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  1. I always thought Durable = Proc Craft... so I assumed this was just an item selection box that one day we'd get a recipe to craft. Glad I didn't waste my time grinding for it yet! Very sneaky NCwest. Sorry for those that already fell victim though!
  2. New forums look nice. Wish we had more avatar pics though!
  3. Pixel event had horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE, rewards other than the Legendary Contract you could unlock once. The moons was a disaster that made players fight with each other and caused a ton of in-game drama. I know a few people that just gave up on the event and even a few that raged logged cause of the moon issue. Now their doing that same mechanic with the Candy Stations. NCwest doesn't learn from their mistakes. They enjoy tormenting the players.All events are now P2W. F2P doesn't exist.
  4. " In exchange for your BCM enchantment stones" Why don't you guys just straight up put the armor/weapons on the BCM... it's no secret this is a pay2win event. Screw the rest of the players.... Also...moving siege time to later is probably the dumbest idea you guys have ever had.
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