as having any moral value whatsoever. Not the game for me anymore and I only see this getting worse.
  2. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    Because the person that makes the decision on what items event gives has no idea about anything involving the game. So out of touch with 5.0 and beyond.
  3. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    This event last time, if I remember correctly, caused some animosity towards some player( and was not deserved) and created a lot of controversy. Now you bring it back with these rewards. Happy Holiday's from NcSoft? Was going to come back for the holiday events, but getting better stuff from other game I am playing right now. At one time I ran 4 accounts and three had prestige packs. Used to look forward to events to see what goodies I got, kinda like playing a slot machine how's my luck today. These rewards are not worth anyone's time honestly. What did you do to this game. I am thinking that the Snowball event will be nerfed into file 13 also. Does the person that creates these prize lists even play this game? I think not, maybe it would be a good idea if that person learned before being allowed to make any decisions other than "go get me another coffee".