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  1. Aion 6.5 Leveling Essencetapping Past 42

    It took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes to level up from 40 to 99, wasn't using any crafting boost. Nice data you have compiled on the essencetapping leveling.
  2. Aion 6.5 Pandora Weekly - Leveling Essencetapping past 42 and up to 100. In this video, you will find how to level your essencetapping past 42 and up to 100, and also how to promote your essencetapping, you can promote your essence tapping by visiting Cornelius in Sanctum. You can level up your essencetapping in Oriel/Pernon, leveling your essencetapping from 42 to 100 can take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Having essencetapping on 100 is needed for the Pandora Weekly gathering quest in Inggison.
  3. Sendlog everytime

    If you are using Windows 10, you may need to run the game in Compatibility Mode. Right Click on the Aion Shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 8 select the checkbox and click apply and accept. This should help with the crashing, you may still crash sometimes, but not as much as before.
  4. essencetapping concern

    The area to level up your essencetapping is in Oriel(Elyos)/Pernon(Asmo), leveling your essencetapping from 41 to 100 can take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. The area is mainly around Arcadia State.
  5. Aion 6.5 - Pandora Unknown Shugo Sitanerk All Locations. Unknown Shugo Sitanerk, in this video, you will find all of the locations in which Unknown Shugo Sitanerk is found.
  6. @Cyan It seems that some Pandora Messengers are not spawning. Arius is not at the usual locations. Location markers: [pos:Arius;0 210050000 2655.0 1232.0 0.0 0] [pos:Arius;0 210050000 2348.4 1329.0 0.0 0] [pos:Arius;0 210050000 1863.7 1005.0 0.0 0] [pos:Arius;0 210050000 2028.0 1490.0 0.0 0]
  7. In this video, you will find all of the locations in which Unknown Shugo Sitanerk is found.
  8. Suspicious Daeva Arius, in this video, you will find 3 out of 4 locations in which Suspicious Daeva Arius is found, I searched all over for the 4th and last location but was unable to find it, will add the location whenever it is found. If you have found the 4th location please comment below and let us know. Will add the 4th location as soon as it is found.
  9. Aion 6.5 Unknown Shugo Sitanerk All Locations

    You are very welcome and thank you for watching! Found it hard to find information on the quests, so I decided to gather information and make some videos to help people out. I'm glad that I could help!
  10. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Do you mean the legion that does nothing and only hug the boss to Ddps when there is a league PvP'ing the opposing faction to keep them from wiping the others? That's fair for you?
  11. Gathering locations for the items needed to complete the weekly gathering quests, you can check the playlist with all locations, videos are uploaded frequently,
  12. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Not like you, I have been playing this game ever since it was launched in NA. Idk if you sieged in hearts time or Inggison time, but those were really sieging, faction had to presiege for a fortress, you had to controll artifacts, each big update just ruin that part of the game, if you played as long as I do, you would understand why I complain about the siege and the GP reset. So please if you haven't played for so long, please don't think i'm only complaining because of no reason, I use to love siege, I use to lead sieges and now, I don't because it's not fun and it doesn't reward the siege leader, it rewards the Solo and small group players more than the leaders, which IMO is garbage.
  13. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    This type of system has more flaws than benefits that I can see. Siege leaders won't have the support since people will be busy Solo'ing for more GP, which will lead to less cooperative actions, less strategy and fewer chances to cap the fort. Instead of competitive sieges it will most likely go down the path of capping the fort using the Derp Faction buff. Instead of working to better the siege it will IMHO ruin it, which is why, I will prolly stop doing sieges for good.
  14. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    You know those Veterans are the ones that keep Aion running because they purchase 10k-50k Ncoins or more a month right? If there's no purchase in bulk do you think it will be rentable to keep the game running? Nope... I don't think so.
  15. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    After the GP reset, I don't think much people will still play this game much. Instead of helping the game progress they're going to push the Veterans that kept playing this game away.
  16. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I am fine with the GP reset but, there will probably be random Governors, Commanders every week most likely some people who don't know how to Siege will end up with Governor or Commander just by resetting the instances. P2W people will fill the ranks and the actual people that siege and know how to siege will be fewer on the ranks. More than helping this will end up making siege less appealing IMHO.
  17. Aion 6.5 - Pandora Messenger Location. In these videos, you will find one of the locations in which the Messengers are usually found most of the time. Messenger Antrum Location Messenger Dichum Location Messenger Taudon Location Messenger Tesinan Location Messenger Poroto Location Shugo Mendorunerk